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where to stay in Koh Lipe, Thailand

Where to stay in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe may not be on everyone's radar, especially when planning a trip to Thailand, but this paradisiacal island offers everything you may seek on holiday. From numerous recreational activities both in water and on land to beautiful eatery places, lush green forest, perfect hiking spots, stunning beaches, and so much more without the hindrance of crowds, Koh Lipe is unquestionably the place to be.

This island is the place for everyone, whether on a tight budget or not, and with countless activities to choose from, everyone finds a thing or more to do that elevates their trip exponentially. But with that said, many people wonder about the staying situation at Koh Lipe, especially since the island is relatively smaller in size and receives comparatively fewer tourists all year round as opposed to other islands.

But worry not Koh Lipe has it all, from luxurious hotels to affordable residential places, the question of where to stay in Koh Lipe is not a worry at all. We understand that the staying option is a budding concern; hence we curated a detailed guide to facilitate you in finding the best options to stay at Koh Lipe, so if you seek affordability or comfort, you'll find everything with ease.


Koh Lipe Thailand


So without taking any time further, let's jump into the world of accommodations for the Koh Lipe trip!

Where to stay in Koh Lipe: A detailed guide!

As mentioned, Koh Lipe has a place to stay for all, irrespective of their budget, but before we proceed further and start listing our picks, it is important to know that, unlike other places, the accommodations here at Koh Lipe are divided differently.

Before knowing where to stay in Koh Lipe, it is advised to decide which beach you are planning to stay at, as the accommodations are divided beach-wise. This may sound odd, but through all the three beaches in Koh Lipe are stunning, but all 3 offer something unique, whether it's their attraction spots, recreational activities, eatery places, or the overall experience. And once you decide this, finding accommodations becomes easier.

And don't worry that you might miss on one beach over another! Since Koh Lipe is a small island, tapping into every beach is very easy; in fact, the size is so relatively small that you don't even need a commute to move from one beach over another.

So since that concern is out of the way, let's make way to where to stay in Koh Lipe; Beach-wise!


A popular opinion holds that Sunrise Beach is the most stunning beach in Koh Lipe and the best place to vacation at with numerous places to stay at various price points. There are some of the best hotels in all of Thailand at the sunrise beach in Koh Lipe. With rooms with pools, exquisite beach bungalows, and hostels too, everyone can find a place for their budget and preference. Following are the best places of accommodation to opt for at sunrise beach;

Serendipity Beach Resort

This resort is very popular amongst the tourist, especially since it has a private pool and a breathtaking sea view. The location of this resort is perfect, and the décor is exquisite; not only that, the staff is very hospitable, and the amenities are beyond expectations. Staying at this resort elevates the sunrise beach experience exponentially, in fact, the overall Koh Lipe experience.

From breakfast in the room to on-site water sports, massages and spas, and so much more, this is the best hotel to reside in when in Koh Lipe, a bit expensive but unquestionably worth the price.

Castaway Resort

If you seek to enjoy the tropical-ness to the fullest, Castaway Resort is your place to be. The resort has a beautifully designed exterior and interior with an eco-friendly environment. The location is great, too, with an open-front architecture that allows the ocean breeze to flow freely, adding so much to the ambiance.

While as far as the food is concerned, Castaway offers one of the best eatery experiences in all of Koh Lipe, with exquisite Thai cuisine and international ones too with a remarkable cocktail and splendid desserts, that complements the tropical ambiance of the resort perfectly.

Not only that, the resort fosters numerous health & wellness facilities such as Castaway Yoga and Meditation sessions at sunrise and sunset along with spa facilities; the recreational experience is amazing, to say the least.

Lipe Beach Resort

Located near the ocean, Lipe Beach resort is surrounded by clear blue waters that foster a laid-back ambiance, comfy accommodation, full-body massages, and a great restaurant's beach bar, all at an affordable price point.


Serendipity Beach Resort


Things to know if staying at Sunrise Beach
  • Sunrise is the longest beach on the island; hence it can walking is a part of the experience. So if you are staying at a hotel/accommodation far from the beach, you might have to walk a lot to reach the beach and the Walking Street (the commercial area of Koh Lipe)
  • There are many restaurants on the beach and on the streets.
  • Hotels at Sunrise beach offer numerous recreation activities from massages to spas to tours and even rent out water sports equipment.
  • Sunrise Beach is a great place from where taxi boats to Koh Adang can easily be accessed. 

No matter what accommodation you choose at Sunset Beach, the stunning view is guaranteed, paired with the relaxing vibe of the beach, makes it the best place for people who want a chill vibe and seeking the same when searching where to stay in Koh Lipe.

