How to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok:

Options Rundown!

How to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok

It’s a must to go to Koh Samui after spending a reasonable amount of time in Bangkok, as this paradisiacal island provides good contrast and a break from the hustle-bustle of the capital. Koh Samui is a great way to unwind; the relaxing ambiance, the incredible scenic beauty, and the countless recreational activities make a Thailand trip complete. And for those who seek to know how to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok, you are in luck; the two parts of Thailand are easily connected with one another through a range of commuting options that are convenient, accessible and time effective, and relatively cost-effective.

Koh Samui is a popular island in Thailand, the second largest one located in the Gulf of Thailand known for its idyllic beaches, mountainous beauty, and refreshing lush green rainforest interior. All year-round, the island receives a large influx of visitors that are not only gravitated by the stunning white beach with crystal waters but their luxurious spas, vibrant nightlife scene, economical accommodations, exquisite dining options, numerous recreational activities, including exciting water sports, wide range of markets and so much more. Naturally, with so much to offer, many people seek to know how to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok. And hence to facilitate you all, we have curated a list of the common mode of transportation to Koh Samui from Bangkok.


Koh Samui, Thailand


How to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok: Options Rundown!


OPTION 1 # Air Travel

The distance between Koh Samui and Bangkok is around 700 kilometers and if you are in search of the quickest and direct option to travel is none other than air transport. However, it can be quite expensive.

But ignoring the cost of air travel is the most convenient amongst the other mode of communication because, unlike other islands, Koh Samui has its own airport, which makes it very easy to travel, with no hassle at all. Plus, there are frequent flights between the two areas; in fact, every hour leaves from Bangkok to Koh Samui and vice versa. And since there are so many flights going back and forth, there is always a seat to find, which is definitely a plus point, especially in emergencies. (however, holiday seasons might vary a bit)

However, if you are wondering to compare different airline prices to find the best deal, you might be disappointed there, since Bangkok Airways is the only airline that connects the two states directly and surprisingly has the monopoly on direct flights.

Airfares are high, no doubt, but during the holiday season, they vary substantially depending on the time of booking; hence it is recommended to always book a flight beforehand during rush seasons.

Nevertheless, there are other comparatively economical flights options to choose from too. Nonetheless, they are not direct flights and take more time to reach the destination. So essentially, you can take a flight from Bangkok to either Surat Thani Airport or Chumphon Airport, and from there, you will require to take a ferry. The ferry rides are very good and very cost-effective. And once you reach the Koh Samui pier, any bus or mini-van will take you to your desired location easily.  This method is relatively cheap and time effective too.


Bangkok Airways from Bangkok to Koh Samui



For people who want to know how to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok in the cheapest way possible, this combination of the mode of transportation is the best option to go with. However, it is quite time-consuming compared to others but unquestionably the most economical one.

So the journey is pretty standard from Bangkok bus station the ride begins to Chumphon. From there, a high speed catamaran can be opted for, which is not only quick but takes you through the  Ko Nang Yuan, Ko Tao, and Ko Pha Ngan islands, which severs as a quick scenic tour and then to Koh Samui you are expected to take the ferry ride to the pier.  The whole journey from Bangkok to Koh Samui Island is around 11 hours long but a good entertaining 11 hours.


Bus and Ferry to Koh Samui



Flight are expensive but time effective, bus and ferry combination are very economical but uncomfortable a bot and quite time consuming, and between these two a popular alternative in Train and Ferry combination.

For those who seek to know how to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok quickly and economically, this is the best option to go with. The journey is not only fun but very comfortable too. It is recommended to take a sleeper train overnight; this way, a large chunk of the journey will be spent sleeping, so you won't even cater to the long journey.

So the journey beings from Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Train Station to Surat Thani station. From there, a shuttle bus takes you to the coast and the Don Sak Pier. Then a ferry ride is taken that takes you to Koh Samui Island, which is so much fun and exciting. Now there are two options with the ferry, either you can opt for the conventional ferry or opt for a faster boat ride by high-speed catamaran, which takes only 45 minutes to reach the destination. And from there, you can either go for the taxi-hailing option or choose a minivan to bring to your accommodations.  However in this case too, it is also recommended to book the tickets in advance or better arrange the whole trip through an agency which will take care of everything on their own, so there will be no hassle of booking or not being able to find a commute especially during peak holiday seasons.


Train and Ferry to Koh Samui


All in all, we hope people looking to know how to reach Koh Samui from Bangkok, found their answer and will opt for the best mode of commute that fits their budget, style, time, and overall preference.