Get To Know The Full Moon Party Island

- Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Island

Thailand is one of the most popular getaway destinations in the world, known for its tropical paradise, hospitality, beaches, and affordability. The country houses numerous beaches and islands, and one of the most amazing islands amongst those hundreds of them is 'Koh Phangan' Island.

Surprisingly enough, Koh Phangan was not one of the popular tourist attraction places in Thailand for the longest of time, but today it’s a ho to place backpackers, dropouts, and yogis. It is also quite popular amongst luxury vacationers who want the tropical paradise feel but away from the overwhelming crowd.

Other than fostering a tropical environment and stunning white beaches, Koh Phangan offers so much more; this picture-perfect island houses numerous recreational spots such as tropical waterfalls, picturesque temples, lush green dense jungles, breathtaking viewpoints, and is pretty famous for organizing the wildest Full Moon Party in the world.

There is no denying how stunning this island is and the impressive events and activities it has to offer, but unfortunately still, a lot of people are unaware of the charm and abundance of recreational activities this island has. Hence, we are here to familiarize any and every one, irrespective of whether they are planning a trip to Thailand or not, getting to know Koh Phangan Island better, because trust us, this island is unquestionably a gem and a must-visit place on Thailand itinerary.


Koh Phangan


So we will be covering all the stunning places the island houses along with the activities it offers, the accommodation and travel options, and so much more. So without any further delay, let’s start!

A quick rundown of Koh Phangan Island

Koh Phangan is a 125-kilometer-long island located in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 65 kilometers away from the mainland. The two islands surrounding Koh Phangan are Koh Samui in the south and Koh Tao in the north. It is said to be part of the Samui archipelago (a group of islands including around 60+ islands and islets together).

Many people know Koh Phangan for its wild Full Moon Party every month, but besides that, this island is quite popular for its boat trips, stunning beaches, Ang Thong National Park, and the unique dropout flair. However, that’s not all, the capital of Koh Phangan, Thong Sala, is known to have numerous ferries docked around it, and as you move into the town, you are greeted with countless vars, hostels, and night markets with incredible food and budget-friendly shopping sprees.

Despite being known to throw the wildest yet fun Full Moon Party, the juxtaposition can clearly be witnessed, especially between the famous Haad Rin, located at the south of the island popular for throwing Full Moon Party every month. While at the other end of the island lies a tranquil and perfect spot for a low-key, relaxing vacation.

Things to know before planning a trip to Koh Phangan Island



Koh Phangan is a popular tourist point that gets a significant influx of tourists all year round partly because of the Full Moon Party that is arranged every month and time and time again gravitates more and more people towards it. Moreover, the weather at Koh Phangan is very reliable compared to other islands throughout the year, hence making it even more popular to visit all year round.

However, with that said, December to February is often considered to be the best traveling time for Koh Phangan, probably because the temperature during this time is relatively more pleasant and receives little to no rainfall. But the downside is that the tourists during this duration are more making the island quite crowded.

Moreover, the summer times are the best in terms of temperature and water activities, but some beaches during this time frame have high tides making it unsuitable to go in close proximity.  But other than the months and seasons mentioned, the ideal time to visit Koh Phangan would be the remaining months, comparatively less crowd, lower tides, and good weather to tie everything together perfectly without causing any significant issues.


Koh Phangan Vacation



There are numerous methods to get to Koh Phangan Island, but the following three are the easiest, accessible, and popular methods.

  • PLANE AND FERRY; though Koh Phangan does not have an airport, there is one in Koh Samui, the neighboring island which is quite near it. Surat Thani also has an airport, the mainland, from where many people travel to Koh Phangan regularly. From both places, it is easier to get to Koh Phangan through a ferry ride. 
  • BUS AND FERRY; many people often choose this mode of transportations through travel agencies as a combination. The combination is often discounted and a most popular option to travel by.
  • TRAIN AND FERRY; this is an ideal mode of commute for people traveling from Bangkok, the best way to reach Koh Phangan from there is to take a night train to Surat Thani. And from there continue the travel to the ferry port either by a bus or a minivan and then the ferry takes you to the desired destination ‘Koh Phangan Island.

