The peaceful surreal floating market in Thailand

Khlong Lat Mayom

Unlike other floating market in Thailand, Khlong Lat Mayom floating market is considered a haven for customers and tourists. A market that provides a peaceful shopping and recreational experience for the customers, making it one of the most visited yet less crowded floating markets in Thailand.

Khlong Lat Mayom floating offers a wide arrange of activities, from shopping to boating to the eatery, and everything fits so perfectly with one another. The shop owners' humble and welcome nature further reinforces the place's simplicity and cohesiveness, making it no less than a tropical paradise.

The market operates only on weekends, from early in the morning to late evening. Located in Talad Nam Khlong Lat Mayom, the best way to reach this floating market in Thailand is by taking BTS Skytrain or a taxi, which is the easiest and cost-effective way to reach the market.


Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market


What makes this Floating Market in Thailand to stand out?


The natural beauty this market possesses with no to minimum refinement over the years is the highlight of this place, but what makes it more special other than the recreational activities, items and food is the way the market is segmented. Though the market is not entirely located on the canal and has a large part of it on the ground, it still has proper division, unlike other floating market in Thailand.

One side of the market has fresh produce, beautiful veggies, and vibrant fruits, while the other side is full of snacks, sweets, mouth-watering cooked food, and stunning bloomed flowers scattered through the canal. These items are mostly sold on the river in canoes or docked boats. On the firm ground, you will find non-perishable goods mostly, such as exquisite fabrics and cloths, hand-made jewelry, home décor, toys, and more. Further inside the market, you can buy cheap clothing, home décor.


Fresh produce at Khlong Lat Mayom



Undoubtedly this floating market in Thailand is most famous for the abundance of food available that can instantly salivate anyone’s pallet. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market has great dine-in facilitate, with bamboo picnic tables displayed to create a food court area.

There is a wide variety of dishes available from Pla Pao to Pad Thai, kanom jee, hoi tod, and more, all cooked on boats and docks and available at roughly 30 baht and have exceptional quantity. The seafood and coconut-infused sweets and savory are to die for. As far as drinks are concerned, they are carts roaming around the market that serve various time of hold and cold drinks.


Food at Khlong Lat Mayom



Uncomparably it has the best and peaceful boat ride trip that cannot be experienced at any other floating market in Thailand. The boat tour is extensive and takes you to the narrowest canal in the area. From being affordable and spacious, these longtail boats are the best communal way of exploring the glory of this floating market.

The tour takes you through the temples, passes through the neighborhoods, with small yet wholesome houses, small gardens, orchards, and business. Then it takes you to a small village where it lets you explore nature's beauty, locals hospitality, and cute small home coffee shops that serve exceptionally flavourful coffee. From there, the boat then takes you to the last stop, which is the main area of the floating market and lets you shop or eat while you are on the boat.


Boat ride trip on the canal



With a well-curated collection of products available in every category at an affordable price point, this floating market wins its customers' hearts every time. From standard to hand-made to exclusive products, the home décor items here are must check out. They offer a wide selection of traditional, contemporary, and fusion designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

The local dress and good quality fabrics are also the highlights of this market. But what takes the win is the flowers that are sold; the vibrant, fresh-looking, and smelling flowers make this floating market in Thailand one of the prettiest and scented places to be.

From the canal to the firm ground, the flower will always be in your sight. In addition, it also works exceptionally well as a backdrop for pictures. And the best part is the business owners will allow you to touch, feel and click pictures with their item even if you don’t buy it, which makes the place even more special and wholesome.


Orchid Farm at Khlong Lat Mayom


So if you're looking to have an incredible weekend with fun things to do and try without getting bamboozled or exhausted by the crowd, long queues, or walk, sure to try Khlong Lat Mayom floating market in Thailand, the paradise on earth.