The not-so-talked gem of Thai cuisine

Thai Dessert

There is not a single day that goes by where Thai food is not appreciated, but the world has so indulged in the savory side of Thai cuisine that they often fail to showcase appreciation towards the sweet delicacies Thai cuisine has to offer.

A Thai dessert definitely embodies Thailand, from its tropical vibes to its hospitality, uplifting spirit, and just awesomeness that is beyond words. Most of their desserts have similar ingredients like their other Thai dishes, such as rice, coconut, fruits, and sugar. As a matter of fact, it is not a piece of common knowledge, but despite the overwhelming craze of savory Thai dishes that we are used to witnessing, Thai people themselves are more inclined towards their sweet dishes and have a massive sweet tooth, which can be clearly seen with the thousands and thousands of condescend milk tins in every aisle of a convenience store, or their coffees that are sweet as sugar itself, in fact, their savory dishes have hints of sweetness too. So when a country is so in love with sweetness and sugariness, you can only imagine the exquisite desserts they have to offer.


Thai Desserts


We are listing down the most popular loved Thai desserts that are a must-try. These delicious descendant desserts and will salivate the pallets and tempt the eyes. Let's can indulging…

The top best Thai Dessert Dishes of all time



Thai cuisine wouldn't be complete without its famous Sticky Rice, from snacks to appetizers; the main course to even dessert, sticky rice is a staple dish in Thailand. Whereas mango, one of the most loved tropical fruit in Thailand in all its region, pairs exceptionally well with the sticky rice, the freshness and the bright color and juicy sweet and sour taste of the fruits elevates the pale looking rice.

For this dish, fresh mangoes are bought and peeled, diced, and freeze before tossing over the bowl of sticky rice. The contrasting combination of stickiness and freshness, pale and bright, steamy and chilled, makes the dessert stand out the most. Before the dessert is served, it is drenched with thick coconut milk and at times condensed milk to elevate the sweetness even more (we weren't kidding when we said Thai people love their sugar) and is sprinkled with fried Mung Beans as garnish and added texture.

So if you're intrigued, and even if you're not, we highly recommend trying this scrumptious Thai dessert. The best place to have this dessert is definitely the local market though it can be found at restaurants but for more bucks to pay. The price ranges from 40 baht to 180bahat depending upon the place.


Thai Mango Sticky Rices



Another sticky rice dish, which is just as palatable and just as tropical as the previous one. But unlike mango sticky rice, it considers a royalty in Thailand as Durian is regarded as the King of Fruits in this part of the world, from its distinct large size, throne skin, a bit pungent odor but mouthwatering sweet flesh, this dessert, and the fruit is a must-try.

Though there are some similarities with the Vietnamese version of the dessert but the reason that makes this Thai dessert more exquisite is the numerous varieties available in it. Thailand alone has 300 varieties of durian fruit.

Durian sticky rice is prepared in the same manner as mango sticky rice, peeled, diced, freeze and topped on steamy cooked sticky rice and garnished with various toppings. 

Despite Thailand being abundant with 300 varieties of Durian fruit, the fruit is hard to find as it's a delicacy; though many vendors don't have this version of sticky rice but if you ask them, they might guide you to the one who serves it. However, it is easily accessible in almost every authentic Thai restaurant with more or less priced the same as mango sticky rice.


Durian Sticky Rice



Thai people indeed take their sticky rice seriously but don't worry; we won't be bombarding you with another sticky rice dish after this one. And the reason for having this one on our list is that it's a very, very popular alternative dessert to mango and Durian Sticky rice dessert and is just as delicious and exquisite as those of not better.

Bamboo sticky rice has a very distinct taste, partially because of bamboo but mostly the treatment of this Thai dish. The sticky rice is roasted over charcoal after being stuffed in bamboo sticks; this way, the bamboo's flavor gets infused in the rice and becomes one coherent tasting dish.

There are very variants of this Thai dessert as well; the rice is mixed with either black beans, red beans, sesame, coconut cream, and even raw sugar add to the flavor and texture of the dessert before stuffing them in a hollow bamboo stick, and they are frilled until all the ingredients are mushed and melted with one another.
It's definitely a unique experience and taste, but one thing is certain from the aroma, to look to taste, this dish is not only worth your money but your social feed too.

However, though it is a unique dish, to say the least, that is why it is rare to find, but if you head over to Chiang Mai in Thailand at Warorot market, you will find this divine delicacy and that too at a remarkable price of 50 baht but differs depending on the size you opt for.


Bamboo Sticky Rice



Pancakes are a great creation; from being an appetizing breakfast to the decadent sweet dish, you can never go wrong with these safe yet delicious petite cakes. And if you thought pancakes could not get any better, let us inform you that Thai cuisine has the power to elevate any dish extensively.

Thai sweet rolled pancakes may sound like a fancy version of serving pancakes, while it is just that but somehow even more. The popular sweet Thai dish of Wang Lang Market in Bangkok, this fish is infused with usual flavors that may not make sense in theory but works exceptionally well in this dessert, making it stand out amongst other varieties. The main ingredients of this fish are taro, young coconut, pandan, and corn. The pancakes are topped with sesame seeds to give that extra crunch, and the bright colors of the dish tempt the eye while the aroma salivates the palette. 

