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Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok

Bangkok is the Venice of the east, and rightfully so, with exotic looking places, numerous recreational opportunities, and water everywhere, it has become a close enough alternative for the European city. Bangkok is well known for its beauty and affordability, but a hidden gem that most tourists might know about is the abundance of the floating market such as Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok.

Taling Chan Floating Market is a weekend market situated few kilometers to the west of central Bangkok and is thoroughly enjoyed by the locals. Partly because of its size and the authenticity it still holds, unlike its other counterparts.

From a good plate of food to boat rides and an affordable shopping spree Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok uplifts every weekend exponentially.


Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok


What is Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok most known for?

Taling chan, also known as Klong Chakpra, may not appeal at first glance but going further into this floating market, the true essence of this place is unveiled. Following are a few of the key elements that make this market so ravishing.


Taling Chan is most famous for its fresh produce, garden-related items, fish, and its simple yet exquisite food and snacks. But what stands out the most about this market its size. This floating market in Bangkok is quite small in size and preserves the locals' way of living. There is no proper dock, and all the business activities and eatery is carried out on the boats which act as stalls.


Fresh produces of Taling Chan Floating Market



The most common recreational activity Bangkok floating markets provide is the boat tour of the market and near areas; similarly, Taling Chan does too. It provides water roaming of the whole area, including the market, the orchid, the Wat Koh Wai Luang Por Dum, and a very unexpected stop to Thonburi snake farm where locals enjoy various snakes and human shows.

The place also offers spa treatments such as foot massage, body massage, and more. These hour-long treatments are roughly 200 baht but are worth every penny.


This word perfectly encompasses the food experience at this floating market in Bangkok. Since the market is small in size and most of its activities are done on the boat, the eatery is too. The food is not only cooked on the boats but served on it too, allowing the customers to experience the local lifestyle fully. The experience is further enhanced thanks to the traditional Thai music playing during the market operational hours off and on, making the entire experience more wholesome.

Seafood is the specialty of this place, cooked on small barbecues; the food tempts the taste buds immensely. With the abundance of fresh produce, the famous papaya salad, som tum, and other vegi treats add to the exquisite menu of this floating market in Bangkok.


Seafood of Taling Chan Floating Market


How to reach this floating market in Bangkok and when?

It is recommended to reach the market as early as possible because it becomes very crowded to enjoy the place fully as it has a small capacity.

And like every other floating market in Bangkok, locals and especially tourists are advised to travel by local commute for ease, convenience, and affordability, such as BTS Skytrain to Wongwian Yai Station, and from their hiring a taxi to take you to the Taling Chan floating market. However, using a personal car is not a bad option too.

So if you find yourself confused about how to spend your weekend when in Thailand, be sure to check Taling chan Floating Market in Bangkok, a place that will showcase Thailand's prosperity right in front of your eyes. A small cramped-up market with immense hospitality, delicious food, fresh produce, and unique boat tours. A must-visit place to add to the bucket list!