The Sanctuary within the Jungle

Tiger Cave Temple Krabi

Tiger Cave Temple Krabi is not just any religious complex; this sanctuary for monks also serves as one of the most adventurous and aesthetically pleasing tourist attractions in the region. It takes 1237 steps to reach this sacred site, but the journey to the top through the rainforest and the stunning view of the limestone rock of Krabi from the top of the temple is the sight worth seeing.

A brief history of the tall Tiger Cave Temple Krabi

Unlike the appearance of the temple itself, Tiger Cave Temple has a very humble, not so extravagant history. The widely accepted emergence of this temple dates back to 1975 when a monk found himself all the way at the top of the cave and meditated.

The name comes from his experience, as he reported that he saw a tiger roaming the caves. Over the years, other legends also reported a huge tiger living in the caves; some saw the tiger while others saw traces of its paws. Some even believe that the cave itself looks like a tiger paw, hence with so many tiger-related experiences, the temple years later was officially announced as The Tiger Cave Temple.


Tiger Statue in The Cave


What makes Tiger Cave Temple Krabi different?

Thailand has numerous temples worldwide offering something unique for the visitors, but amongst hundreds of such temples, Tiger Cave Temple Krabi definitely stands tall (literally as well). This temple is considered one of the sacred places in Thailand for its natural spiritual ambiance and its ability to foster spirituality within.

Also known as Wat Tham Sua, this temple is five km away from central Krabi town in the northeast. Sits at the foot of a cliff, Tiger cave temple, as the name suggests, has a maze of natural caves within an overgrown jungle that requires a hike to reach the sanctuary.

The hike by no means is easy, the steep 1237 steps, the playfulness of monkeys (that might steal away your hat), the hot Thai climate, the refreshing yet overwhelming jungle, but all is worth it for the sight of beauty, spirituality, and warmth.

At the top, the visitors are welcomed by the stunning panoramic view of Krabi’s limestone cliff, the Andaman Sea, and a huge golden Buddha sitting on the terrace surrounded by other statues. The meditative ambiance elevates the whole view even more and enhances the feeling of calmness and contentment. Sunsets and Sunrises are the highlights of the visit here for which people often stay for. Stone tools and pottery also remains a gravitating point of Tiger Cave Temple Krabi.

A must-visit place when in Thailand, a holistic trip for every sense of the human body.


Tiger Cave Temple


Tips for an incredible Tiger Cave Temple experience


The Tiger Cave Temple Krabi is a Buddhist monastery; hence to honor the sacredness of the place, it is recommended to dress in proper modest attire. Women are expected to cover their knees and shoulders covered while men need to be in decent attire, which means no shorts.

Other than that, since Thailand weather can be harsh and the incredible long steps can get too tiring, it is also recommended to have breezy, flowy clothing so that it may not be too hot; comfortable footwear such as sneaker/joggers are also recommended for ease of the hike and a change of clothes if you get too sweaty and plan to stay the night.


Located five kilometers away from Krabi Town, reaching the tiger cave temple Krabi is not hard. The easiest way to reach the temples will definitely be by the minibus or a taxi; these private relaxing modes of commute may be ideal for a family or a tour group, or individuals who prefer privacy and comfort.

Tuk-Tuk is a comparatively cheaper option that requires a booking in advance if you want standard fare and timeliness.

Public transport is the traditional and most accessible way to reach the temple, known as the songthaew; these buses pick from Krabi town or Ao Nang and a very economical price while offering plenty of sightseeing, The bus, however, doesn’t take you all the way, it stops at the road next to Wat Tham Sua from where a 20-minute walk is expected.