The animal rescue facility

that offers an incredible fun time with elephants


Elephants World

The Elephant World is an Environmental Conservation Organization that cares for the domestic elephants of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. This animal rescue facility in Kanchanaburi offers a great interactive one-on-one elephant experience to its visitors.

What is Elephants World?

Founded to take care of endangered species, specifically elephants, Elephants World is a non-profit organization that is a home far from home for numerous elephants. Here they are provided with a place to live life, a place where they can move freely, are taken care of and loved unconditionally.

This non-profit is determined to overcome the danger of elephant endangerment and reduce animal cruelty through reinforcing a human-animal interaction. They provide an experience for both the elephants and visitors by letting them spend some quality time together.


Elephants World Kanchanaburi


What to expect at Elephants World

At Elephants World there are a lot of things people can do from walking with elephants in the forest to relaxing in the countryside there are numerous activities to avail. There are various programs to choose from, such as;

1. Half-Day Morning Programs
2. Half-Day Afternoon Programs
3. Full one-day Programs
4. Overnight Programs (2 days and 1 night)
5. Mahout Program (1 week to 4 weeks)

The popular amongst the lot is the Mahout Program; this program is the longest program the conservatory has, and it is best suited for those who are truly taken away by elephants and regard them immensely. The Mahout program is definitely an unforgettable experience to bring elephants and people close. There are numerous activities in this interactive program;

  • Learning about Asian elephants
  • Coming in contact with elephants and taking care of one particular elephant
  • Learn about them and be able to command them
  • Making and feeding them sticky rice balls
  • Clean them and their area
  • Getting familiar with the Thai culture and Mahout life in depth.


Elephants World


Whereas in the Day Program, visitors are entertained with various interacting activities along with the elephants, they can bathe them in the fresh river/lagoons, play with them on green grasslands, prepare their food, feed them, get to know them the history of each elephant and get up close to them.

Other than that, the overnight programs are there where visitors are accommodated next to the river Kwai at a cosy well ventilated, clean nipa huts and several activities are arranged for them. These activities include Hikes to the sanctuary's mountain, Floating in the river Kwai, Bird watching and more.

And the best part, Despite the covid pandemic outbreak and the restrictions it imposed, Elephants World is still open, working seamlessly with all the proper Covid protocols implemented.

So if you are someone who would to interacted with elephants and have a fun-filled interesting day out in the natural beauty of Thailand. Visiting the Elephants world will be a treat indeed! A must-visit place if you ask us!