The Bangkok's Highest Temple on Golden Mount

Wat Saket

Thailand is a country that is rich in terms of temples. Probably, it has the most beautiful and unique designs that cover a vast variety of all temples. Thailand’s provinces and cities are homes to many famous and sacred temples (not only for Buddhists but also for Hindus). If Chiang Rai has wat Rong Khun and Baan Dam, Chiang Mai has Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, then Bangkok has Wat Saket.

Wat Saket in Bangkok is the most popular temple not in just Thailand but also the world. Generally, it is known as the Golden Mount because it is located on the top of the Golden Mount. It comes under the district of Pom Prap Sattru Phai. If one is going to tour Thailand or just Bangkok, then the tour would be incomplete if he or she does not experience the beauty of the magnificent Wat Saket.

A long way of three hundred and eighteen steps (318) allows one to reach the hill's top and experience the magical ambience moment in reality. The freshness of the air, the quietness of the environment, and the soulful sound coming from the beautiful iron bells put you in a peaceful state of mind where your heart synchronizes with your soul, and ultimately you chase the calmness in your personality.


Wat Saket


The Golden Mount of Wat Saket

Bangkok’s Golden Mount is a site for pilgrimage that lasts for a week in November. To reach the top of Wat Saket, the Golden Mount, one has to climb a long trail coiling the Chedi like a snake. Unlike the past, the path has been much paved, and it is now way more convenient for tourists to reach the mount’s top.

History of Golden Mount

Wat Saket has an ancient history that dates back to the Ayutthaya Kingdom. In the early days of its construction, the temple was outside the walls of the Kingdom’s capital – Ayutthaya. In the days of the 18th century, the temple was used as a site for the cremation and later on, it served the purpose of dampening the sixty thousand victims of the plague. Due to these incidents and the mount’s mysterious atmosphere, people started turning away from the temple.

Wat Saket was completed in the reign of King Chulalongkorn. Once the dark considered temple has become a pilgrimage site for the Buddhist believers, it is today regarded as the most sacred and famous temple in Bangkok.

Moreover, In the late 18th century, a relic of Buddha was brought to Wat Saket from Sri Lanka. The relic had been enshrined in the golden Chedi. Believers and worshippers come to the Chedi and pray for health, wealth, fortune and success.


Ancient History of Wat Saket


The Famous “80-Meter-Tall Golden Mount.”

Bangkok’s Wat Saket is popular for its eighty-meter-tall mount. There is a golden stupa on top of it, and once, it was the highest point of Bangkok.

The mount had gone through many construction processes. It was first made under the era of King Rama III. Due to the softness of the soil, the mount collapsed. Later on, after some years, during King Rama IV's reign, the mount was re-established.

Festival – The Pilgrimage of Wat Saket

Wat Saket hosts a festival annually in November, during Loy Krathong. During the festival, the golden stupa is covered with a red cloak. Candles are lit at the entrance of the temple. Worshippers from all over the country or even from other countries come, pray and attend the festival. Visiting Wat Saket during the festival is the best time to catch all the hustle and bustle moments of the Golden Mount.


Festival in Wat Saket