The Top Guide of 11 Best Beaches on Koh Phangan

Beaches on Koh Phangan

The beaches on Koh Phangan are just some of the best in Thailand: High coconut palms, unique rock formations, pure blue waters and white sand beaches make this island an unforgettable one. As for Koh Phangan beach, one is nicer and more idyllic than the other and so it is often hard to find out where the best beach to stay is at Koh Phangan.

Whether you like beach bars and parties or you prefer serene and quite beaches – on this island everyone will find his or her ideal place. Are you planning a beach tour to explore some best beaches on Koh Phangan but you are not sure where to go? In this beach guide we will show you 11 best beaches on Koh Phangan. Also, you will find helpful information and tips including terrific accommodation suggestions, which will help you plan your trip.

Bottle beach

The Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan is located in the north of the island and that beach really makes a real postcard motif. For sure we believe you prefer to stay even longer at this paradise beach. There are only a handful of accommodations, so you had better reserve your favourite bungalows in advanced. Above all, the isolation and the unique setting makes this beach so special among Koh Phangan beaches and if you want to enjoy your peace you will definitely choose here.

The easiest way to get to Bottle Beach is by taxi boat from Malibu Beach or get a boat from Chaklum Beach. The beach is also reachable via a jungle walk.


Bottle Beach


Haad Rin beach

The Haad Rin Beach is among the most famous beaches on Koh Phangan. This is just the place where every month the legendary Full Moon Party takes place. There are very few people if there is no event and the Haad Rin is a perfect place for swimming and relaxing. At that time, it will be really quiet and comfortable and you can enjoy an amazing beach scenery. In addition, visitors have the chance to do some beach hopping and discover surrounding bays with the taxi boat.

Besides, when no Full Moon Party takes place, you are going to find quite a lot cheap accommodations and good bargains on Haad Rin beach.


Haad Rin Beach


Leela beach

The Leela Beach is a wonderful beach just across the Haad Rin. The snow white, palm-fringed sandy beach is absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan. The beach is really quiet but if you prefer having a party, you can arrive at the Haad Rin within walking distance (10 minutes)! The Leela Beach is really clean and is ideal for relaxation!

Also, you will find a beach suitable for taking wonderful beach pictures. The pure blue colour of the sea and the swings that hang between the magnificent palm trees just feel like a postcard. Moreover, the sunsets are definitely amazing. Here you will find a few wonderful accommodations.


Leela Beach


Haad Yuan beach

The Haad Yuan is maybe one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan. Here is the place where you are going to find the absolutely perfect beach. Huge rock formations, white fine sand and beautiful sea colour create a breath-taking picture. If you prefer to take a rest and just want to spend some relaxing days on Koh Phangan, you should definitely plan for a stay here.

The Haad Yuan is an isolated beach and that’s why you can reach the beach only by the taxi boat from Haad Rin. However, the seclusion and the quiet vibe gives the Haad Yuan a very special flair. A day trip is also recommended!


Haad Yuan Beach


Haad Mae beach – Koh Ma Island 

The Haad Mae Beach is a very popular beach on Koh Phangan. No wonder, the offshore island Koh Ma does not only seem spectacular but it’s also a terrific place for swimming and especially for snorkelling. At low tide you can even go from Haad Mae Beach over to Koh Ma Island by walk!  Maybe this beach is busier than the others, but still this beach is not so crowded that you will always find a comfortable spot for yourself. At Haad Mae you will also find a wide range of accommodation choices there.

Thong Lang beach

Thong Lang beach or "Golden Deserted Beach" is exactly as the name. Now there is still no permanent settlers there, although recently a couple of huts have gone up, but are rarely inhabited. It has a shallow coral bay with a coral reef that creates a beautiful lagoon in high tidal seasons, over the reef it is good place for snorkelling, but be careful not to damage the corals if you are going to cross the reef at low tide. It’s a great beach for a day visit if you’re looking for a bit of true island isolation.

It can be reached either by hiring a longtail boat from the nearby fishing village of Chaloklum, or by bike / taxi and a short walk.


Thong Lang Beach


Chaloklum beach

The Chaloklum beach is around two and a half kilometers long, with the main village of Chaloklum right in the centre. At both sides of the village there are some wonderful stretches of beach, good for swimming when the tides are high (December to March), but during lower tidal seasons, you may arrange your swim plans to the daily high tides. The sand is more yellow and slightly coarser on the more exposed North and East coasts. Most of the coral reef in the main part of the bay is now dead due to the extensive fishing, but the waves that break on the reef can be plenty big enough for some sort of body surfing.


Chaloklum Beach


Salad beach

Salad beach, also known as Haad Salad, is really gorgeous and so it is regarded as the most beautiful Beaches on Koh Phangan. The beach is really calm, and you can find enough spots where you will have your peace. Especially beautiful is the northern section of the beach, where a mighty palm stretches out into the turquoise blue sea and offers wonderful photo opportunities. The beach is located in the west of Koh Phangan, at the quieter part of the island. The Salad Beach is indeed a highlight of Koh Phangan and one of the best places to stay a bit longer.

Secret beach (Haad Son)

The Secret Beach is not a secret anymore, but still one of the top beaches on Koh Phangan. Here is the atmosphere also really cozy and so it’s a fantastic place to stay a bit longer. Don`t forget to enjoy the ambience in the restaurant of the Haad Son Resort, which is just next to the beach!  From the hammocks you can enjoy cool drinks with a beautiful background. The Secret beach is definitely worth a visit and one of the favorite places on the island.


Secret Beach Koh Phangan


Zen beach

If you prefer to enjoy peace and quietness, and also a more suitable beach for swimming than Haad Khom Beach, then Zen Beach is your choice. The sand is soft and there are minimal rocks, dead corals and broken shells all around. There were also no boats docked on this beach, which is rare and amazing. This beach doesn’t have much shade though, so get prepared to sunbathe on this beach.

Hin Kong beach

The beach is not such a popular place for swimming. However, it is the coral reef that is 300 meters out that creates a large tidal variation. It is only during the higher tidal months between April and November when people can swim in deep water before the coral reef. But the resorts in this area mostly have swimming pools.

What is really impressive about the beach of Hin Kong is that it has mangroves. There are only a couple of other places on the island where you can discover mangroves and such pristine environment for a number of indigenous flora and fauna. In the evening, there is an amazing sunset with views out over Ang Thong Marine Park.