8 best snorkeling places in Phi Phi Island

Snorkeling in Phi Phi Island

The Phi Phi Islands (pronunciation similar to“Pee-Pee”) are a group of a few islands situated in the Andaman Sea of Southern Thailand. The two main islands are Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh, with Phi Phi Don being the only island with people living on. 

The islands are unbelievably beautiful, which are tropical paradise that offer white sandy beaches and bright turquoise water, along with a diverse culture. As a very popular tourist, Phi Phi Island is very well-developed and has become a party hot spot. This has made the Phi Phi Islands particularly popular with backpackers, as well as snorkeling lovers.

You can go snorkeling just about anywhere in the Phi Phi Island. Snorkeling in Phi Phi Island is really amazing, with brightly coloured coral reefs and tropical fish. There is a huge diversity of marine wildlife to discover. You will discover characteristic limestone rock formations and an abundance of marine wildlife. Just make sure that you go with a guide, as some areas have tricky currents to navigate.

We surely believe that you will not resist the experience of snorkeling in Phi Phi Island.


Tourists enjoy snorkeling at Phi Phi Island


Maya Bay

Part of Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay is a beautiful bay that boasts 100-metre-high cliffs on three sides. As the world-famous film location for The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio, it is a very popular destination. It consists of several small beaches and the crystal-clear water allowing you to observe the underlying reef clearly. This makes it a very ideal place for snorkeling in Phi Phi Island. It's best visited on an organized tour, preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

As beautiful as Maya Bay is – or once was – it’s not all about good news. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the view is somewhat spoilt by the mass of speedboats moving tourists to the bay. The overcrowding got so bad that Maya Bay has been closed since June 2018 to allow for recovery of the seabed and is expected to open again according to further notice from the government.


Maya Bay


Pi Leh Bay

Pi Leh Bay is located on the opposite side of Phi Phi Leh, towards Maya Bay. Encircled by towering cliffs, the bay is long and thin with calm, shallow water filled with colorful fish and coral.

At some spots around Pi Leh Bay, it seems that the water is lit from the seabed, making it a spectacular sight to see. The western side of Pi Leh Bay features a few small beaches at the foot of the cliff, but most of the boats stay in the centre of the lagoon while their guests go swimming and snorkeling.

It is a truly breathtaking island to explore with amazing opportunities for snorkeling in Phi Phi Island where you can discover exotic fish and colourful coral. The best snorkeling point at Pi Leh is generally near the entrance to the bays. Morning is the best snorkeling period since the area is in the shade in the afternoons.


Pi Leh Bay


Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island– also known as Koh Pai island – is located around five kilometers northeast of Koh Phi Phi Don. It is the ultimate tropical paradise and is slightly quieter than the chaos of Phi Phi Don and Maya Bay. It’s a popular lunch spot for many of the Phi Phi Island tours.

The island is shaped like a heart, with a centre of lush green vegetation surrounded by a strip of white sandy beach. The bamboo trees which adorn the island account for its charming name. At Bamboo Island you will find the clearest waters imaginable. So, you will get another great spot for snorkeling in Phi Phi Island.


Snorkeling on Bamboo Island


Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island ('Koh Yung' in Thai) is the northeastern most island in the Phi Phi Island.  Its shape resembles a bent nail when viewed from above. The island spans around 1 km in length and just 150 metres in width.

Like some other islands, Mosquito Island is uninhabited. The eastern side has 2 beaches that rarely see visitors. The island owes its name to the mosquitoes that usually show up at dusk, making it rather uncomfortable for those looking to enjoy a romantic and candle-lit dinner on the beach.

The immediate surroundings of Mosquito Island are famous among the underwater sports community. The waters near the southeastern tip of the island are excellent for snorkeling in Phi Phi Island, as you can find splendid soft coral reefs and exotic marine life.


Snorkeling at Mosquito Island


Hin Klang

Well known among numerous Phi Phi Island lovers, Hin Klang reef is probably the best place for snorkeling in Phi Phi Island.

Located more than a mile offshore from Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Don, Hin Klang is an underwater coral reef that is about 300 feet long and 200 feet wide. The reef, which never breaks the surface, is colorful with an abundance of fish.

Boats take snorkelers here on tours, but Hin Klang is also on the way to Bamboo Island, and some tours offer snorkeling opportunities in both locations.


Snorkeling in Hin Klang


Shark Point & Long Beach

The snorkeling from Long Beach is best done directly from the beach in Phi Phi. There’s no need for you to go very far to see the colourful fish and underwater habitat. Around 200 meters from the beach, there's a famous rock that just breaks the surface called Shark Point.

Long Beach faces south-west with stunning views out over Phi Phi Leh and has possibly the softest and finest white sand on Phi Phi Island as well as excellent snorkeling. The popular coast is Tonsai Village, and no more than a 5-minute long-tail boat ride from the centre of the rock. You can walk to Tonsai Village by day which would involve walking over rocks between beaches – avoid attempting it at night.

From November to April the water is flat and calm, but between May and October it can be a little rough and swimming can be difficult at low tide due to rocks and coral. You should be cautious about the currents.


Shark Point, Phi Phi


Tonsai Bay West Side

Along the western edge of the bay at the foot of the cliff, coral and varieties of fish are everywhere.

Using the sea kayak is a good way to explore the area. When you snorkel, there are several small beaches you can leave the kayak on. Among the beaches, Monkey Beach is a famous one, which is about 500 meters away from Tonsai Beach.


Monkey Beach


Phi Phi Don East Coast

There is a good reef here, extending to the whole east coast of Phi Phi Island, about 100 meters away from the coast. Coral and fish can be seen in the clear water area in the shallow water area, and larger fish and coral can be seen in the deep water area at the drop slightly away.

Usually, the best snorkeling locations are north and south parts of the beaches.