Hakone Onsen

Hakone Onsen

Hakone is known as one of the top sites for hot spring getaways in Japan. It's more like an amusement park for onsen because you will find so many different kinds of hot springs to try out.

It has hundreds of bathes having different vibes, histories, and attractions. Some have great mountain views, others are perfect for families, some are private for couples, and there are even places that welcome people with tattoos.

The Onsen, those Japanese hot springs depict Japanese tradition and culture which is a must-do when you visit Japan. Hakone is located in a geological location that features lots of different kinds of hot springs.

Up in the hills, you'll find milky white waters that are great for your skin, while down below, there are springs with high alkaline levels that are very soothing. The water in Hakone's hot springs comes from natural sources, and it flows through different areas underground.

Moreover, you can find a variety of bathes with stunning views of valleys and mountains. Enjoy ones by lakes, outdoor baths, and big indoor ones with a traditional vibe.

Bathing in onsen is a great part of Japanese tradition and culture. It's not just about getting clean, it's almost like a ritual. Bathing in Japan is now a ritual, providing a moment to fully engage all your senses during your travels in Japan.




Exploring Hakone's 17 Top Onsen Experiences

I am going to share my Hakone's top 17 onsen experiences with you! So, hot springs aren't all the same. Relying on the minerals in the water, each one is filled with different health benefits. Bathing in hot spring water is supposed to chill you out and make you feel good.

And there are a bunch of ways to enjoy these hot spring baths. Some are indoors, some are outdoors; take your pick! A lot of them are part of hotels and ryokans, those traditional Japanese inns. So, you can bathe in style while you're staying there.

Hakone's been a hotspot for hot springs for ages. In fact, there are 17 different springs that supply water to the hotels and ryokans around here.

Hakone Yumoto

Hakone Yumoto is the front gateway to the whole Hakone Onsen scenic area. It's a cute little town nestled near Lake Yuno, with loads of traditional Japanese inns called ryokans, all puffing their hot springs. Plus, right across from the train station, there's a bustling shopping street where you could shop for some tasty eats or maybe even take a quick hike up to So-un-ji temple through So-un Park.
Oh, and if you're into mementos, you're in luck! The shops here are stocked with all sorts of Mount Fuji-themed goodies, along with some exceptionally fresh seafood since Hakone's not far from the sea.


Hakone Yumoto



Yunessun is a spring theme park of hot springs in Hakone, all about mixing tradition with modern fun. No matter if you're a die-hard onsen fan or just want to enjoy a cool family day out, Yunessun's is the place to go.

They've split the place into two zones. First, there's Mori No Yu, where you do the whole naked bathing, just like they've been doing for centuries. Then, there's Yunessun itself, where you need your swimsuit and it gives you a water park vibe.

What about the wine bath? Yeah, you heard that right! It's one of their great attractions. Apparently, bathing in wine is good for your skin, so why not give it a try?

Yunessun's all about having a good time, especially for families and folks who may feel a little unsure about the whole onsen scene. They offer all sorts of quirky baths, like ones filled with coffee and tea. It's a blast!

And getting there's a piece of cake. Just take a bus from Hakone-Yumoto station, and you'll be there in no time.


Yunessun Hakone



Tenzan Onsen is hands down one of the coolest sites in Hakone for Onsen. It's located away in the mountains, about a 10-minute bus ride from Hakone Yumoto station. And let me tell you, the setting is something out of a fairy tale, with lush forests all around, you’ll feel like getting into a nature vila!

Once you're there, you've got a bunch of different baths to choose from. They've brought everything from super hot tubs to ones hidden in caves. Furthermore, there's an awesome cedar bath, a multi-level one, and even a special bath that's supposed to work phenomena for your skin.

There are also some chilling areas surrounded by trees where you can just enjoy sitting and relaxing. And if you're starving, there's a restaurant and cafe on-site too. Don't forget to check out the souvenir shop for some cool mementos!

It’s easier to get there. Just take the Hakone Tozan bus from Yumoto Hakone station, and it’ll take you to Tenzan within 13 minutes.


Tenzan Onsen


Hotel Green Plaza Hakone

Hotel Green Plaza Hakone is a great facility for enjoying hot springs in Hakone. It's especially mesmerizing because you can see Mt. Fuji while you're relaxing in the onsen. The best times to visit are late fall, winter, or early spring when Mt. Fuji has a beautiful snow cap.

