No dessert can surpass Mango Sticky Rice in taste

Mango Sticky Rice

If you are visiting Bangkok's beautiful attractions, you will surely not want to miss the spicy street food items that you can find on almost every corner.

The best part about the street food is that it is extremely pocket-friendly, even though prepared with fresh ingredients and amazingly tasty. You can spot many snacks and cuisines there, which will tempt you to eat them.

If you try Thai cuisine, it is extremely spicy, and you cannot choose it to be a little mild according to your needs.

You are not used to such spicy cuisines, and now you want something to soothe your taste buds with. Enjoying some traditional Thai sweet dish is the best option after having Thai cuisine to cleanse your mouth.


Thai sweet dishes


You are new there and don't know what you can truly enjoy among various sweet dish options. In such a case, no dessert can surpass sticky rice with mango in taste. It is also known as Khao Niew Ma Muang.

Khao niew ma Muang is used for sticky rice with mango because in the Thai language Khao Niew means sticky rice, and ma Muang means mango. Sticky rice is the staple food consumed in Thailand.

To prepare this dessert, the sticky rice is further cooked, and condensed milk or coconut cream is added along with natural sugar to add flavor to it. Then, it is garnished and served with the ripest mango slices.
The taste of sticky rice treated with coconut cream and mango feels like rice pudding, and the sweet and soft mangoes add to the freshness of the dessert.

Mango sticky rice is the favorite dish of the Thai residents, and you can surely not ignore its taste as it is the best Thai dessert that you can find easily on the street.

If you have little children with you on your trip to Bangkok, they will surely enjoy Mango sticky rice as a snack or as a dessert.


Mango Sticky Rice


It is a great go-to dish as the rice is soft and easy to chew, so there is no chance that your babies will not like it. Even mangoes are a favorite fruit of almost all and sundry, and no one can reject this amazing form of eating mangoes. Moreover, the importance of mangoes as a healthy diet for children cannot be put aside.

Your babies will even not let you share their dessert portion with you, and you will need to have one for yourself. Many thanks to it being economical as you can enjoy the dessert within $US 2, it will cost you less than any traditional western dessert.


Mango Sticky Rice


Variations of sticky rice with mango

Many different toppings containing local or seasonal fruits are also added to sticky rice with mango.

  • The most popular toppings include mung beans which are a part of many Asian desserts. These beans in mango sticky rice soak up sweet syrup to provide a richly sweet and creamy taste. The combination of beans with these rice served with mangoes provides an amazing texture.
  • Sticky rice mangoes are also served with durian during its season. Durian is a fruit with a creamy texture but has a pungent smell, due to which people don't give it a try. It is esteemed for its flavor, and you will surely not disappoint if you try it. It is recommended not to leave Thailand before trying durian topping with sticky mango rice as it is a local delicacy.
  • To give the dessert a unique and subtle taste, sesame seeds are often added to it.  


Durian Sticky Rice


Final words

Sticky rice is so popular in Thailand that you cannot even ignore trying it while enjoying different dishes and cuisines from Thai street vendors and Thai restaurants.

If you want to enjoy Thailand's local dishes, you must visit Thong Lo, it is not very popular among tourists, and so not many people know about it. But, when it comes to amazing cuisines, their existence cannot be ignored.

There you can find the best restaurants and cafes to amaze your taste buds with local food, especially mango sticky rice.

Don't miss a chance to enjoy this mouth-watering dessert and tell us about your experience.