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Top Things to do in Bangkok


Top things to do in Bangkok

A Thailand visit wouldn't be complete without taking a short or extended trip to its capital city, Bangkok. The city is globally famous for its hospitality, carefree atmosphere, fast pace, cheap accommodation, accessible commute, tropical scenic beauty, along with thousands and thousands of top things to do in Bangkok.

Despite the common misconception that Bangkok is a haven for youngsters, the city isn't ageist and provides solace as well as entertaining activities for all age groups equally. The city is the epitome of the Southeast Asian lifestyle, as it's the commercial hub that became a key trading point in the 15th century and from then caters to all business-economic activities while keeping a balance between international and local, high-end and affordable, traditional and contemporary business. Along with that, have strong religious inclined activities too.

So whether you go to Bangkok for a gateway, religious purposes, work-related, or any other, taking a stroll down the streets of the city will definitely make you want to experience so much. Hence we have curated a list of Top things to do in Bangkok, which we guarantee will elevate your trip extensively and make it memorable undoubtedly.




14 top things to do in Bangkok


People might assume that since Thailand is an island, the cities might be small and quite cramped up but talking about Bangkok specifically, it is huge in size with 50 districts, intersected by the Chao Phraya River. The city offers so much from temples to markets, nightlife, food, activities, and more, and whether you choose to explore the city on foot or through a commute, we highly suggest getting a guide if you are new to the city because they will facilitate you in the best way possible and help you explore the city in depth making the experience more nuanced and memorable. And not to mention will familiarize you with the Thai lifestyle, traditions, and culture. So starting your Thai trip with a city safari is an ideal way to know the city, people, and customs and allows you to explore everything together.


This is a must activity on the top things to do on the Bangkok list. Known as "Venice of the East," Bangkok has River Chao Phraya flowing through it, which aiding as a lifeblood for its residents. The river spurs various canals, and together, they all function as a means of transportation route for people to go to their work. Tourists to have a tour of the city, which includes the famous floating markets, high-rise condominiums, Buddhist temples, fancy hotels, and cute aesthetic wooden houses along the river banks. The boat trips have set stops but can be stopped as per your request, so if you want to further explore any part of the city that may interest you on your river ride, feel free to do so.


Night Cruise on Chao Phraya River



Bangkok is without a doubt a very fast-paced city, and rightfully so as it is the only cosmopolitan city on the island and serves as the cultural and commercial center as well. But amongst the regressive fast-paced lifestyle, Bangkok offers a different pace of life just across the west side of the Chao Phraya River. 

On a long-tail boat, through Klongs (the intricate network of canals), solace can be experienced. The old royal temple, the small houses, the intimate, exclusive local area, the greenery, and more make it an incredible find that most often don't get to witness.


West Side of Chao Phraya River



The warm climate, the scenic beauty, and the tropical nature of the city make cycling across the city an appealing and exciting activity. But cycling through the breathtaking jungles of Bangkok might be the most interesting and relaxing activities amongst the top things to do in Bangkok.

Known as the green lung by the locals, Bangkok has an oasis of mangroves, forest, and waterways too that offers a completely different vibe compared to its residential districts and commercial areas. For a tourist exploring this side of the city, especially through cycling, maybe the most life-altering and calming experience, the mangroves, coconut trees, mango tress, the stilted houses of the Burmese ethnic group, and especially the local temple makes this side of the city a gateway spot.


Jungle Cycling in Bangkok



Now, this is why Bangkok is considered a place for youngsters; the night scene here is epic and groovy, to say the least. From exciting nightclubs to rooftop bars, rave parties, cocktail bars, dance bars, casinos, and so much more. All and every type of nightlife you may seek is found here, from casual to adult theme events.

However, like mentioned earlier, Bangkok caters to everyone irrespective of their age and choices; for more traditional or family-appropriate nightlife options, Bangkok offers a night market with everything from food to the fun bit without a dent the bum (wallet).


