The best of Thai cuisine: Thai noodle dishes 

Thai Noodle Dishes

Thai food is one of the most popular global cuisines, and rightfully so, the cuisines are distinct with this texture, intense yet comforting flavors, and an appetizing look. Mostly cooked with green vegetables, herbs, and aromatic sauces, the cuisine is known to have a blend of balanced sweet, bitter, sour, and salty flavors. However, with a wide range of dishes this cuisine has to offer, Thai Noodle dishes remain the popular choice amongst customers worldwide.

From noodle soup to glass noodle salad, the delicacy of Thai noodle dishes dates back to the 1930s, when Thailand's then Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram, created a noodle dish in an attempt to focus on nation-building. He combined Chinese noodles with Thai ingredients to foster galvanize nationalism. And this dish was Pad Thai, one of the most accessible and mouthwatering Thai Noodle dishes that salivates the palette and tempts the eye.


Thai Noodle Soup


Top 10 Thai Noodle Dishes of all time

Since the popularity of Thai cuisines rises and noodles have become a staple dish of the cuisines, here are the top 10 Thai noodle dishes that are ordered over and over and loved by everyone irrespective of their choices. Undoubtedly the following Thai noodle dishes are not only delicious but favorites of the customers and the chefs.


There would be no objection to why Pad Thai is ranked number one, created for the sake of the unity of the nation after the monarchy system ended; Pad Thai is Thailand's national dish and a global fan favorite.

The dish was not just an accidental creation; to foster a sense of community and togetherness after the Thailand revolution, a public contest was held to allow the citizens to be the ones to set the national noodle dish. Amongst many Thai noodle dishes, Pad Thai won with unanimous votes.

This stir-fired dish is heavenly, consisting of rice noodles, tofu, dried shrimp, bean sprouts, peanuts, eggs, and occasionally radish. However, with time, variants of the dish surfaced with the option of meat, chicken, and pork, but one thing remains constant the balance of contrasting flavors sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. Pad Thai is served with a good quantity of tender rice noodles topped with various garnishes and comes with traditional fish sauce, lime wedges, and chopsticks.


Pad Thai



One of the most distinguished dishes amongst all the Thai noodle dishes is by far Khao Soi, a delicacy of Northern Thailand. This soupy signature dish has a rich coconut broth which is slightly spicy because of the red curry. The broth, which is the highlight of the dish, is paired with flat egg noodles and comes with different meat options (depending on the preference). And the dish after the broth, the noodles, and the meat layer is topped off with crispy fried noodles, cilantro, and sesame seeds (optional). The dish also comes with a variety of condiments to elevate the taste and texture extensively; they include pickled cabbage, shallots, lime, and red chilies. 

Though the dish originated in the northern region of Thailand, its emergence is not very clear. A popular theory that circulates states that Khao Soi was a fusion dish that was influenced by Chinese Muslims is a spin on a popular subcontinental dish, "Khao se." In fact, this dish is so popular that Laos, Thailand's neighboring country, has its own version of Khao Soi with slightly different ingredients. While it is also believed that an old Myanmar’s coconut soup inspired Khai Soi, and instead of rice noodles, Thai-landers replaced it with traditional egg noodles to make it fitter for their liking and added their local spices.

Either way, whatever may be the root of this dish, there is no denying that amongst numerous Thai noodles dishes, Khao Soi offers a unique take on the way noodles are conducted and how a sweet yet spicy broth can be the highlight of a noodle dish. From tourists to locals, from Thailand to the globe, this dish's deliciousness cannot be denied.


Thai Noodle Khao Soi



One of the most popular Stir-fry Thai noodle dishes that is prepared traditionally regardless of where in the world it is cooked. This Thai noodle dish is a part of the seafood cuisine and is not served with any other type of meat. Made in clay pots with large tiger prawns or freshwater shrimps, the dish is paired with stir-fried glass noodles and topped with coriander, cilantro, ginger, and soy sauce. It is also served with condiments such as bacon slices, oyster sauce, fried garlic, fried shallots, and various herbs and chili flakes.

The dish has Chinese roots, but due to the seafood spin, it has quickly become a staple in Thai cuisine and is popularly associated with Thailand rather than China. Whether you are in Thailand or any other part of the world, this mouthwatering seafood noodle dish is served in the traditional manner in Thai restaurants.


