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The Best Waterfalls on Koh Phangan

Waterfalls on Koh Phangan

While Koh Phangan is often regarded only famous for its wild Full Moon Parties, it actually provides peaceful beaches, natural waterfalls and lush jungles that are just fantastic to be explored. Whether you book a whole day trip to explore these natural waterfalls Koh Phangan or simply hire a local vehicle and set out for a day of discovery on your own, you’re certain to have a wonderful time returning to nature and exploring what else Koh Phangan has to offer. The following are our recommendation for the five favorite waterfalls on Koh Phangan so you can get some ideas of where to start.

Best season to visit the Koh Phangan waterfalls

Popular with locals for picnicking and often fantastic for cooling off after a hike, Koh Phangan's waterfalls are both scenic and interesting natural places for visitors to really experience on their holiday in Koh Phangan, with a Thai-style. When visiting the waterfalls bring good shoes!

One thing you should know before you make yourself highly motivated and energetic on the way. In dry time, there is so little rain that most of the waterfalls Koh Phangan are dehydrated. A trip is most likely worthwhile between July – October.

Phaeng waterfall Koh Phangan

Located in the heart of Koh Phangan Island, Phaeng Waterfall is perhaps the island’s most amazing and therefore most well-known waterfall. Despite being the largest waterfall Koh Phangan, the Phaeng Waterfall can still dry up during the dry season. It’s best to check with your hostel to see if they know about the recent weather condition and if they know the waterfall will be flowing or not.


Phaeng Waterfall


How to get to Phaeng waterfall

Phaeng Noi is really easy to get to and can be found just 50m into the entrance of the Thansadej National Park. There's a large pool at the base of the waterfall where you can cool off after your hike and enjoy the lovely sights. If you’re feeling ready, take the steep, sweaty, 250m hike to reach Phaeng Yai. Here you’ll be greeted by a powerful waterfall that flows down the cliff between a plethora of lush vegetation.

Address: Phaeng waterfall, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand.
Opening hours: Open from 8 AM till 4 PM each day, because of the heat, visiting in the early morning is highly recommended.

What to expect at Phaeng waterfall

Situated in the Thansadej National Park, the Phaeng Waterfall actually comprises of two sections Phaeng Noi (small) and Phaeng Yai (big). Which one you see depends on how much time you can spend and how adventurous you’re feeling.

If you want the best experience, you can continue hiking upwards till you reach the lovely Dom Sila viewpoint. Keep going further, and you will end up at the top of Khao Ra, the highest mountain peak on the island. At about six hundred and thirty metres above sea level, it provides spectacular views of the entire island and even the neighbouring island of Koh Tao.

Than Sadet waterfall Koh Phangan

Another beautiful rock formation, Than Sadet flows over a length of around 3km so you can wander along the whole falls, stopping to pick the spot that suits you best. The waterfall is made up of a number of falls and pools and therefore rarely feels overcrowded.


Than Sadet Waterfall


How to get to Than Sadet waterfall

The falls can be reached from the Haad Thaan Sadet beach so when you’ve finished enjoying the pools you can head back to the beach for some more relaxation. You should spend at least half a day at Thaan Sadet, begin at the very top and walk down its entire length, choosing your favourite spot to swim in. Accessibility has been greatly improved recently and the most hassle-free way of getting there is, without doubt, from the fantastic Haad Thaan Sadet beach.

What to expect at Than Sadet waterfall

The Thaan Sadet waterfall was first visited by the Thai Royal Family back in 1988. A rock inscription left there by King Rama V remains there till this day. It is rumored that he has visited the same spot over ten times during his reign and it wouldn't be without reason, Thaan Sadet is regarded as one of the most scenic waterfalls in all of Thailand. The present King Bhumibol has visited the spot as well. Water collected from here is used in some sacred Royal Ceremonies.

Than Sadet waterfall consists of huge granite boulders and some fresh water pools, where you can take a swim. The three-kilometer-long waterfall is actually composed of three waterfalls: Thong Nang waterfall, Sampon waterfall and Daeng waterfall. Together, they are called Than Sadet waterfall. Its advantage is that it has water all year round, even at the climax of the dry season. Of course, in the dry season, this stream is not so spectacular, but it is still worth visiting rather than the other waterfalls Koh Phangan, which actually has no water at all.

Sramanora waterfall

Sramonara Fall is really famous as being host to the famous Koh Phangan jungle parties. But unlike the other waterfalls Koh Phangan, it can be visited not only during the day but also in the night, albeit for a completely different experience!