Another great thing about residing at this beach is that the boat taxi is readily available here, and you can easily roam around the island on foot, since the beach is located at an ideal place, from where everything is easily accessible. So without further ado, the best places to live at Sunset Beach are as follows;

Asara Private Beach Resort

This resort is situated on a private beach, making it the best place to reside in if you don’t want a crowd. Though this resort is quite expensive but the amenities here make up for it. The rooms here at the resort are not only spacious but luxurious in every possible way; with a sun terrace that comes with a hot tub to a stunning view and 24/7 room service, you cannot go wrong with this resort. The resort has various types of rooms, from single to couple to family, and has numerous outdoor activities and private transportation to facilitate the guests. One of the best accommodations can be found at Koh Lipe.

Bay View Hill Resort

Where to stay in Koh Lipe depends on the question of what sort of accommodation you are seeking for. If you want to enjoy the wonders of nature and want the beach to be near, then Bay view Hill resort is the place to be. The resort is located on the beach and offers breathtaking views, and has one of the best eatery places. As for the accommodations, they are neat and clean and are regularly cleaned by the cleaners.


Asara Private Beach Resort


Things to know about Sunset Beach
  • At Sunset Beach, the hotels are more secluded, which means less crowd and more nature.
  • All the commercial stuff is situated at a distance.
  • The beach and surrounding areas are suffer crowded only during ‘Happy Hour’ sessions when people head towards the beach bars to enjoy a drink with the incredible view of the landscape.
  • Sunset Beach has a great trail that runs through the forest and ends at the highest point of the island.

Pattaya is by far the most popular beach on Koh Lipe, and people often head over to this beach to search for accommodations since the beach is massive, the immigration office is near, and the Walking Street is just around the corner. Hence making this beach the prominent one to be at. 

However, with the large influx of visitors coming on the beach all the time, it can get crowded and challenging, especially when finding accommodations that are perfect for your needs. Therefore to help you, we have the best resorts and hotels you can opt for that are almost readily available to book and have great amenities and facilities.

Ananya Lipe Resort

This resort is a dream come true, very expensive but worth every penny. At Ananya Lipe Resort, the rooms are huge with attached pools, impeccable service, 24/7 customer care, amazing food, and the best place in close proximity for snorkeling and other water sport activities.

Mali Resort

Mali resort is a beautiful and peaceful accommodation option with rooms facing the stunning crystal clear waters and a lush green garden soothing the eye. The room service here is impeccable, and the availability of free coffee makes everything so much better. The great thing about this resort is that they provide gear for water activities without any extra charge and provide you with countless facilities that add value to the money exponentially.


Mali Resort


Things to known about Pattaya Beach
  • Hotels in Pattaya Beach are very near the arrival port, making commuting and carrying luggage extremely easy.
  • Many accommodations, especially hotels in Pattaya Beach, offer to pick-up services.
  • Another great thing about choosing to stay at Pattaya Beach is the fact; they have great eatery places with delicious irresistible cuisine.
  • And not to mention that the Walking Street (the commercial hub of Koh Lipe) is just around the corner.
  • Other than that, the nightlife at this beach is phenomenal; there are many parties on the beach. 

The Walking Street in Koh Lipe may not be a beach, but it's a pivotal point for the island as it is a commercial area and connects all the beaches together. Though it is relatively a small street, but is jammed packed with great restaurants, countless cafes, various massage parlors, 7-elevens, ATMs, hawkers, and much more. There are also tourist agencies at disposal as well as diving centers to facilitate water sports.

Bloom Cafe & Hostel

One of the popular go-to places in Koh Lipe, Bloom Café and Hostel, has a prime location and great accommodation facilities. With comfortable beds, cleans washrooms, great food, and an overall hospitable vibe. The staff here are very welcoming and accommodating, and the best part is the guests here are often given some sort of complimentary stuff. The best thing is, without a doubt, the price of this hostel, very affordable and a great pick for the backpackers looking ti know where to stay in Koh Lipe. 

The Street Hostel

The Street hotel is a very stylish and elegant place to be at. Despite it being a hostel, this place of residence fosters a wholesome vibe, with great interior and comfortable accommodation. The hostel is very close to Pattaya Beach, and though the hostel doesn't offer breakfast like other places, it sure does offer complimentary snacks, coffee, and water to its guests. 

The bathrooms at Street Hostel are communal but are equipped with all the necessary from showers to toiletries to towels to hairdryers and more. And not to mention they are very clean. All in all, this hostel is a great place to live, especially if you're on a budget, and plus point, it is an exceptional place to socialize and make new friends.


The Street Hostel Koh Lipe


Things to know about the Walking Street
  • Great place to socialize and meet new people.
  • A great place to find affordable accommodation. There are small properties as opposed to big hotels; you can find guesthouses, cool hostels, motels, and Airbnbs. (Very affordable accommodation includes small room, fab, cold water, and at times air conditioning)
  • All the commercial, recreational and fun activities and facilities are readily available.
  • It can be relatively noisy due to the massive influx of visitors and locals.
  • If in seek for a quiet place, booking accommodation far from the street is advisable.