Probably the most important section for many people, especially because not many people are familiar with the abundance of recreational activities and events at Koh Phangan Island. And this is due to the popularization of the Full Moon Party organized here every month, but looking beyond the party, the island has to offer so much more, from stunning views to cool activities and a place to let all the worries go away.

So with that said, here is the list of top things that Koh Phangan has to offer;


Starting with the event that most people already associate Koh Phangan with, the 'Full Moon Party'! This party is considered to be the wildest party in the entire world and is celebrated every month. However, with numerous such parties organized all around Thailand, the South of Koh Phangan takes the lead. With accommodating over 300,000 visitors every month at the Haad Rin beach, the carnival-style event offers so much, from fire shows to dance parties, refreshing cocktails from a bucket, glow the dark session, and so much more.

The popularity of the event is so widespread that weeks prior to the event, all the ferries and accommodations are booked. However, if you are someone who is eager to visit the Full Moon Party and misses it every single time for XYZ reasons, do not worry at all because Koh Phangan has a varied range of events to offer that are cool, fun, and a solid alternative to the infamous Full Moon Party such as; Waterfall Party right in the jungle of Koh Phangan or the Eden Party at the dream beach Haad Yuan. Though these events are relatively small but that doesn't stop them to gravitate large influx of visitors every time.


Full Moon Party Koh Phangan



The scooter is the best bet to explore any island in Thailand; it is not the only budget-friendly mode of commute but highly mobile, fun, and great. And when it comes to exploring Koh Phangan, it's a great idea to hop on the scooter and sees the wonders the island houses. From stunning lush green jungles to mystical temples, mesmerizing hidden waterfalls, paradisiacal beaches all around, breathtaking views, and just a traffic-free road to drive your hearts out. Hence having a scooter helps to hop from one place to another with ease and speed, helping you grab the full experience of Koh Phangan effectively. 

However, it is advised to be very cautious on a scooter at Koh Phangan due to the steep roads, especially after a party where drunk drivers often cause or get into fatal incidents.


Koh Phangan has an abundance of beaches, and each is different from the other, offering something unique and fun for the people. There is no denying that every individual irrespective of their preference, will find a beach that suits them perfectly, whether it’s a more happening one or a very quitter one. And not to mention each beach offers incredible water activities such as snorkeling and diving, two very popular and fun activities to cater to in a crystal clear blue sea and witness the wonders lay beneath.

- Haad Yuan Beach
Haad Yuan Beach is located on the southwest side and is considered to be the highlight of the island, offering a fun getaway. It is one of those beaches that instantly fosters a paradise feel, with its tall palm trees, blue sea, and huge cliff-like rocks add detail and texture to the stunning landscape.

Some people tend to spend a day here, while other a week or more, and rightfully so, it’s a dream beach with beautiful landscape, adventurous water activities, and a great beach bar and near restaurants that offer divine food and drinks. Besides that, the accommodation is accessible easily here, with simple bungalows at your disposal near the beach. All in all, it’s unquestionably a must-visit beach in Koh Phangan.


Haad Yuan Beach


- Leela Beach
Moving forwards with another beach, Leela Beach is a gorgeous beach located in the south of the island with a breathtaking landscape; fine white sandy beach, kitschy turquoise sea, large coconut and palm trees, and a heavenly ambiance that ties everything together. This beach is perfect for families and couples. And there are many resorts at bay to make the stay at the beach even more fun and convenient.

- Bottle Beach
Located in the north of the island, this is a hidden gem, a tropical paradise beach that is small and secluded. The only way to get to the beach is by taxi boat from Chaloklum, or by a jeep or an almost 2-hours hike.

The beach is a perfect post-card, Instagram-worth place with turquoise blue sea, lush greenery around it, and a calming ambiance. Though at times, monkies can be spotted, but they elevate the experience exponentially. This beach is definitely a perfect place for people who love quietness, and since the beach offer bungalow complexes, accommodation here is accessible, and the restaurants here are divine.  And best of all, the view from Bottle Beach Viewpoint, especially during sunset or sunrise, is mesmerizing and jaw-dropping.


