Find Out Why Are There So Many Temples in Thailand?

Why Are There So Many Temples in Thailand

Among the beautiful places on the earth, one cannot resist mentioning Thailand. Thailand is simply a land of stunning natural beauty that is hard to find in any other part of the world. For so many things, Thailand is very different from its neighbouring. These things are art, culture, temples, food, beaches, and history. Due to its diversity, Thailand is rich in matters of culture and religion.

For Thailand, religion has its distinct value. One can easily observe that there is an abundance of temples in Thailand. It has been estimated that there are more or less forty thousand (40,000) temples in Thailand. Interestingly, every temple has different characteristics than the other.

Every temple has its unique art, structure, and history. That is why, with so much diversity in its temples, Thailand has a considerable amount of tourists that visit the astonishing temples. Some of these beautiful and mesmerizing temples are Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), and Sukhothai Historical Park, a part of UNESCO World Heritage.


Sukhothai Historical Park


The Reasons Behind the Existence of Numerous Temples in Thailand:

As an overview of the temples, it’s time to reveal some interesting facts and reasons to justify why there are temples everywhere on Thai soil.

Temples - An essential element of a Thai life

Like every other factor, temples in Thailand are crucial as any vital factor in a Thai person's life. Their life is almost incomplete without temples. Daily or frequently, people visit the temples to pray for good health, wealth, fortune and seek advice from monks.

A point where people could gather

When Buddhist Day arrives in Thailand, temples become filled with people. On this day, People perform various rituals and seek fortune. On special occasions, people also gather in temples.

Great feasibility for remote villages

As most people in Thailand follow the religion of Buddhism, therefore for their ease and accessibility, there are many temples in Thailand. For example, the temple Wat Sri Suphan, also known as Silver Temple, is the main temple of silversmith village. As temples are near to almost every town and village, it becomes possible for every follower of Buddhism to practice efficiently and wholeheartedly.

Home to monks, attraction for tourists

As it is known to everyone that Thailand is the heart of Buddhism. Therefore, there are a large number of monks. The temples of Thailand serve the purpose of homes to these monks. That is why, when there is a temple, there will be a monk.

A place that provides education

In Thailand, temples serve as schools besides religious institutions. Many children come to the temples to acquire the knowledge of Buddhism and the life of Buddha.


Novice Monk in Temple