Discover the various best Thai market Thailand has to offer

Thai Markets

Not only Thailand is a stunning place with a lot of recreational activities, but it's a paradise for shopping lovers. With numerous Thai markets spanning from high-end ones to the street to floating to more, that too being relatively affordable, there is denying that happiness it splurges during shopping sprees.

Resisting shopping temptations in Thailand is nearly impossible with items ranging from arts & crafts to clothing, silks, local products, curiosity, pirate objects, food, electronics, and live animals; anything and everything is easily accessible here.

Visiting any local Thai market is an opportunity that should not be missed. Unlike other markets around the world, Thailand markets are different not only in the curated collection they hold but the prices and, most importantly, the welcoming and refreshing atmosphere they foster.

The Thai markets also function as tourist attraction points, with a large influx of local and foreign tourists visiting them all year round. This has led to Thailand organizing huge weekly and weekend markets to facilitate shoppers by offering a different shopping experience with a new and unique product range.

The beauty of these markets is that each has to offer something different, something that the other market cannot or are not offering, making the hopping experience more fun and exciting. Now it is understandable that touring all of the Thai markets that the island has to offer is quite frankly impossible; hence here is the list of the most popular and definitely must-visit Thai markets in Thailand.

Without any further time to waste, let's jump into the top best Thai markets to visit.

(For the sake of this article and your ease, we have curated a list of most affordable markets, we are going to cover Thai street markets and Thai Floating Market only)


Travel to Thai Markets


Thai Street Markets



Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has many many markets, and the most popular one the city has by far would be the ‘Chatuchak Weekend Marke’, commonly referred to as ‘JJ Market. This is the largest market Thailand has to offer and, surprisingly enough, the largest weekend market in the world.

With a land nearly 35-acre vast, Chatuchak Weekend Market has a diverse collection of perishable and non-perishable goods; in fact, there are numerous services such as massages that can be availed. This Thai street market houses 15,000 plus stalls and market booths on its premises every weekend with entertaining over 200,000 visitors, amongst which 70% are locals and 30% tourists.

The market has an open-air concept and is divided into 27 sections, each containing more than 15,000 stalls making it easier for visitors to spot what they are actually seeking for. This Thai market, like most of them, has a designated food area too; there is a wide range of mouth-watering food options from savoury to sweet to drinks and snacks with great quantity and an unbelievable price. And the best part is it offers a tremendous socializing spot. The popular food items here are no doubt noodle soups, Pad Thai, and Som Tam, the famous Thai spicy salad.


  • Affordable price,
  • Wide range of products in every category,
  • Great place to test negotiation skills.


  • 9:30 am - 7:30 pm (Saturday and Sunday),
  • 6:00 to 12:00 pm (Fridays),
  • 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (Wednesdays and Thursdays) [only plant section]


Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok



Chang Chui Bangkok is a famous Night Street Market that is known for its great fine dining places, a wide range of boutique fashion stores and spectacular shopping outlets that houses items from clothing to art & sculptures to electronics and more.

This street market offers a different shopping experience but a great one, shopping under the sky with live music playing and cool breeze is something witnessing once in the life. This street market might be a bit boujee one compared to the rest but is still considered to be quite budget-friendly


  • Unique artistic vibe
  • Insect’s restaurant (this restaurant is popular for the fancy way it serves its dishes which are made from insects only)
  • First-hand designer clothing (specifically T-shirts)


  • From 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm (everyday)


Chang Chui Plane Night Market



This street market is located on Rama IV Road and is by far the largest fresh market in Bangkok. In fact, the popularity of Khlong Toei Market is so grand that in 2010, CNN listed it as the most authentic market to existing in Bangkok.

Unlike many Thai street markets, the charm of Khlong Toei Market is its laid back environment that fosters a pleasant experience. This market is situated in a tiny village surrounded by concrete jungles of Bangkok.

The most common things purchased here are raw meat, farm produce, seafood, and more. However, few of the stalls even sell various local staples and delectable Thai Curries. Some of the stalls in these Thai markets also sell a decent range of clothing and kitchenware.


  • Affordable prices  
  • Fresh meat, seafood, and produce


  • From 6:00 am to 2:00 am (everyday)


Klong Toei Market



This Thai street market offers a unique experience like no other; located on a train platform, this market has various things to offer from raw food such as meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits to species, flowers, snacks to clothes even but the best part of this market would be the fact that a train runs in the middle of the market.

At Maeklong Railway Market, just before the rain arrives, a warning bell goes off indicating the vendors about the train; they quickly pull back all their belongings, lowers their umbrella/shades and as soon the train goes, they quickly place their items exactly the same. It’s an incredible sight to witness, and quite interestingly enough, the whole back and forth assembly are very quick. 


  • The passing of train between the market without causing any causality to people or items
  • The synchronized way of vendors pulling back their goods upon the train’s arrival.


  • From 4:00 am to 5:00 pm (everyday)


Maeklong Railway Market



This Thai street market is one of the busiest markets in Thailand, having narrow lanes with vendors found at every nook. Sampeng Lane Market has a wide range of products from electronics to fabrics, home appliances, shoes, handicrafts items, souvenirs, dried edibles, jewellery, and cheap clothing.

And the great thing, if the items are purchased in bulk, great discounts are given, not to mention the prices are already quite affordable. Another exciting thing about this market is Tai market is that it has a Buddhist temple right around the corner making the whole experience different and great. The nightlife at Sampeng Market is surprisingly fun and refreshing.


  • Wide range of activities to do from visit Temples, to enjoying Nightlife
  • An excellent place for fun activities and affordability.