Bottle Beach Viewpoint


- Koh Raham
Though Koh Raham is a small peninsula located in the west of the island, it indeed is a great place to check out. With incredible restaurants, the extraordinary landscape, the swings and hammocks over the sea, the perfect place for diving and snorkeling, and just, all in all, a great place to be.

Adventure, fun, food, views and drinks, everything and anything here is just exceptional, to say the least. Also, there is a very popular secret beach just around the corner which is great for swimming and just relaxing.


- Phaeng Noi Waterfall
This is the largest waterfall in Koh Phangan and the most visited tourist attraction point. Part of Than Sadet National Park, the waterfall is the perfect backdrop for stunning pictures, a quick shower, and perfect for a short easy hike through the jungle.

The waterfall in itself is stunning, but the beautiful scenery surrounds it elevates the whole experience exponentially. The best part is that you can visit this breathtaking place without paying any entrance fee.

- Than Sadet Waterfall
Another beautiful waterfall in Than Sadet national park is a must-visit place by the tourists, especially since it's surrounded by the lush green dense jungle that offers a pretty and cool ambiance. This waterfall is so popular amongst the people, whether locals or tourists, that the kings and important people have visited the place multiple times and been captivated by its beauty.

That's not all; just 3 kilometers away from the waterfall, there is a small natural pool that is perfect for a quick dip and swim. All in all, this waterfall is definitely an unforgettable experience that needs to be witnessed at least once!


Than Sadet Waterfall



- Guan Yin Temple
Guan Tin Temple, also known as the Chinese Temple; Goffess of Mercy, is one of the most beautiful attraction points in Koh Phangan, that not only offers sacred value but a wonderful view of the island’s landscape paired with the view of the remarkable pagodas and buildings.

Guan Yin Temple is the largest Chinese temple on the island located at a mountainside and houses various Chinese Buddha statues and scriptures along with mystical imagery of Chinese folklore, warriors, and dragons. It’s definitely a different experience compared to another temple visit in Thailand.

- Wat Paa Sang Tham
Wat Paa Sang Tham is located close to Guan Yin temple and is another exciting attraction site to visit at Koh Phangan. This temple houses numerous small statues and has a stunning intricate designed complex. And though the temple is in the lush green jungle, it is easy to spot it through the large golden rock. This temple is a great place to see the beauty of the island, surrounded by great energy and a mystical environment.


Wat Paa Sang Tham



- Koh Ma Viewpoint (Three Sixty Bar)
This is by far the absolute stunning viewpoint at Koh Phangan sheerly because of the mountains and hills that surround the place. This viewpoint offers a 360 view of the whole island, the beach, restaurants, roads, jungles, and other breathtaking sites.

It is advised that in order to have the full experience of the beauty of the island, the Three Sixty bar should opt on Koh Ma Viewpoint. This place not only offers a more refined view of the island but the beverages, food, live music, and cozy ambiance elevates the whole experience exponentially. And it offers an unbeatable view of the sea!

- Thong Nai Pan Yai Viewpoint
Thong Nai Pan Yai Viewpoint is another must-visit viewpoint in Koh Phangan that is located on the northeast side of the island near a small peninsula. The viewpoints offer a stunning sight of the island's palm-lined coastline. The popular terrace of the famous 2C bar offers the mesmerizing sight of the beaches, the dense green jungle, and the hilly mountains while you sip the incredible beverage they have to offer.

That's not all; at Thong Nai Pan Yai Viewpoint, there are numerous accommodations options, resorts, and great spas, that enhance the recreational outings furthers. However, a tip if you're driving or climbing o the top of the viewpoint, it is advised to be careful, and the road is quite steep.  But other than that a pretty great place to be.


Thong Nai Pan Koh Phangan Viewpoint



National Parks in Thailand are always a delight to go to; they offer so much from familiarizing visitors with mother nature to offer natural and artificial attraction points, incredible food, and just a great time overall.

But this particular national park in Koh Phangan offers excellent exciting activities that make it stand out from the rest of the country. From hiking to snorkeling to having a 360 view of the island and the stunning archipelago, Ang Tong Marine National Park is a breath of fresh air. A definite place to go too!