Enjoy the picturesque view of

the rolling Himalaya mountains and villages

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail

Nagarkot has several hiking trails, which give people a common advantage: peace of mind! On this route, the dense coniferous forest is waiting for you to go through, which is called nature walking. In the forest, the birds are singing and the cold wind is blowing while you can experience and relax. Then you can walk in the village, where you can enjoy a pleasant view of children playing, cattle grazing and beautiful mountain scenery. At last, take the panoramic trail to enjoy the picturesque view of the rolling mountains and villages.

As one of Nepal's most popular short hikings, this route to Nagarkot is ideal for beginners regardless of ages. Through oak, pine and Rhododendron forests, you will learn about village life and enjoy the snow-capped Himalayan peaks of Kathmandu Valley in Nagarkot. Before having more time in Kathmandu, wake up and enjoy the marvellous sunrise of Mount Everest.

With a length of 12 kilometers, panoramic Nagakot hiking trail is just near Nagarkot community in Nepal.  After about 3 to 3.5 hours walk, you can view the Himalayas. It includes the Nagarkot Nature Trail and the Tamang Village Walk.




Nagarkot is considered to be the best spot to enjoy the splendid sunrise and sunset as well as the spectacular Himalayan scenery. It has one of the broadest views of the snow-covered Himalayas in the Kathmandu Valley (8 Himalayas from here with totally 13 in Nepal). Those ranges include Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Ganesh himal range, Langtang range, Jugal range, Rolwaling range, Mahalangur range (Everest range) and Numbur range, with a magnificent view of the Kathmandu Valley.

The 12-kilometer-long trail starts here, consisting of Nature Trail and the Tamang Village Walk. Here you may be lucky to find exotic butterflies, butterflies of various colors and other mountain animals. You will also get first hand experience of the authentic and eclectic culture of Tamang village, enjoy the charming hospitality of local people, and enjoy one of the most eye-catching views of Nepal on foot. On a good and clear day, you can view Mount Everest from here! The trail just takes 3.5 hours to finish.


View of Himalayas in Kathmandu Valley


The richness of biodiversity is absolutely one of the greatest things about this country. To discover the colorful butterflies around. This is a hike in Nagarkot, starting from the panoramic Nagarkot hiking trail of with a journey of nearly 12 kilometers. You can find villages and feel the local culture of Tamang. They are hospitable, friendly and welcome at any time.

This hike in Nagarkot can entitle you to an amazing view of Nepal's Himalayas. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot the highest mountain peak- Mount Everest! If you are suitable, you will spend at least 3.5-5 hours on the task. On the road, you can also see other attractions, such as cheese factory, Gairi Gaun, Katike, Dhada Gaon, Baluwapati Village, and Mahankali Temple as well.

Nagarkot hiking trails of day hiking goes through the rural settlement, farm land, jungle and some countryside ethinic culture and lifestyle. The trail to Nagarkot Day Hiking goes through the rural villages, people with local culture, forest and some religious sites. You may meet with local culture and lifestyle. Nature trail with amazing mountain views plus Fresh Mountain air plus Serene atmosphere. This hike in Nagarkot includes Nagarkot Nature Trail + Village Walk (starting from Kartike village) + Panoramic Hiking Trail with 180 degrees views of the amazing landscapes with prospering greenery.

The First Part (Nature Trail)

The first part of the hike in Nagarkot will add more amazing natural excitement to our trip. Through the dense forest, carefully observe the flora and fauna, you will have the opportunity to meet in the close distance of the treasure of nature.

You will quietly walk out of the pine trees to start this trail, where you can enjoy the freshness of nature and take in a lot of mountain oxygen. The first natural path was a lovely walk through the dense coniferous forest.

You are going to cross the Sali River, which is the bathing place of Shiva's beloved goddess Pavati. Then the hike continues to the Nagakot Eco Trail, taking you deep into the forest. Here, you will observe a variety of animals and plants, as well as exciting moments to capture. The trail is basically designed for birdwatchers and nature lovers. After arriving at changjiao, the mountain scenery makes people feel excited and fresh.


Beautiful hiking trail in Nagarkot


The Second Part (Village Trail)

After completing the natural trail, you will arrive at Kartike village, where you can see the mountain village and terraced farmland on the mountain. If the weather is fine, you will get an amazing view of the Himalayas. The second part is terraces and villages, where local people grow different vegetables. However, this is one of the oldest hiking routes in the Kathmandu Valley, and we hike along the ridge to with the sight of the terraces below and the Kathmandu Valley in the south.


Villages in Kathmandu Valley


Third Part (Panoramic Trail)

This part of hike starts from Kartike VILLAGE and ends at Dhanda Gaun VILLAGE (gaun means village in nepali). When you reach Dhanda Gaun village, you need to turn right where your landmark should be a school with blue color roof. from that school, it's a good uphill walk around 5 minutes. From there you need to turn left with a very inspiring views of the rolling hills and villages. You will make one whole loop of the village. It is around 12 km hike and it is very very beautiful time in nature in quiet and peace.

It is a very safe and secure Nagakot hiking trail, which can be done with or without guide. However it is still recommended to have a guide as you might get lost on the way as there are no clear signboards or directions on the way.


Nagarkot Panoramic Trail


Best Time for Hiking in Nagarkot

Hiking is the perfect choice for families or tour groups. Likewise, those who have little time to explore Nepal can also join in the hike. Travelers can choose to hike at any time of the year. But March to May is the best time to enjoy the hike.