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Thong Sala Night Market Koh Phangan

Thong Sala Night Market Koh Phangan

Thong Sala night market on Koh Phangan, also known to locals as Pantip Market, is home to Koh Phangan’s best street food vendors with a really wide combinations of fruit shakes, and a wonderful atmosphere. After a full day of rolling around this paradise island on a scooter, there is nothing better to end the day than paying a visit to this food heaven. Every Saturday there’s an even bigger night market on Koh Phangan. Read on to find the useful guide to the best night market in town.

How to get to Thong Sala Night Market Koh Phangan

Thong Sala night market on Koh Phangan is located on the west side of the Island, near Thong Sala pier. To get there you can easily hop on one of the many songtaews (shared taxis) that get up and down the main roads. All you need to do is hail one down and jump in the back. Do not forget to agree on a price beforehand. Usually, prices are from 50 to 100 Baht (about $2 – $3) per ride, per person.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to get to night market on Koh Phangan is to rent a scooter. You can rent a scooter from your hotel or from one of the many rental shops that are scattered all around the island. The average price of a scooter per day is 250 Baht (about $8). Parking at the Market is free. So you can leave your motorbike by the roadside like everybody else.


Thong Sala Night Market


Opening times Thong Sala Night Market

Thong Sala night market on Koh Phangan is open every day. The best time to visit the market is from about 4 pm onward till 11pm when all the vendors are out and in full scale. During the day the market is quite quiet while by night the area is energetic with locals selling some of the best food in town.

What to expect at Thong Sala Night Market

Eat, drink, and repeat! When the sun goes down, the night market is the perfect place to hang out, over-indulge in food, and fill up on the most delicious smoothies. There are many people who visited Koh Phangan before but still clung to fond memories of the mouth-watering smoothies. So, on their later visit, they often can‘t wait to get to the smoothie stalls. The vendors in Thong Sala night market on Koh Phangan can blend any combination of smoothie you can think of. Strawberry, banana, guava, blueberry and so much more. With over 50 combinations to choose from, you could spend even weeks on the island tasting each smoothie you can imagine. At 30 Baht (around $1) a pop, you can’t be disappointed.

However, enough about the smoothies, let‘s talk about food. Thong Sala night market on Koh Phangan has a wide variety of food; mainly divine Thai cuisine, but also a few stalls selling international dishes. While you will find stalls serving western breakfasts (English, American and continental), burgers, seafood and vegan food, the real feast of the market is the traditional Thai food. After all, why would you come to Thailand without sampling attractive green curry, pineapple fried rice, ginger and basil noodles, and a lot more? Of course do not forget the egg wrapped pad Thai! It’s mouth-watering and costs only 60 Baht (around $2) and is enough to fill you up for the evening.

Walking away from the main food, you can easily be tempted by desserts too. If you still have a small space to fit in a delicious dessert, check out the stalls serving up doughnuts, ice-cream rolls, crepes and mango sticky rice. Mango sticky rice is a Thai dessert favourite and you should not miss the chance to tuck into it when in Thailand.


Egg Wrapped Pad Thai


Saturday Night Walking Street Market Koh Phangan

Every Saturday from 5 pm you will find an even bigger night market in Tongsala, which is the Saturday Night Walking Street Market. The street gets full of lively families who sets up shops or walk around saying their hello‘s to everyone. Food stands and gadget shops together with juice or tea bars and live music with locals playing, cd stands, jewelry, shoes, second hands, fruits and massage!

The Market consists of a wide range of art items, souvenirs, clothing and accessories, groceries, food, decorations, all kinds of Snacks with a very energetic vibe. Many stands and small shops all along the road, you can find nearly everything from accessories to of course delicious Thai food.

Five hours of authentic local life and a taste of tradition can be hard to spot else where on Phangan!


Saturday Market Koh Phangan


Other Koh Phangan food markets

With the well-known Thong Sala night market and the Saturday Night walking street already attractive, there are still more food markets in Koh Phangan!

Chaloklum market has a special and laid-back feel for such a busy fishing village, so you can relax there when on your own way. Chaloklum is located in the far north of the island and is about a 20-minute motorcycle or taxi ride from Thong Sala. The market is open every Sunday from 17:00 till 21:00.

Phangan Food Court

The newer edition but an extremely nice one with more choices for healthy, and vegetarian food. Phangan Food Court still has all the popular Thai food stalls and a nice big dining area to enjoy for all the family. The thing that makes this place unique is that it is totally undercover so good for all-weather yet still the same ethos as a traditional food market. You can find everything there from pizza stands, salads, toast bars and Thai food.