All About Maya Bay, 

A Well Exotic Destination in Phi Phi Island.

A Detailed Guide About Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island

Located in Thailand, Maya Bay has extremely appealing hidden beaches on the island of Phi Phi Leh. This amazingly gorgeous bay is surrounded from three sides with almost 100-meter-high limestone cliffs. Inside the Maya Bay area, there are several tiny beaches, and some of them can be seen only at low sea waves. The main beach is about 200 meters long big reef with soft and silky white sand, tropical fish and colorful coral under the emerald clear water. 

Maya Bay of Phi Phi Island remained undiscovered until the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed here in 1999 and Maya Bay was released.  The movie has blessed with unmatched fame throughout the world.  Local in Thailand were already aware of this enchanting place, but the beautiful depiction of Maya Bay in the movie has made its place among the most exotic destination to be visited by nature lovers.
From November to April every year, it is the best time to visit Maya Bay when seas are calm and the bay is easily accessible.  The seas are rough between May and October and the access to the bay may be hinder or it is rarely denied entry.
Maya Bay has become one of the worlds’ most popular and beautiful beaches since ‘The Beach’ in the year of 2000. It made the bay more popular than ever which brought some 5,000 visitors and 200 boats here every day which is 2.5 million visitors in 2018.  For years, people had come in staggering numbers, so the boats, litter and sun cream had made pollution to the bay constantly and the environment had severely damaged.  Over 80% of the coral around Maya Bay has been destroyed, as well as plants which cover it.  In order to protect Maya Bay, Thai government closed it from June 2018 to the mid of 2021.


Maya Bay Phi Phi Island


About 'the Beach' Film on Maya Bay

If we discuss the movie 'The Beach' here, Alex Garland is populated by young travelers mostly. They live hidden lagoon in Southern Thailand, located within walking distance from Maya Bay. The inhabitants are shown as society dropouts.

This film has a significant contribution in making this Phi Phi Island spot a big inspiration for visitors all over the world. This film has picturized the sceneries in the most beautiful way leaving the people totally astonished about this unbelievable heaven on earth.

However, the film remained in controversy as the makers were blamed for destroying the lush wild forest to shoot the movie here. Environmentalists had already warned that the natural heritage could get disturbed. Following the shooting, Maya Bay faced high tides and a storm that has killed corals, the sand beach was drowned, and dunes collapsed.


The stage photo of 'The-Beach' Film


High Season to Visit Maya Bay

According to the locals and tourist companies, the most preferred time to visit Phi Phi Island is November to April. The diving feels heavenly in clear cold water during the high season. The sea is calm with no major wave shuffles, and the route to Maya Bay is quite convenient.
Conveniences In Maya Bay

Here you will be facilitated with;

  • A small hovel is offering drinks and snacks.
  • Behind these shacks are the toilets that you can use whenever you need them.
  • Diving, sea Kayaking, boating in Maya Bay.
  • A perfect barbeque cooking spot.
  • There is no food spot, so bring it along yourself.

Activities In Maya Bay

Diving and snorkeling are the leading fun activities in Maya Bay. You witness the colorful underwater corals and bright silverfish in abundance that accompany you along your journey as they are extremely friendly.

Tourist companies call visitors to snorkel from Phuket, Phi Phi Don, and Krabi. Sea Kayaking is also famous as it let the tour boats enter the bay and explore this worthy sight.


Diving in Maya Bay Phi Phi Island


Route To Maya Bay

You can rent a longtail for 1000 baht or 32 USD for three hours or for 2000 baht or 64 USD for a full day from Phi Phi Don. It carries a maximum of four people, so if you are alone, you can share it with others. To rent a speedboat, you are supposed to pay 3500 baht that makes 110 USD for half-day, and 190 USD making 6000 Baht for a complete day. It carries maximum of six people.

Ferry boats, longtails, and speedboats are used to visit Maya Bay along with other beautiful sites. Tours generally pay 500-1000 baht to sail on any among these boats. It all depends on the people it sails, the boats they use, and the duration to sail.

The Inconvenient Thing About Maya Bay

The Phi Phi Island spot is so famous that thousands of people visit this shore on a daily basis, making it quite a rushed place. Thirty-plus speedboats and ferry boats are used to make visitors enter and leave Maya Bay.

Also, there is an entry fee of about 400 baht to visit the National Park.