Take a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai


Thai Cooking Class

Learning to cook at one of the best Thai cooking classes in Chiang Mai is an extremely popular activity. This all-weather activity seems to be of great interest for everyone visiting this famous northern town and the amount of schools is impressive. Depending on your level of skill and amount of time available there is surely a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai to meet your particular needs. There are even a host of vegetarian and vegan cooking classes available.

We have selected our favourite - Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking School since it has its own organic farm and more fresh cooking ingredients.


Thai Cooking Class


Learn to cook Thai food and pick fresh ingredients and cook healthy food

Welcome to Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking School! It is located 17 kilometers away from Chiang Mai old city. We stop at a local market on the way to the school, you’ll see traditional way of life of locals who live in the countryside of Chiang Mai. We have a personal garden that is organic, it is the real organic garden. We grow everything by ourselves; grow with care as we wish to have good health, we use them in our Thai cooking class and we also proudly provide them for your dishes.

You can see in our garden many different kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruits such as basil family, root family, hot peppers, mushroom, eggplants, limes, and many more! These can be used as ingredients during the Thai cooking class. At the end, you will have a wonderful view of the whole farm as well as the mountains nearby while you are enjoying your meal on the terrace.


Fresh ingredients for cooking lesson


You will learn more than cooking

When you take a Thai cooking class at the Thai farm cooking school, you will become part of the magical world of one thousand trees. You will learn the basics of organic cooking as well as witness a self-sufficient independent farm created by Thai family with many years of experience and endeavor. We know that your time with Thai families will go far beyond the kitchen environment. This is a truly unique experience, growing up in love and diligent work.

A Day at cooking school

Meet you at the hotel

Between 08:30 and 9:00, the teacher will come and meet you at the hotel.

Visit the local market

We will take you to Ruamchook-market, a large clean one just on our way to the farm. The teacher will tell you stories about rice, the way to make fresh coconut milk and how to choose condiments. You will be given enough time to walk around, take photos and chat with vendors selling their products.


Ruamchook Market, Chiang Mai


Arrive at the farm

About merely 20 minutes’ drive, we will arrive at school and our farm as well. The scenery of the surrounding mountains and the serenity of the countryside. With a refreshing drink, you will be shown around the farm. You will learn about ingredients and how to choose them as well as their growing environment.

Preparing and cooking your meal

We will start our Thai cooking class at the terrace above the fishpond There we start from pounding the curry paste, one person with one mortar. In the kitchen every person has his or her own cooking position. The dishes that you cook are exactly those you have chosen from our menu. You usually choose totally six dishes out of different categories. Please keep in mind: as the course is absolutely hands on, it is you who will deal with all the cooking. We are going to prepare four dishes in the morning (with one of them curry paste) and two more in the afternoon.

Enjoy Eating

It’s time to eat lunch. You will enjoy together with your friends of the Thai cooking class. Usually,you may feel full after lunch so that you can take away your 'afternoon' dishes to your hotel or the place you stay and enjoy them for dinner.


Enjoy eating in cooking class



You are on holiday, so you should have enough time to relax and enjoy yourself. After lunch and before preparing two more meals in the afternoon you will have time to sit down and relax, take a walk and admire the beautiful landscape, rice fields and farm. Enjoy your day out of the busy city, because that is what we want to achieve: a day for you to learn and see a different Thailand. You will have a wonderful memory of our farm and our cooking and teaching skills.


Rice fields of Chiang Mai


As you are on vacation, you should make full use of time to relax and enjoy. After lunch and before we prepare the two afternoon dishes, you will have time to sit down and rest, take a stroll and adorn the beautiful scenery, rice fields as well as farms. A happy day away from a busy city, that is exactly what we want you to achieve: one day to learn and experience a different Thailand. We want you to have an impressive memory of our farm as well as cooking vibe and teaching methods.