Nightlife of Bangkok



Bangkok is best known for its various types of markets, too, from floating markets to walking markets, night markets, weekend markets, amulet markets, and so many more. Exploring every market is a task within itself but a good one, to say the least, the food, the items, the ambiance, activities everything cheers the mood right up and that too at an attractive price point.

If we had to suggest one all-rounder market to visit for this "things to do in Bangkok's" list, we highly recommend checked Chatuchak weekend market out, the biggest weekend market Bangkok has to offer that houses thousands and thousands of stalls across all niches.

Floating markets are a big attraction point in Bangkok, especially for tourists, and since Bangkok offers numerous such markets, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market remains the most popular one. In fact, a lot of movies have been shot here, many global magazines shoots have been arranged here, because of beauty, the flowers and vegetables covering the river, the long tail boat with people with straw hats selling various things, bike riding across the docks, food to clothing to massages, you name it, and you will find it here. This market is by far the liveliest, funniest, and frequently visited market in Bangkok.

For a more traditional, authentic Thai lifestyle viewing, the Amphawa market is the place to be. This floating market operates only on weekends and offers a variety of things. But the best part of this market is by far the route to reach there, as it requires a long-tail boat that takes you through the wooden houses that lean over the water. Also, the Buddha temples, where you hear people chattering, sounds of the bells, birds fluttering, and just a calming and low-key market experience that the whole island has to offer.


Amphawa Floating Market



Another fascinating thing to experience when in Bangkok, its pastoral lifestyle, which is a stark contrast to Bangkok's hustle-bustle lifestyle. Just outside the residential and industrial area of Bangkok, Thailand's rural area is located where shepherds and other locals' herds' various livestock around open spaces of the island land depending on the seasons. It's such a wholesome view to witness.

Similarly, for a more provincial Thai lifestyle, visiting local villages and small markets are the best way to experience it all. And amongst numerous such Maeklong Railway Market, showcase the authentic and traditional Thai lifestyle, where despite what circumstance local vendors' carry out their business with such grace and hospitality. This market in specific is lined up alongside the train track and offers mostly fruits and vegetables but has fabric too. The intriguing part of this market is whenever a train passes, the vendors quickly compress their markets, lower their umbrellas, and as soon as the train passes by in no time, they set up their stalls like before and continue with their day. This happens roughly 10-15 times a day. 

Unlike Maeklong Railway Market, Tha Kha Floating Market offers vegetables, flowers, and fruits like the previous one but is more relaxing, slow-paced. The business activities take place on long-tail boats, floating on the river, and at the docks on wooden shops, pushup carts, and more. In fact, the charm of this market is definitely the tiny stoves on these boats that cook fresh food that salivates the palette and tempts the eye. This market, too, has the traditional Thai customs that are wholesome to experience.


Tha Kha Floating Market



There is no denying that Thai food is a global phenomenon and is served worldwide, but despite the mouthwatering Thai food offered across all borders, nothing comes close to the authentic Thai cuisine Thailand has to offer.

Every stop in Bangkok will bring exciting and distinctive dishes from Thai cuisines that are palatable and elevates the trip extensively. From spicy food to sweet dishes, Thai cuisine appeals to everyone. From their rice dishes to delicious gravies, decadent desserts, yummy snacks, and refreshing drinks, Bangkok is heaven for food lovers.

And the great thing to do in Bangkok, especially for food lovers, is to take a trip literally anywhere in Bangkok, whether a residential area or marketplace, traditional area, local street-side area or high-end areas, the food doesn't fail to excite and satisfy. Covering vast dishes at different price points, food is the highlight and glorifying element that tourists can't seem to stop raving about.


Thai Food



If you happen to be a fan of authentic Thai cuisines and seem not to satisfy your craving by the restaurants serving Thai food at your place, then worry not. Bangkok offers remarkable vocational as well as extended cooking courses where you can learn secrets of Thai cuisines and serve your cravings with Thai delight and others too. One of the best cooking courses is offered at Sonphong cooking school, theoretical knowledge, as well as practical skills, are imparted by experienced professional chefs in the span of few hours.

