Thailand Travel Guide

It is really hard to describe how diverse Thailand is. The idyllic beaches on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, draw millions of visitors every year to enjoy a variety of water activities and relax at comfortable resorts. The capital, Bangkok, a teeming metropolis with gilded palaces and temples is also a heaven of delicious street food. What more, wherever you travel in Thailand, you will meet countless fresh seafood, delicious noodle dishes and various curries. The historic heartland in the central plains hosts ruined cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. In the north of Thailand, where is home of the Lanna kingdom, offering more ancient monuments, rustic charm with distinctive local handicrafts selling in the markets.

No matter you are planning a family vacation, a honeymoon or beach holiday, you trip in Thailand is a rewarding experience. 

Top Things to Do in Thailand

There are many incredible things to do in Thailand and here we provide some practical information you will need for planning your trip to Thailand including suggestions for sightseeing, activities, fabulous cuisine and so on.

Top Amazing Places to Visit in Thailand

These selected feature places prominently on our itinerary ideas for visiting Thailand and we know they are always most popular places with travelers. You can choose to include them in your trip that suits your preferences.

Sample Trip Ideas for Thailand

Here we provide some tours to give you ideas for what your trip to Thailand would be. We hope they can give you some inspiration, as each of them can be tailor-made uniquely for you.