JULY 27TH, 1954

The Beginning                            

Shanghai Municipal People’s Government approved the establishment of China International Travel Service, Shanghai Branch on July 7th, 1954 in accordance with the directives of the State Council.

In 1949 after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai China International Travel Service CITS became one of the first three travel agencies in China and the first of its kind in Shanghai.

MARCH 20TH, 1989

Obtained Autograph of Mr. Jiang Zemin                            

On March 20th, 1989, Comrade JIANG Zemin, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Communist Party Committee at that time, inscribed with his autograph for Shanghai CITS: “Make more contributions to the prosperity of Shanghai tourism industry.”

YEAR 1993

Accredited as “Shanghai Civilized Unit” Since 1993                            

Since 1993, Shanghai CITS has all along been accredited as “Shanghai Civilized Unit” with 13 consecutive awards from the year 1993 to the year 2018.

YEAR 1994

Listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange                            

On April 1st, 1994, President JIANG Zemin, the then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, wrote an inscription with his autograph on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai International Travel Service:“Developing Tourism, Enhancing Friendship, Serving the Society and Prospering the Economy.” The year 1994 witnessed Shanghai China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. restructuring into a joint stock company qualified to issue B shares, it was the first ever in the travel service industry nationwide. On September 28th, 1994, it was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.                                

YEAR 2001

Passed the ISO9001                            

In 2001 Shanghai China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. took the lead in the travel service industry nationwide in passing the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification.

YEAR 2003

Became a member of Jinjiang International Group                            

In 2003, Shanghai CITS became a member of Jinjiang International Group and was renamed Shanghai China International Travel Service Ltd. (Shanghai CITS, SCITS). As an affiliated enterprise to Jinjiang International Group, the largest integrated tourism enterprise group in China, Shanghai CITS has become stronger with abundant capital in product design, software and hardware support, tourist operation resources and comprehensive capabilities, etc. The group’s total asset amounts to 18 billion yuan and owns quite a number of star-rated deluxe hotels such as Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund and Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai etc., ranking the 2nd among the top 300 global groups. Its subsidiary “Jinjiang Auto” boasts over 10,000 medium and high-grade passenger vehicles.

YEAR 2011

Awarded “Time honored Enterprise”                            

In 2011, Shanghai CITS was awarded by the Ministry of Commerce of China as a “Time honored Enterprise,” the only one in China’s travel agencies.

YEAR 2016

In September 2016, to comply with the overall scheme of the group for deepening the reform of tourism, the group removed the Tourism Department and established Shanghai Jinjiang Travel Holding Company Ltd. (abbreviated as “Travel Holding Company”), and at the same time set up the Party Committee of Travel Holding Company. Shanghai Jinjiang Travel Holding Company Ltd. integrated the market advantages of such nationwide-known tourism enterprises as former Shanghai CITS, Jinjiang Tours, Huating Overseas Travel, Shanghai CTS and Shanghai Travel Agency, etc. in a joint effort to build up the brand of “Jinjiang Travel”. In line with the principle of “one leadership team, one unified brand, one unified management and one unified office”, the Travel Holding Company has worked out a new organizational structure to make sure the inbound travel maintains all long its national top level while the outbound travel covers 150 ADS destination countries and regions in its business network across the world.

YEAR 2018

Rated as the Top 10 Excellent Inbound Tourism Enterprises                            

In October 2018, Shanghai China Travel Service was rated as the top 10 excellent inbound tourism enterprises by China Travel Service Association.

YEAR 2020

Go Find Orient                            

Go Find Orient the branch of Shanghai China Travel Service was founded.