A Lovely White Beach with Vibrant Nightlife

Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui

Chaweng is Koh Samui's busiest and biggest town, which has sprung up around one of the island's finest beaches. The 3-km ark of white sand on Samui's east coast is what attracts most people. The town has more accommodation options than elsewhere on the island, and it's also popular for its nightlife and dining options.

The ocean at the northern end of Chaweng Beach is completely transparent and feels nothing short of paradise! There were no where near as many tourists at this end of the beach and even better, this side had its own private sand banks!

From beachside institutions to sophisticated cocktail bars, nightlife on Chaweng Beach is ahead of anywhere else on Samui. The famous Green Mango strip still forms the axis around which the rest of the town's bars revolve and is packed with revellers every night.


Chaweng Beach


Chaweng Beach highlights

In general, Chaweng beach provides similar services and environment throughout its length, so if you want to go during the today, just go down the beach road at any point, find a place to relax, with your towel laid down.

The southern and central waters are the deepest, so it is the best area for swimming and water sports. At the northern part of Chaweng beach, the water may be very shallow with a reef offshore, which makes it very suitable for children.

If you really want to find a quieter choice, at the south end of Chaweng, following the ring road to Lamai, there is a separate small beach called Chaweng Noi. It is very beautiful and less crowded. You can definitely enjoy swimming near the shore.


Chaweng Noi Beach


Enjoying Chaweng Beach

Before going swimming, do pay attention to the red flag, which warns swimmers of dangerous currents at some periods of the year. Most of the time, the blue and transparent water is very suitable for bathing. But when the temperature rises in the hot season, you’d better get a hotel to stay away from the heat.

If you don't live in a seaside hotel, some resorts can rent sunbathing loungers and umbrellas to guests who don’t stay. Otherwise, just take a towel and bury yourself in a patch of sand. It will be hard to find shade in the hottest hours, so sunscreen is a must.

Many vendors will stroll along Chaweng beach, offering beach clothes, jewelry, beach toys and games, and food (coconuts, sliced fruit, satay, roasted corn, ice cream, water, etc.). What’s more, they can also provide services such as henna tattoos, braiding and foot therapy.


Fruit vendor on Chaweng Beach


Chaweng Beach vendors and beach massages

While on Chaweng beach, many vendors will stop and offer beverages, fruit, ice cream and local Thai food cooked on small portable BBQ's. Be prepared to bargain. Most food items are generally 50 baht per piece. These vendors are polite, if you do not want anything, a simple "no thank you" will see them on their way. A variety of local crafts and Thai souvenirs are also available.

For westerners, one of the biggest luxuries is to enjoy affordable massage on the beach. Chaweng's massage salads are dazzling. Groups of happy women are ready to rub and beat away your worries when you are listening to the gently tapping waves.

Although not so strictly trained as some masseuses in salons have received, these women do provide very good services as well.

There are Thai massage and oily massage in most beach masseurs, as well as aloe vera body wrap for those who overdose in the sun. The peak hours for beach massage are between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., so sometimes you need to book in advance.


Thai Massage on Chaweng Beach


Charon beach may be the best place for leisure and sunbathing, but for more active tourists, there are also a variety of sports available. Walking along the beach, you will find many places to rent jet skis, catamarans and kayaks. You can even indulge in the chaos of banana boats. Near the deeper waters at the south end of the beach, there are two best rentals for equipment at reasonable prices.

Chaweng Beach activities and dining

Catamarans, windsurfing, water skiing, water skateboarding, parasailing and kayaking can be provided by Water sports providers beside Chaweng Cove Beach Resort. Fishing trips can also be provided there. Go north for a few minutes and you'll find one with many jet skis and one or two banana boats. They also have speedboats which you can rent a one-day tour with the captain.

With the sun going down, many seaside restaurants set tables on the beach. When night falls, candles and magic lamps create a romantic atmosphere. Dining out under the stars is the perfect way to end a day on Chaweng Beach.


Dining out on Chaweng Beach


Recommended hotel in Chaweng

Buri Rasa Village

Northwest of Koh Samui on the beachfront of Chaweng Beach, Buri Rasa Village features an outdoor pool, spa and a hot tub. Rooms have a private terrace and free Wi-Fi.

Buri Rasa's spacious rooms are of a blend of traditional Thai decor with modern facilities. It provides a private bathroom, four-poster bed and cable TV with DVD player. Tea/coffee maker and a minibar are provided. Guests can enjoy a beach side dining at the Beach Club @ Buri Rasa. The lobby and beach bars serve different drinks.

For relaxation, guests can have traditional Thai herbal spa and therapy or soak up the sun at the outdoor pool or Chaweng Beach. Buri Rasa Village offers airport shuttle and car rental services while Buri Rasa Village is a 15-minute drive from Samui Airport. Parking is free here.