If you're interested in more privacy, they offer private open-air baths too, but you'll have to book those ahead of time since they only allow one group per day. Reserve before and check the latest on their opening hours since they may make changes to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus.


Hotel Green Plaza Hakone


Hakone Yuryo

Hakone Yuryo is a great place to experience the best of traditional Japanese hot springs with modern comfort indulged in. It's quite close to Hakone-Yumoto Station. This onsen is tucked away in a lovely area surrounded by forests, giving it a really peaceful vibe. You can also get separate baths for men and women where you could enjoy soaking with the forest views.

One thing that I love about Hakone Yuryo is the option to rent private onsen rooms. Whether you’re with your family, on a date, or just by yourself, these private rooms are suitable if you want some me time.

They're really committed to making sure you have a comfortable visit, with nicely designed baths and thoughtful touches throughout the place. Additionally, they offer a free shuttle from the station, which is extremely convenient.

With a mix of old-school onsen culture and modern amenities, Hakone Yuryo is definitely a place worth checking out if you're in Hakone.


Hakone Yuryo


Hakone Kamon

Hakone Kamon is a fancy onsen right near Yumoto Station. You can swing by for the day or stay overnight in their comfy ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn). There are 20 different baths, both indoors and outdoors, along with a sauna and chill-out areas where you can relax after your dip.

They even serve up some tasty tea when you're done soaking. It's pricier, but if you're up for splurging, it's totally worth it for the top-notch service and the all-out pampering experience.

The Hakone Tozan bus can take you from Yumoto Hakone Station to Hakone Kamon within about 9 minutes.


Hakone Kamon


Kappa Tengoku

Kappa Tengoku is a no-frills onsen right behind Hakone-Yumoto Station. It's perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a hot spring within their budget. This place keeps things simple and down-to-earth, with outdoor baths set on a wooded slope that gives it a real rustic vibe.

Despite being basic, it still offers a solid onsen experience that won't break the bank, making it a great pick for budget travelers.

Since it's so close to the station, it's very convenient for a quick bath before or after your train ride. And if you're not too keen on the idea of communal baths, no worries, Kappa Tengoku has a foot bath option as well. This lets you enjoy the hot spring waters in a more laid-back way, without having to dive all the way in.


Kappa Tengoku


Hakone Ginyu

Hakone Ginyu is the go-to site for a fancy onsen experience. Perched high above a valley, this upscale ryokan offers killer views of the Hakone mountains.

Their infinity-style open-air baths really steal the show, making you feel like you're floating right in the middle of nature. The place is decked out in an elegant style and offers an immensely peaceful vibe.

In each room, there's a private open-air bath, so you can soak up those amazing mountain views without anyone else around. It's all about luxury at Hakone Ginyu, from awesome meals to first-class service. You may find it costly to stay overnight, but they also welcome day visitors who just want to come for the baths which is quite affordable for a luxury dip.


Hakone Ginyu


Tonosawa Onsen

Tonosawa Onsen is hidden by the beautiful Hayakawa River, offering a quiet and historic hot spring experience. It's a lot calmer than the busy Hakone Yumoto and has been a favorite location for Japanese writers and poets for ages, they've even mentioned it in their writings. Discovered back in the Edo period, Tonosawa has kept its old-world charm and looks pretty as a picture.

You can drop by for a day bath and soak in not just the warm waters but also the rich history and culture of the place. It's the exquisite mix of chilling out and getting a taste of Japan's past.


Tonosawa Onsen


Sokokura Onsen Kanrei

Sokokura Onsen Kanrei is in the Miyanoshita area and is quite a sight to see. It's a beautiful building from the Taisho period (1912-1926), stunning both inside and out. When you visit, definitely chat with the owners, they love sharing stories about the building's history.

There's just one bath here, so it's a good idea to give them a call before you show up to make sure it's not too busy. They also serve up some tasty local dishes, including yam, which is a must-try.


Sokokura Onsen Kanrei


Yasakayu Onsen  

Yasakayu is a small, cozy onsen that's a big hit with the locals and a great spot for anyone visiting Hakone. It's like stepping back in time to the Showa era, the place has been around since 1949 and has kept its old-school charm.

