Best Onsen Spots for a Memorable Mt. Fuji Encounter

Best Onsen Spots for a Memorable Mt. Fuji Encounter

Mt. Fuji, Japan’s tallest and most iconic peak, is a magnet for both locals and tourists. This majestic mountain, visible from Tokyo on clear days, carries more than just a spectacular view.

The area surrounding Mt. Fuji, particularly near Kawaguchiko, is renowned for its onsen hot springs. Imagine soaking in a warm bath, the steam rising around you, while you gaze upon the stunning silhouette of Mt. Fuji.

This dream can become reality at several onsen facilities in the region. Here, we introduce six of the best onsen near Mt. Fuji and the Kawaguchiko area that features not only relaxation but also unforgettable views.


Fuji Kawaguchiko Onsen


1. Fuji Yurari Onsen

Fuji Yurari Onsen is a quintessential Japanese experience. Nestled south of Lake Saiko, this onsen includes an array of bath types, ensuring every visitor finds their perfect spot to unwind. The facility also highlights six different public onsen baths, each designed to provide a special bathing experience.

For those seeking privacy, Fuji Yurari also includes exclusive onsen baths that allow you to enjoy a serene soak without interruptions. The star attraction, however, is the panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, which can be seen from several of the baths, creating a perfect mix of natural beauty and relaxation.

At Fuji Yurari, you can indulge in traditional Japanese onsen baths while enjoying an unobstructed view of Mt. Fuji. The soothing hot springs and the majestic mountain create a harmonious atmosphere that rejuvenates both body and mind.


Fuji Yurari Onsen


2. Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso

Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso is a perfect combination of modern amenities and traditional Japanese hospitality, situated conveniently near Lake Kawaguchi. The natural mineral-rich waters provide therapeutic benefits while you relax.

The large Japanese-style rooms are perfect for families or groups, offering a comfortable stay. One unique quality is the rooftop foot bath, where you can soak your feet while taking in the view of Mt. Fuji.

Additional amenities include free Wi-Fi, a free shuttle service, and various recreational facilities like karaoke rooms and a lounge bar, enhancing your stay.

Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso boasts indoor and outdoor hot spring baths, private-use baths for a more intimate experience, a sauna, and even a souvenir shop. The combination of these facilities makes it a comprehensive destination for both relaxation and entertainment.


Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso


3. Benifuji no Yu

With Benifuji no Yu, you get a peaceful retreat with multiple onsen baths and impressive views of Mt. Fuji. The baths are strategically positioned where you can enjoy stunning views of the iconic mountain. After a soothing soak, relax in the dedicated relaxation room to prolong your state of bliss.

Benifuji no Yu features bed baths for a memorable onsen experience, body care services, foot massages, and oil treatments. The on-site restaurant serves delightful dishes, including the popular Shingen soft-serve ice cream, making your visit both relaxing and delicious.


Benifuji no Yu Onsen


4. Yamadaya Hotel

Yamadaya Hotel is a traditional Japanese ryokan that promises an authentic and serene experience, set near the picturesque Lake Shoji. Embrace the traditional Japanese lifestyle with classic tatami mats and public onsen baths that are open 24 hours.

For a private and personalized experience, rent one of the private onsen baths. Enjoy traditional kotatsu tables in the colder months, adding a cozy touch to your stay. The healing waters at Yamadaya Hotel are perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The combination of traditional elements and natural hot springs creates an environment conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation.


Yamadaya Hotel


5. Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato

Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato has more than luxurious hot spring baths with unparalleled views of Mt. Fuji, situated right on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi. Enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji from the hot spring baths.

The large hot spring bath area ensures plenty of space for guests to relax without feeling crowded. Modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and a free shuttle service add convenience to your stay.

Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato provides indoor and outdoor baths, an outdoor hot tub, and a gift shop. For those looking to experience traditional Japanese cuisine, the hotel serves a kaiseki multi-course dinner, which is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.


Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato Indoor spa tub


6. Fugaku Gunjo

Fugaku Gunjo is an exclusive retreat with only eight rooms, each proposing a private onsen bath and views of Suruga Bay. With only eight rooms, Fugaku Gunjo ensures a private and intimate experience.