Goong ob Woon Sen



Anyone knowing about Thailand will most definitely know about its market craze, especially its floating markets. The market not only has various things to choose from about offers delicious food cooked and served on the boat. And from there, Kuai-Tiao Reue originated. Roughly translated to boat noodle soup, this Thai noodle dish gained popularity in the early days along the Bangkok canals.

The dish encompassed various types of noodles served with beef broth and topped with beef or pork meatballs, bean sprouts, morning glory, cilantro, fried onion, and garlic. (They also are served with pork liver if the customer prefers it). Traditionally the dish is served with animal blood at the top as the final garnish that not only elevates the taste of the dish but gives it a thick texture to slurp the soup easily, but nowadays, it is not very common. However, either way, though it's a globally liked dish, but the dish's essence is not captured by any global restaurant as perfectly as other Thai noodle dishes; hence Thailand is the only place doing justice to this delicacy.


Thai Boat Noodles



This highly textured noodle dish blended perfectly with authentic Thai flavors is a comfort dish for many Thai people and Thai cuisine lovers. Known also as Mi Krop, this dish used fried rice vermicelli noodles and is served with sweet and sour sauce (a combination of fresh lime juice, salty Thai fish sauce, tomato puree, kaffir leaves, palm sugar, and a good yet moderate amount of red chili flakes.

For more texture and hold, this supple Thai noodle dish is paired with fried tofu, fried shrimp, and pork and topped with scallions, bean sprouts, cilantro, and fried egg strips. The origin and the backstory are not of public knowledge but what is certain is that this dish is palatable, to say the least.


Me Krob



The most pretty-looking Thai noodle dish by far. This pink-colored dish has a noodle base with delectable, flavorsome broth served with seasoned chicken or pork pieces mixed with pungent, fermented red bean curd that elevates the taste of the dish and adds texture to it, topped with fish balls, squid, shrimps, fried tofu and morning glory.

This dish is only available in local traditional Thai restaurants and numerous street sold and enjoyed by locals as well as a tourist a lot. This appetizing main course fills up the stomach, but the want, sold at a very reasonable price.


Yen Ta Fo



This Chinese-style noodle dish is prevalent in Thailand for its taste, quantity, and price. Often sold at street stalls, this Thai noodle dish consists of big noodles or vermicelli noodles depending upon the region and is stir-fried with thinly sliced chicken, beef, seafood (shrimp, crab, fish, and more), or pork. Served with aromatic fried light and dark soy sauce, this dish is a fan favorite amongst the locals. The dish is also served with sidelines such as friend garlic, eggs, Chinese broccoli, and chili sauce, which are added to the pan directly to make the dish as palatable as possible. For the price and exquisite taste, you can never go wrong with Phat Si-Io.


Phat Si Io



Being an island, Thailand has an abundance of seafood and uses it to make numerous dishes, such as this one. This fiery fish curry Thai noodle dish is very popular around the country, as well as the globe, served with fresh Khanom Chin (rice noodles); the curry is made from coconut milk, white fish and thick curry and shrimp paste infused with local herbs and authentic spices such as grounded chills, lemongrass, turmeric, garlic and more. The dish is often paired with fresh vegetables, lemon basil, fried chili flakes, and a hardboiled egg. This rich textured and flavored dish is by far the most popular comfort Thai noodle dish out there, which is irreplaceable.


Khanom Chin Nam Ya



One of the oldest traditional Thai noodle dishes, consisting of glass noodles, stir-fried with fresh vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, and more. Topped with Thai bird chili, cilantro, and fried garlic. The broth is very flavorsome with local basic sauces such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar, and white pepper mixed in with eggs, onions, garlic, bean sprouts, spring onions, and occasionally chicken. The dish is served together in a bowl and garnished with cilantro and chili pepper. This a humble delicious dish, with which you can never go wrong.


Pad Woon Sen



Last but certainly not least, this traditional glass noodle dish is served as an appetizer. Yom wun sen is a traditional salad with bright colors, refreshing flavors, and crunchy texture. Popular amongst the locals, the dish consists of glass noodles, fried garlic, cilantro, chili peppers, dried shrimps, Chinese onion celery, roasted peanuts, and a drizzle of lime juice and honey. A humble appetizer for people on the go.

However, it is often served with grounded beef or pork, and even chicken for extra protein content and a more full filling feel. A very popular summer dish from restaurants to street stalls to home is an easy, quick dish to make and indulge in.


Yam Wun Sen