The Thai Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun

Introduction – The Tidbits about Wat Arun

Thailand is a country that is full of remarkable landmarks and mesmerizing temples. There are many well-known sites in Thailand that make it a hot spot for tourists. There is not a single time or hour when tourists do not visit the country. Among many astonishing sites, Wat Arun stands tall.

Many temples in Thailand are beautiful, scenic, legendary, and historical, but the Wat Arun temple has toppled the table with its distinctive features. The Thai most beautiful temple is Wat Arun, generally regarded as "Temple of Dawn." The Temple of Dawn is majestically resting on the shores of the River Chao Phraya. The full name of Wat Arun is Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchaworamaha Wihan. Being surrounded by a beautiful river, the Wat Arun is an outstanding piece of art that attracts a large number of people.

Inside the beautiful temple, there are floral designs and coloured glasses. Anyone could be mesmerized after watching the statues of Buddha, demons, and monkeys. The most viewed figure of Wat Arun is of golden Buddha, holding the ashes of King Rama II.


Wat Arun


History of Wat Arun

Just like the history of Thailand, Wat Arun temple also has historical significance. The original structure of Wat Arun temple was much simpler and elegant. The temple was built by King Taksin in the 18th century. The site of Wat Arun was also named the capital by the King. One day, King Taksin noticed that the temple was the first building that caught the morning light. That is why the King named the temple “Wat Arun”, which means the “Temple of Dawn.”

Later, in 1782, the Khmer style towers were added around the Wat Arun temple's main structure by the successors of King Rama. Also, the previous height of the temple’s towers is 16 meters. But, in King Rama and his successors, the height was raised to 70 meters.

Ordination Hall of Wat Arun – The Stunning Entrance

The path to Wat Arun temple starts through the archway of crowns. This archway leads towards the entrance of Ubosot. There are also two beautiful decorated statues called the “Yakshas.” These statues give an opening to the ordination hall where the monks practice their faith. For a better experience, one should visit the temple by himself or herself.

The Main Temple

The main area of the temple is regarded as the holiest part of the Temple of Dawn. Many statues of Buddha enhance the beauty of corridors. This full of spiritual experience could make anyone fall in love with Wat Arun. That is why, whenever tourists visit the holiest site of the temple, they take a lot of photos and fulfil their desire to capture the mesmerizing temple by the camera's eye. In the main temple, alongside Buddha's statues, stone sculptures of numerous Chinese characters such as dragons, warriors, lions, and mystical figures are present.




The Magic Hour at Wat Arun

When the sun sets behind the majestic towers of Wat Arun, nothing could be more magical than this. To witness a glimpse of sunset at Wat Arun, hundreds of people, especially the tourists, start gathering at the rooftops of several cafes, bars, and restaurants. Many photographers also show up to improve and test their skills of capturing natural beauty and phenomenon. When the sun, while setting, kisses the Wat Arun’s towers, a magical spell is cast in the environment that catches everyone’s attention.


Sunset at Wat Arun


Getting to Wat Arun

Wat Arun temple is located nearly at the centre of the most important city of Thailand, Bangkok. Getting a taxi is the best way to get to the Temple of Dawn. The best way is to get a cab. For more scenic views and a wonderful experience, one can also enjoy the ferry ride.