These pancakes are indeed value for money, for only 25 Baht you get six decent size pancakes and is available in nearly all markets, street stalls, and pushup cart around the city.


Thai Sweet Rolled Sesame Pancakes



Pancakes are known to be soft and often fluffy, but having Thai crispy pancakes will change the way you look at pancakes forever. This Thai dessert is a traditional street style dessert that is prepared with rice flour that gives the pancake its crispy texture.

And unlike the traditional style of serving pancake globally, this pancake is topped with coconut cream. The dessert is also served as a savory dish by topping it with coconut curry with shredded coconut, chopped spring onions, and shredded shrimp instead of cream and adding egg yolk strips on the side.

If this dessert interests you, then be sure to head to any local street vendor in Thailand to get these crispy pancakes in any version you like for only 25 BAHT.


Crispy Pancake



Another pancake on the list, but well, what can be said Thai people love pancakes. This Thai-style coconut pancake is a delicacy of Thai street cuisine, cooked on a hot griddle; these pancakes are too made from rice flour infused with flavored coconut flakes and palm sugar.

The batter of this dish is kept light, airy, and moist to make the pancake distinctive and easy to eat. Served warm, this delicious bite-sized pancake can be enjoyed with fresh fruits, maple syrup, coconut cream, and almost any and every sweet condiment.

Since it's a popular Thai street dish, it easily accessible in every street market all around the country but is more prevalent in regions naturally abundant with more coconuts. Priced at 10 BAHT for a pack of six, this decadent sweet treat can be enjoyed any time of the day without the risk of being weighed down.


Grilled Coconut Cakes



This Thai dessert is greatly influenced by Indian cuisine; the roti, commonly known as flatbread, is a distinct feature of Indian cuisine.

The popularity of this side dish and its distinctive taste complements any course, the Thai use roti for desserts. With many variants like mango Roti or banana roti, also known as Roti Gluay, is an interesting take on how savory items and sweet indigents are paired.

The Thai roti is often fried with a lot of butter and margarine and stuffed with different sweet stuffing from processed custards, creams to fresh fruits, and all are garnished with condensed coconut milk elevate the taste of the dessert even more.

Thai roti is an easily accessible Thai dish found literally everywhere in Thailand, from street vendors to big restaurants, and is available in various sizes at various price points but roughly in the range of 15 baht to 35 baht. This dish is indeed a delight to everyone, irrespective of the dessert preference.


Thai Roti



Despite what the name suggests, this dessert is not a roti; in fact, it something that will appeal to many irrespective of age. Roti Sai Mai is a crepe stuffed with Thai-style candy Floss. An ancient Ayutthaya kingdom specialty, this thin, petite colorful pan-fried crepe comes in many flavors such as pandan, strawberry, banana, and more. It is served warm so that the candy floss melts in the mouth. This dessert is mainly found in Ayutthaya Historical Park but is available in many street markets too. It is definitely one of the most popular Thai desserts amongst the kids. For only 30 BAHT, you get an enormous bag of this delightful bright treat.


Roti Sai Mai



Ever tried pumpkin with custard? If yes, then you are going to love this dessert, and if not! Then you are in for your minds to be blown.

This sweet Thai treat is pumpkin slices stuffed with yummy sweet, creamy coconut custard filling and can enjoy as is or with a various topping or sweet condiments. This is an effortless yet delicious dessert to indulge in, but don't be fool by its simplicity; this Thai dish will woo your taste buds immensely.
Literally available on every street market, this Thai dessert maybe the most inexpensive dessert priced at 10 to 15 BAHT.


Thai Pumpkin Custard



Sound intriguing, right? This Thai dish is a perfect combination of sweet and a bit spicy. Made with tropical unique green mango, this dessert is as simple as it sounds, slices of mango cut, chilled, and served with chili flakes and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

It may sound unexpected, and maybe the palette may not identify with this taste but rest assured, a single bite of this unique bowl of dessert will make your taste buds crave it more.

Just a disclaimer, this dish does not transcend well with regular mango, so if you plan to make it on your own and save 25 BAHT, we would advise you to think again. Available in local Thai street markets, this is for sure one of a kind Thai dish.


Green Mango with Sweet Chili Spices



Shocked or surprised? Either way, welcome to the unexpected side of Thai cuisine. Upon hearing soup, dumpling, and ginger, dessert is the last thing that someone would think of, but in Thailand, this is not something out of the ordinary.

This sweet Thai dessert is influenced by traditional Chinese cuisine; this dessert is a rice flour round dumpling that is stuffed with contrasting flavored sesame paste.

This sweet treat is traditionally Chinese, and it is quite unlike the coconut-heavy desserts in Thailand. Instead, this dessert is made of round dumplings made of rice flour and stuffed with a black sesame paste on the inside, and served with thick sweet coconut ginger gravy. It is available in sweet and savory options.