After you soak, you can hang out in the break room for just 100 yen. Feel free to bring your snacks and drinks! It tends to get busy between 4 PM and 7 PM, so you can plan your visit for earlier or later to avoid the crowd.


Yajikitanoyu is exactly close to Hakone Yumoto Station, just a 5-minute walk. It's a pretty new area that's great for folks just passing through for the day.

They offer six different types of baths and a sauna to help you relax. Just a heads up, they don't have a restaurant on-site. If you're looking for some private space, they offer private rooms at 2,000 yen per hour.

They're open from 10 AM to 9 PM, and you can stay for up to two hours after you check-in. Remember, they're closed on Thursdays.

Ryuguden Onsen (Prince Hotel)

Ryuguden Onsen lies among the newer hot springs in Hakone, discovered back in 1987 and was initially known as "Motohakone Onsen."

It's right by the Komagatake ropeway, making it a tremendous stop after a day of exploring the Hakone Park area. One of the best parts? You get to enjoy views of Lake Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji while you unwind. It's a fantastic way to cap off your day with some stunning scenery.


Ryuguden Onsen


Yoshiike Ryokan

Yoshiike Ryokan is also an outstanding onsen place that comes highly recommended. They offer six different baths, both public and private, that you can enjoy. The standout feature here is their garden, it's just beautiful.

For folks just passing through for the day, they've got a special deal that includes access to the hot springs, the garden, and a tasty lunch set. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.


Yoshiike Ryokan


Yu-asobi-dokoro Hakone no Yu

Hakone no Yu is a cozy, traditional Japanese onsen that gives off a real nostalgic vibe, all without breaking the bank. It's an ideal quiet area for couples or friends.

They have a bunch of different bathtubs, from Jacuzzis to the kind ancient monks used to train in. They even have a cool feature where a stream of water hits just right to massage your shoulders.

What really sets Hakone no Yu apart is that they even have an onsen for pet dogs! Inside, there are restaurants and massage services, and you're welcome to bring your food and drinks into the resting areas to chill out.


Hakone no Yu


Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel

Up at the highest point in Hakone, you'll find the Yunohanazawa onsen at the Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel.

They offer Nigori-yu, which is a straightforward sulfur hot spring. If you're around, definitely try it out! They have a special accommodation plan that's preferable if you want to soak in the hot springs under the stars. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that you shouldn't miss.


Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel


Seasonal Magic at Hakone's Onsens

The onsens in Hakone aren't just about the hot springs. They're also about the stunning nature around them that changes with the seasons. In spring, the cherry blossoms make the place look magical, especially when the petals float on the water. Come summer, the area turns lush and green, making it feel extremely refreshing.

Autumn brings a burst of red and gold leaves that look amazing around the steaming waters. And winter? It's all crisp air and maybe some snow, which makes dipping into a hot onsen outside highly exhilarating. No matter when you visit, Hakone’s onsens always have something special to show you.


Cherry blossom and Mount Fuji in Hakone


Onsen Tips for Newbies

In the changing rooms, you'll need to strip down completely because swimsuits aren't a thing in traditional onsens.

Before you hop into the onsen, make sure to give yourself a good scrub at the shower stations. This keeps things clean and shows respect to the other bathers. When you get into the water, take it slow and let your body adjust to the heat. Remember, onsens are chill zones, so keep it down and soak up the quiet vibes. Stick to these simple rules, and you’ll be set for a great soak.

Getting into the Hakone Onsen Vibe

Hakone onsens are more than just a spot to explore. They're a deep indulgence in Japanese culture, mixing natural beauty, historical vibes, and pure calmness. Whether you're after some fancy relaxation, a touch of culture, or just a relaxing place to think, Hakone has an onsen for you.
Each visit is a chance to leave your daily stress behind and soak in a tradition that's been around for ages. As you get ready to head to Hakone, remember that it's not just about the baths. It's about slowing down and enjoying a peaceful way of life.


Hakone Shrine in a peaceful forest


Finding the Perfect Place to Stay in Hakone

To really get the most out of Hakone's onsens, you'll want to find the right place to crash. Agoda has loads of options, from traditional ryokans to hotels with all the modern perks, fitting any budget.

Check out what's available and snag the amazing spot to make your trip to Hakone even better. Whether you want old-school charm or contemporary comfort, Agoda can help you find your ideal Hakone home base.