The courses are a great experience to try, too; you are required to shop the ingredients for the dishes in the class, the chefs tell tips and tricks to have great finds, and the interactive step-by-step lessons facilitate the newbies in the best way possible.

And don't worry, you don't need an extraordinary chef or a culinary expert to take these courses; a passion and interest in food and love for Thai cuisine are required to excel in this course.


Thai Cooking Course in Bangkok



Drinks are an integral part of Thai cuisine, whether it is their traditional refreshers, coffee, or more modern global favorites beers and other alcoholic drinks; having them at night at Bangkok's famous rooftop cafes and bars is an experience you shouldn't miss. There are various places in Bangkok where you can grab a drink and enjoy it at the top with Bangkok's amazing breathtaking view, the stunning skyline, the tropical nature, and the overall view. However, the best place by far would be the top of Banyan Tree hotel; from this 61-floor high hotel, the view is incredible and offers a 360-degree view of the city with no obstructions whatsoever. So if you like nights, amazing views, drinks, and not afraid of heights, checking this activity off the things to of in Bangkok list will be a great decision.


Moon Bar at Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok



If you are a fan of Swedish or other western massages, we assure you are having authentic Thai massages will change the way you see massages. Thai massages, unlike others, have a holistic approach to them. They are known for their healing properties and cater to the physical, mental, and spiritual state of the body. There are two types of Thai massage, the southern style Thai massage and the northern Thai style massage, both incredible for the wellbeing of the body but distinctive in their style and nature.

You can get Thai massages anywhere at various price points, from local street vendors to hotels and designated Thai massage spas in the city. However, no matter what place you choose to go to or what style you opt for, despite a few changes, one thing is guaranteed the massages will make you feel rejuvenated, balanced, and at ease. This leisure activity is undoubtedly worth your time.


Thai Massage



A part of the traditional Thai New Year festival, water fighting occurs between the 13th and 15th of April. In Buddhism, it is believed that by getting sprayed with water, all the sins and bad luck washes away. And this concept and idea evolved into this integral part of their New Year festivity, where all the locals of the island come to the streets and engage in this fun, exciting water fighting activity. It's like a huge party that everyone loves. If you happen to love India's Holi festival, Spain's Tomatina festival, and a similar one, you will definitely love and enjoy this one too, and not to mention it is the least messy amongst all the other such global festivities.


Songkran Celebrations



Kickboxing, commonly known as Muay Thai, is Thailand's national sport, but the whole country is filled with its stadiums and is a big deal there. In Bangkok specifically, the biggest kickboxing fights are organized either at the Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadiums. The evening at these stadiums is fun, to say the least; the enthusiasm is something that should be witnessed. Betting is also a part of this whole experience, so if you like sports, bet, or just want to see a different side of Thai locals, this might be an excellent opportunity to avail yourself.


Muay Thai



Thailand is one of the exciting and inexpensive gateways the world offers, with various beaches, incredible food, numerous leisure activities, family activities, adult activities, nightlife, and so much more. Temples often go unnoticed by all this modernity that Thailand is a very traditional and religious place too. Thailand houses numerous temples all across the island, but the most prominent ones remain in the capital of the island: Bangkok.

From morning to dusk, at various times, the city is graced by rhythmic chanting coming from the temples that make the atmosphere meditative and calm. The most venerated landmark in Bangkok is none other than the sacred Emerald Buddha temple, a home of many famous statues in Buddhism. Visiting this temple fosters a calming wholesome feel that makes you want to see the place over and over. From intricate interior and exterior designs to the building, pathways, statue, and the overall look and feel, it makes it a top tourism place.


Wat Phra Kaew


So if you happen to book a ticket to Bangkok and are confused about what to do in this incredible city! Our list of Top things to do in Bangkok will surely open the gates of possibilities to view the city from all angles that will surely elevate your trip and memorable without a doubt.