This Thai dish is a burst of contrasting flavors, aroma, and texture that work exceptionally well with one another. Quoted at an affordable price, you can get this dessert at Bangkok's Chinatown and night walking street markets.


Black Sesame Dumpling



After something spicy hot dessert, let's cool off with some traditional global fan-favorite dessert: Ice Cream. Thailand is a tropical place, has a wide range of exquisite tropical, traditional, contemporary, and fusion ice creams to offer, but amongst so many, the one that stands out the most for the locals, as well as the tourist, is definitely their coconut ice cream and whys shouldn't be? After all, any dish in Thai cuisine with coconut is heaven in the mouth.

This ice cream is literally made with coconut milk with no added flavor ingredients or anything, not even sugar. The reason for using coconut milk and not adding any other lactose ingredient is because Thai people don't digest lactose well, so this ice cream is perfect for lactose intolerant people, vegans, and any and every one trying to stay away from dairy.

Since there is no added sugar, this is a great dessert to chug on without guilt for a fitness freak, a solace dish for diabetic people.

And if you are worried about the texture, the taste, the overall feel of the ice cream, let us assure you won't notice any difference. So if you are looking to cool off in summer, get this delicious Thai treat only at 20-30 BAHT, an easy, delicious, icy way to get refreshed and satisfied.

You can find this ice cream literally anywhere, from posh areas to stunning street markets; just cruise the streets and get your fix for a hot summer day anywhere at any time.


Coconut Ice Cream



While we are on icy treats, let's talk about the refreshing non-creamy delight; Popsicles. Having popsicles in Thailand is a different experience, to say the least. This Thai dessert, unlike in other countries, does not come in boxes with artificial flavoring and preservatives. Instead, the popsicles are homemade, comparatively healthy, inexpensive, and boosted with love.

This Thai treat is available in different flavors, from sweet tropical flavors to more zesty lemon-like flavors to soda flavors and more. Available in 5 BAHT, this Thai treat will always remain a fan favorite amongst locals and tourists too.

You can easily find vendors with popsicles in every corner of every Thai street with their large stainless steel pots filled with ice and tons of variety of popsicles. They take the Popsicle in a very interesting manner from its containers, shaking it back and forth for the Popsicle to get loose and come out looking all tempting and refreshing.

For people wanting to stay clear of creamy treats, Thai popsicles are a great alternative that offers freshness, sweetness, energy, and ease to the wallet.


Thai Popsicles



A traditional Thai dish made with egg yolk, sugar, rice flour, and jasmine water that only graces palettes of people during cultural events or traditional and religious festivities.

A very delicious, unique ball-shaped dessert is one of the hidden gems of Thai cuisine and is only available in Thailand. This Thai cuisine has a very distinctive taste and is overwhelmingly sweet for locals; it's a delight to indulge in, while for others, it may not be love at first bite but slowly but surely works its magic.

Wanting to try something unique, something out of the ordinary, then head over to the local Thai market during the festive season or order it on request from Boonsap Bakery in Bangkok. Priced at 7-10 BAHT for 10-20 balls, this economical dessert is exceptional, to say the least.


Round Egg Yolk Drop



Mung Bean Cakes are baked dessert cakes exclusive to Thai cuisine. This is one of the most popular Thai desserts available in many different flavors and has a delicate texture and appearance.

Some variants are more starchy, eggy, and delicate others but you can get it custom made on your preference. For ease in understanding, Mung Bean Cake is more like fudge brownies than cake, but regardless, they have a very sweet custard flavor that is enjoyed with many condiments and fruits on the side.

And like many other desserts, this Thai dessert is available as a sweet dish as well as a savory dish. Nonetheless, they are easily accessible at any street market, but we highly recommend having them from Payom Market in Chiang Mai. Costing around 10 BAHT per slice, this Thai dessert is a must-have, especially for people who want to experience the local Thai life and its exceptions.


Mung Bean Cake



It might be a bit deceptive to mention juices and shakes on the list as they do not necessarily qualify as desserts, but the THAI drinks are no less than refreshing liquid deserts.

Being a tropical country, juices and shakes are an integral part of Thai culture and cuisine. An essential day-to-day element of Thai people, Thai dish/drink not only servers as a delicious liquid dessert but crucial for hydration purposes.

From freshly icy drinks to processed sugary ones, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from. Available at different price points depending on the size, flavor, and place, you can easily get your hands on this sweet liquid delights literally at every corner of Thailand's streets.

We assure you one sip, and you will be head over heels for this delicacy, mango, orange, lime, as well as exotic flavors like passion fruit, guava, and pomegranate work exceptionally well in juices as well as shakes. If you are confused about which to get, we highly suggest going for any one of these flavors.


Thai Pomegranate Juice


Thai cuisine is a global phenomenon, but unfortunately, an integral part of the cuisine, the Thai dessert doesn't get the recognition that it deserves, so here is a list to familiarize people with the wonders of Thai dessert; hope you try at least some of these and see the appeal of the Thai desserts unveiling with every bite.