Sramonara Waterfall


How to get to Sramanora waterfall

From Baan Kai, walk north on the small road opposite Yam’s Kitchen or ride a scooter to the Falls car park where you will begin your journey to the waterfall and pool. The walk to the falls is around 500m from the car park and trek through rich jungle vegetation. When you arrive at Sramonara Fall, spend your day relaxing in the cool waters and the jungle shade.

If you visit at night for the techno jungle party, make sure you check out the beauty of the falls by moonlight!

What to expect at Sramanora waterfall

If you have visited Thailand a few times, the name Sramonara will probably sound very familiar. That's because you would have heard of the legendary parties that are held there. The all night long techno festivals have been perfect times, just before and after the famous Full Moon Party at Haad Rin; they have placed this waterfall firmly on the map. Of course, you can visit Sramonara Falls during the day, but unlike most other waterfalls, you can also visit the falls in the night. Under the moonlight, the crystal-clear water flowing is a really amazing sight and of great romance too.

Paradise waterfall Koh Phangan

Paradise Waterfall is a fun section of waterfalls Koh Phangan that attracts locals and foreign tourists as well.  If we have to describe paradise falls in one word, it would be: 'fun'. Paradise falls is the place that you want to be to get in touch with the child inside you. But keep in mind you should go in the right season while there is no flow and of course no waterfall in dry season.


Paradise Waterfall Koh Phangan


How to get to Paradise waterfall

It is located along the Chaloklum Road and is just five minutes on from Phaeng Waterfall. To get to Paradise Falls, head for Chaloklum village and turn right just after the Kika Splace restaurant.

What to expect at Paradise waterfall

Again, there are two sections of Paradise Falls, one main pool at the bottom (which is where all the fun happens) and the actual waterfall itself, located 40 minutes further into the jungle. The main pool can be accessed to the right of the Kika Splace restaurant and is often filled with local kids playing Tarzan on the rope swing. This pool happens to have ropes hanging from the above tree breaches that turn the area into a real-life jungle-gym. Catch hold of a rope and swing out just like Tarzan before getting as high as you can and finally dropping in the cool water below. When you are bored of playing Tarzan around, take the forty-minute trek to the main waterfall, which is even a sight in itself.

Wang Sai waterfall

Despite being signposted around the southern part of Koh Phangan Island, Wang Sai Waterfall is still a relatively quiet spot so (depending on the time you visit), you may be lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall all to yourself! Wang Sai is slightly different to the other falls in that it flows over a collection of large boulders. It, therefore, features a number of falls and pools on the way down to the largest pool at the bottom. In the wet season, Wang Sai makes for some gorgeous long exposure photos!


Wang Sai Waterfall


How to get to Wang Sai waterfall

Wang Sai waterfall is towards the north west of Koh Phangan Island, near Mae Head beach. It is quite easy to access and is just a fifteen-minute hike from the southern beach, with signposts to guide your way. As it is still fairly untouched there are no facilities available here, so bring some drinking water and snacks to keep you going.

What to expect at Wang Sai waterfall

The waterfall is like an avalanche of boulders. It is a cascading waterfall, meaning that it is not a single drop. Instead, it is a stream of water that makes its way down for some levels. Some of these levels contain water basins where you can cool off and take for a swim, with the largest one being at the bottom. What makes Wang Sai stand out from the other falls is the dazzling blue colour of the water at some of the levels, which occurs due to the limestone sedimentation under the clear water. The whole area is devoid of any human development, apart from a couple of blue pipes used for providing irrigation nearby. This contributes to an outstanding natural beauty that you do not want to miss.

Than Prawet waterfall

Than Prawet is also among scenic series of waterfalls Koh Phangan that you can either see Thong Nai Pan Noi beach or from the main road over the bay. For around two kilometers, it goes uphill. Once at the top there are some cozy places where you can have a rest, cool off and recharge your batteries. The waterfall flows all year round but is at its best during the rainy months. It is advisable to travel before night, and together with the friends!


Than Prawet Waterfall


How to get to Than Prawet waterfall

The waterfall is located in the very north of Koh Phangan. It can be reached if you do not turn right at the roundabout of Than Sadet turn off, but just go on straight ahead. Although it has the path in itself, it is worthwhile. To get to the waterfall from the main road to Thong Nai Pan beach on foot along forest trail for about 2 km.

What to expect at Than Prawet waterfall

Than Prawet Waterfall is considered ideal place among backpackers and hikers. On Koh Phangan there are many waterfalls, but the Than Prawet Waterfall is one of the most popular. Why, because this place is one of the most dense and beautiful in Thailand, and to discover there is the dream of many trekkers. The waterfall consists of a series of waterfalls, stretching a 1 km each other and flowing one into the other. Than Prawet is surrounded by huge granite boulders, bizarre rock formations and pristine jungle. There are many breathtaking places to enjoy a picnic after a hard trekking.