What Makes the Difference When You Travel the Go Find Orient Way?


1. Extraordinary Quality

Government-appointed foreign affairs reception organization for China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal Government, etc. Once participated in the reception of President Clinton's visit to China and many times on German Chancellor Schroeder's visits to China.

Officially-appointed large world-class reception organization for APEC, World Expo 2010 Shanghai, NBA China Games and F1 China Grand Prix.

Intimate business co-operations with world-known tourism enterprises such as ClubMed, Royal Caribbean Cruises, JTB, TUI Group, Studiosus and Kuoni Swiss, etc.


2. Outstanding Employees

Over 160 outstanding tour guides speaking 10 different foreign languages currently employed. Of currentlyemployed tour guides, two third of whom possessed intermediate or advanced professional titles and have participated in large-scaled reception activities such as APEC and foreign head of state delegations to China. Awarded a great deal of national or municipal-level prizes.                        


3. Reliable and powerful suppliers

Fleet: Jinjiang International Group owns motorcades of its own with 10 thousand vehicles and rich reception experience for foreign affairs, and corporates only with qualified large motorcade companies.                        

Airlines: co-operation only with accredited large quality airlines.

Hotels: Ranking No.2 in the global hotel industry, Jinjiang International Group possesses over 12,000 hotels including Radisson Blu across over 120 countries around the world. It has long-term business co-operations with world-renowned hotel brands such as Marriott and Hilton, etc. with significant price advantages.