  • From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (everyday)


Sampeng Lane Market



Patpong Market is another night market in Thailand that is quite popular amongst the masses and considered to be a paradise for shopaholics. The thing that gravitates people to this market is the sheer range of incredible products from popular brands (though they are spin-offs, dupes), but the products are honestly incredible and appear to be original. Not to mention the fantastic deals that can be availed is beyond what can be expected. 

Besides shopping itself, the ambience and look of the market are mesmerizing, with open spaces and the lights that shine the whole area as the sunsets, and people coming together to make the place all lively and fun, it’s definitely a great thing to witness. Not to mention the great range of dining options elevate the whole market experience significantly.


  • Premium quality dupes of popular brands and items
  • Great place for bargains
  • Best deals at an affordable price.


  • From 6:00 pm to midnight (every day)


Patpong Night Market Bangkok



The name of this Thai market indicates what to expect; known for its vibrant and lit ambience, Talad Neon Night Market is a paradise for people who love to shop, walk and enjoy the cold breeze under the sky accompanied by live music.

As far as the range of items is concerned, visitors can find anything they are looking for, from homeware items to kitchenware, clothes, shoes, accessories, art and crafts and more. And as for the food, the range of delicious Thai cuisines offered here is not only salivating to the palette but tempts the eye and entices the nose.


  • Funky neon lights
  • LIVE performances
  • Great food at an affordable price and great quantity.


  • From 5:00 pm to 12:00 am (Thursday to Sunday)


Talad Neon Night Market



This Walking Street is not only a great place to shop but hang out and have some fun. Wualai Walking Street Market is by far the most lively night market in Chiang Mai that offers a great range of handcrafted items, antiques, souvenirs, clothing, local designer, silverware, and delicious snacks along with LIVE music and a lit pathway to walk under the shining stars and cool breeze.

As far as food is concerned, this Thai Market is the best place to try various food from local restaurants and stalls that offer delicious Thai cuisine from Pad Thai to BBQ fish, fried rice, and som tam. The sweet dishes and drinks here are divine too, and hey, if you get tired from all the working around or want to relax after a long week, the massages here, in specific the foot massage, is to die for.


  • Great place to test bargaining skills
  • Refreshing ambience
  • Incredible food from different cuisines (highlight: unquestionably local Thai cuisine).


  • From 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Every Saturday)


Wualai Walking Street Chiang Mai



Krabi Walking Street market is a renowned Thai market globally, with over 50 stalls; this street market has a wide range of products in every category sold at a great price. The best thing about this Thai market is the fact that it depicts the local Thai life, and tourists can have a taste of southern Thailand life without needing to visit every single place.

The hospitality from the vendors here is something to cherish, and the art sold here is unquestionably praiseworthy. As for food, this street market has something for everyone, from incredible savoury dishes to sweet delights and great snackable options; no one can ever be disappointed with the range of food this market has to offer. Not to mention the array of delicious chilled drinks is a must buy.


  • LIVE musical performances played by kids using traditional instruments
  • Great food


  • From 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm (every Friday to Sunday)


Walking Street in Krabi


Thai Floating Markets



The most known floating market in Thailand is none other than Damnoen Saduak, a place that tourists cannot miss to visit. This market is so incredibly beautiful and serves as a backdrop for photography and even has appeared in many movies.

The river is filled with long-tail boats with vendors with big straw hats selling fruits, fresh flowers and food to that is cooked on it. The food options that are sold on this boats includes items such as, Pad Thai, meaty noodle, rice cakes, fresh coconut pancakes, fruits and so much more.


  • Shops on docks and river
  • Offer long-tail boat rides
  • One of the most instagramable-worthy market


  • From 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (every day)


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market



Amphawa Floating Market is another immensely popular floating market in Thailand that receives thousands of visitors every weekend. This floating market is believed to be the most authentic market showcasing the Thai lifestyle and culture.

The market has numerous shops scattered all across the river bank and nearby streets and offers a great range of products and services. The food here is totally irresistible and a great treat for the taste buds.

This market is a great tourist attraction point not only for its floating nature of the product range but the ease of accessing and visiting “Wat Amphawa Chetiyaram” temple. Sightseeing, recreational activity and shopping are all done in one!


  • Incredible seafood cooked on the boat
  • Wat Amphawa Chetiyaram Temple 


  • From 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (Friday to Sunday)


Amphawa Floating Market



Last but definitely not least, Taling Chan Floating Market is the most crowded and popular floating market in Thailand. This Thai market offers a great range of eatery places on docks and long-tail boats. The food is mouthwatering and exquisite and paired with the LIVE music; the whole experience elevates exponentially.

Not to mention this Thai market has great shopping stalls and offers the most relaxing foot massages in all of Thailand.


  • Exotic Thai Market experience
  • Traditional LIVE music
  • Amazing eatery options


  • From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (every Saturday and Sunday)


Taling Chan Floating Market



This market is considered to be the oldest traditional floating market in Thailand and houses a wide array of seafood centers and fresh fruits and vegetables stalls at a great price point. Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market offers an experience that is like no other from just roaming around on the docks to actually shopping and indulging in the irresistible Thai dishes while adoring the local Thai lifestyle the market offers is incredible to say the least.  For those who like a tad bit history with a lot to explore this floating market maybe one of the best places to visit especially if on a quick Thailand trip.


Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market



  • A wide range of authentic traditional Thai dishes.
  • Great stock of fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw seafood
  • Homage to Thai lifestyle


  • From 4:00 am to 7:00 am (everyday)