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Meet Our Chairman Shanghai CITS

Dear Friends:

In the Mid-19th Century, a British, Thomas Cook established the first travel agency in the world. Today, more than 160 years have passed. Travel has nowadays become a worldwide attraction. Every single place, from the uninhabited hinterland of the desert to the ice and snow-capped paradise of aurora, from the wide-open prairie with millions of migrant animals to the tropical beaches crowded with sunbathers, sparkles amazing glamorous rays of sunshine. Being one of the significant members of the global family, China boasts its own unique cultural heritages and geographical features in the world. The all-embracing big family of 56 ethnic groups brings about fascinating and unique features of folklores. The homeland of 9,600,000 square kilometers has been nourishing multifarious local customs and practices throughout China. Nevertheless, Shanghai, as China’s economic center, has been progressing rapidly with each passing day. The city boasts not only masterpieces of world-class skyscrapers, but numerous residence houses steeped in rich culture and history. More mportantly, this homeland of China nourishes generations of industrious and friendly Chinese who are dedicating themselves to build a more beautiful country in the orient. As the 1st international travel service of its kind established in Shanghai in 1954, Shanghai CITS has always been proud of having a large contingent of tour guides competent in more than 10 foreign languages. They not only take tourists throughout the world to visit China's highlights of China's culture and history, but also participated in the reception of a good many of foreign heads of state as well as other dignitaries. Many a time where there were international conferences, there were busy-working guides of ours. At various sites of attractions of our country, there are ubiquitous logo flags of our guides. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to, on behalf of our company, sincerely welcome you to Shanghai and to visit China for pleasure and business. I’m in the conviction that your visit to China will certainly leave you a wonderful memory in your life.


Meet our travel experts

Headquartered in Shanghai, we also have offices in other cities of China and Germany. Our travel expert team is a big and energetic family including travel consultants, marketing and website team and tour guides, drivers and operators are in every destination.

Travel consultant team

Our travel consultant team is one of the core of Go Find Orient. They are passionate, knowledgeable and professional and always do their best to offer the best service to the customers coming from all over the world. They are good at turn your travel dream to reality. Just feel free to tell them your ideas and they will create a tour to match your desires and budgets.

Marketing & website team

When you first time met Go Find Orient, you might via our website where you found lots of useful information created by our marketing and website team who knows our destinations in depth and always keep the great curiosity and energy to pay frequently visits to different destinations in different seasons to find out the authentic and interesting things to do to create most reasonable sample itineraries with various tastes. Besides, they are knowledgeable about the complicated transportation in each destination. The whole team is open minded, energetic and hard working to embrace new things and keep the new changes updated quickly on our website as they believe that every little details makes a great difference. Hope you enjoy your wandering journey on our website!



Our professional guides

Our guides are passionate about their work, and it shows all the way. In every destination we have selected a wide group of licensed English speaking guide. They know every inch of the city they live. They are experienced, knowledgeable, always friendly, helpful, patient and willing to offer the best service. They are local experts who take care of all details during your visit, in the meanwhile, they are your fellow travelers who are dedicated to help you explore in confidence and comfort.

Local Drivers & Vehicles

Our local drivers are professional, polite, punctual, experienced, friendly and reliable. We carefully selected the best drivers in every destination because we deeply understand that drivers are very important to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip.

Vehicles are another important factor to ensure a comfortable trip. We selected clean, good condition vehicles equipped with air conditioner and have enough room inside. Mineral water is provided every day in the van.