Each room comes with its own private onsen bath, providing a secluded space to relax and enjoy the bay views. The impressive Karahori Terrace adds to the serene and luxurious atmosphere.

Fugaku Gunjo also provides a special dining experience with 8+ course meals served in private and intimate spaces. The combination of gourmet dining, private onsen baths, and stunning views makes this a perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a tranquil retreat.


Fugaku Gunjo Hotel


7. Sunnide Resort

Sunnide Resort, located on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, presents a distinctive balance of natural beauty and luxurious amenities. The resort brags private onsen baths, providing a serene and exclusive experience for guests.

Various rooms and cottages are available, many with views of Mt. Fuji, allowing you to wake up to the breathtaking sight of Japan’s most famous mountain.

The tatami mat rooms, combined with western-style beds, deliver a comfortable and traditional Japanese lodging experience. At Sunnide Resort, you can enjoy fresh air and the healing atmosphere of nature, complemented by traditional Japanese foods.

This resort provides an ideal setting for both relaxation and rejuvenation, making it a perfect retreat from the bustling city life.


Sunnide Resort


8. Ishiwari no Yu

Ishiwari no Yu, situated near Lake Yamanaka, is known for its traditional wood and stone baths. The open-air cypress bath is a standout feature, giving you a rustic and authentic Japanese onsen experience.

The facility also includes a sauna and a traditional tatami mat rest area, where you can unwind after a soothing bath. A snack corner featuring local ingredients adds to the charm, allowing you to enjoy delicious treats during your visit.

Private tatami mat rooms are available for rental, providing a quiet and comfortable space for relaxation. Ishiwari no Yu combines traditional elements with modern conveniences, creating an amazing and memorable onsen experience.


Ishiwari no Yu onsen


9. Fuji Lake Hotel

The Fuji Lake Hotel sits on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi with stunning views of Mt. Fuji or the lake. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected during your visit.

The public hot-spring baths are a major highlight, allowing you to relax while taking in the scenic beauty of the area. Seasonal ingredients are used in the meals, providing a delightful culinary experience.

Additional amenities include a swimming pool, massages, and a 24-hour front desk, ensuring all your needs are met.

The night lounge, with free local drinks, provides a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration. Fuji Lake Hotel combines comfort, convenience, and spectacular views, making it an excellent choice for travelers seeking a comprehensive onsen experience.


Fuji Lake Hotel


10. Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei

Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei, situated near Kawaguchiko, features a rooftop open-air onsen with breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and its reflection in the lake.

The traditional Japanese tatami mats add to the authenticity of the experience. The facility includes outdoor onsen baths and a rock onsen, with various options for relaxation. The open-air rooftop onsen bath is particularly popular, providing an unparalleled view of Mt. Fuji.

Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei has a fusion of traditional Japanese culture and modern amenities, ensuring a memorable stay for all visitors.


Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei


11. Mizno Hotel

Mizno Hotel, overlooking Lake Kawaguchi, ensures that every room, public bath, and restaurant presenting stunning views of Mt. Fuji.
This boutique hotel provides an exceptional and personalized experience, with each room designed to give you maximum comfort and luxury. The public baths are a highlight, allowing guests to relax while enjoying the majestic sight of Mt. Fuji.

You will also get a private open-air bath, a sauna, and a hammam, providing a comprehensive wellness experience in this hotel.

The on-site garden and bar with a library add to the charm, creating a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere. Mizno Hotel also hosts a French dinner with a reservation, ensuring a delightful dining experience. This hotel combines elegance, comfort, and natural beauty, making it a perfect option for a luxurious retreat.


Mizno Hotel


12. Country Cottage Ban

Country Cottage Ban, located near Kawaguchiko, delivers rental cottages with onsen facilities, providing a private and intimate experience with nature. The cottages are designed to proffer a cozy and comfortable stay, with some featuring private onsen baths.

This allows guests to enjoy a relaxing soak in the privacy of their own space. The facility also provides rental barbecue equipment, making it perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The natural healing spots around the cottages add to the serene and peaceful atmosphere.

In Country Cottage Ban, guests will experience comfort, privacy, and natural beauty, making it an ideal pick for families and groups seeking a relaxing getaway.


Country Cottage Ban