Nai Harn Beach - One of Phuket's Best Beaches

Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island

Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island is set in a small bay that retains a quiet charm, boasting only a few hotels, restaurants and shops. It’s also a popular anchorage for boats during the high season. Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island is great for swimming from November to April. Care should be seriously taken in the low season, from May to October, when the calm seas are replaced by strong currents, making it more suitable for surfing and kitesurfing. The local restaurants just above the beach make a great place to relax with a sundowner.

Further south is Ya Nui Beach, a sandy cove that attracts snorkelers and divers. Another out-of-the-way spot nearby that’s also great for snorkelling is the tiny and cozy beach of Ao Sane.

Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island is an ideal one with smooth white sand, tucked between green hills and tiny islands in the south of Phuket. More laid back than west coast tourist spots, Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island has enough restaurants, hotels and shops for a great day and has remained relatively untouched. The protected bay offers great anchorage for sailing boats and luxury yachts and has always been very popular among foreigners and locals.

Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island is vast with clear blue water during the high season and is not so busy during high season (December to May). It can only get a little crowded during the peak months of December and January. A small stream coming from the lake nearby opens on the southern part of the Nai Harn beach, and you will get your feet wet to go to the other side.


Nai Harn Beach Phuket


Things to do on the Beach

Despite the remote location, there are a lot of exciting things to do around Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Island. There are two ways to get excellent bird views of Nai Harn Beach. The easy way is to go to the Windmill viewpoint next to Ya Nui Beach.

The windmill viewpoint is 2.8 kilometres south of Nai Harn and would take about 30 minutes to reach by walk. It offers a superb panoramic view of the beautiful Ya Nui Beach and Promthep Cape in the far. If you look to the right, you can see part of Nai Harn Beach and The Nai Harn Resort on the hillside. If you know where to look, you can even spot Ao Sane Beach.


Windmill Viewpoint of Nai Harn Beach


Ao Sane Beach is a tiny sandy cove with a restaurant, a small hotel and a few beach bungalows in the back of Nai Harn. To reach this beautiful hidden beach, you will need to drive through the Nai Harn Resort.

If you are ready for a bit of exploration and climbing, try the Black Rock Viewpoint, but for this one, you would have to drive back to the Karon viewpoint to find the entrance road. That one requires a bit of dedication.

Having a massage on the beach for around 300 baht for an hour is the best way to relax yourself when you start to be tired of doing nothing. If you prefer a peaceful and quiet massage, there are some real shops near the restaurants. Don’t worry about where to find one; they will find you, usually greeting you with the usual “Hello, you want massage?”