The Celestial Hybrid of a Temple and a Palace

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya

The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya is probably one of the enormous wooden constructions in Thailand, with a height of 105 meters and an area covering more than two Rais, definitely compliments the ocean situated close to it.

Efforts of the local businessman Lek Viriyaphan, the building is designed in Ayutthaya style and is a sanctuary for philosophy, art, culture, and faith that fosters secularism and togetherness through its ambiance and design. The construction of this sanctuary is heavily dependent on teak wood, hence making its exterior so raw, interactive, and exquisite. The place encompasses the idea of lode through its choice of using untreated, unprotected raw wood, which symbolizes human life and life in general because the place is need of constant upkeep and construction to keep it standing similarly how after the death of someone, a new life takes its place in the world.


Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya


Despite its structure and the Buddhist and Hindu gods statues placed throughout the premises, the detailed carving of various cultures, traditions, animals, people, scenes, and more. The sanctuary is neither known as a temple or a place and despite its homage to various religions and their traditions, they merely serve as an artistic consolation that ensures that every visitor finds a part of them in the place.

From its exterior to its interior, this monument is an epitome of Thai craftsmanship that dates back to its first construction sighting in 1981 and the idea of paying homage to human civilization and various mythologies. The idea till this date is beautifully encompassed by the ongoing construction of the site with the evergreen aim of paying tribute to Heaven, Earth, Father, Mother Moon, Sun, and the stars. These seven elements give life and meaning to human existence.

For those, who may not spiritually inclined or looking for something beyond faith, the Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya will still be the perfect place to visit. The way the building is designed gives strong positive energy and fosters a sense of peace throughout. The ambiance within the roofed part of the building has a reverence that needs no forced silence. Stepping into the grandness and greatness of this place, solace and calmness are guaranteed.


The Wood-Carving Roof at Sanctuary of Truth


The tours at Sanctuary of Truth are not limited to the sighting of the interior and exterior only; the extension of the building is an extensive park that holds various activities such as sword fighting, elephant and horse rides, shooting range, and traditional Thai performances. And since it’s a tourist attraction point, it won’t justify its category if it didn’t hold a small area for stalls where unique and interesting pieces of souvenirs are on display and for sale.

So if you are looking to have an adventure and probably the most captivating experience, be sure to add visiting Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya to your list of “Places to visit in Thailand.” Located three kilometers from the center of the town, this multiple language tour of this sanctuary is a must-visit.