The liveliest night street market in Thailand

Walking Street in Krabi

Thailand is known for having great street markets; however, the one that stands out the most is the Walking Street in Krabi Town. This night market is set up during weekends from Friday to Sunday at 4 pm and stays operational till late at night.

This market not only has the best stalls for savory food, confectionery, and push-up carts for numerous drinks but has a wide range of curated products all through the market. And the best thing is it has the best ambiance and market layout.


Walking Street in Krabi


A peek into the Walking Street in Krabi

Despite what the name suggests, the walking street is not just one street that is engulfed by numerous stalls; the market is spread over several streets in that area in a manner that allows the visitors to navigate easily through the market. To understand the layout of this walking street in Krabi, you need to know that the market area is roughly divided into three sections, all offering different things yet maintaining the market's cohesiveness.


The first section is the food area, strategically placed at the central part of the Walking Street to persuade visitors to have the food every time they pass by to access the other areas. The area is home to many stalls and push-up carts that offer a wide variety of savory and sweet items. From Thai and barbeque food, the market offers various options for vegetarians, pescatarians, and more. From a big bowl of Pad Thai to snackable light options such as sandwiches and salads, this walking street in Krabi offers all at a great price. The area is huge and offers proper seating for customers to enjoy their food in peace.

As far as the drinks are concerned the market has a wide selection of drinks from hot to cold and hard to soft. The popular alcoholic drinks here by far would be the cold bottle, special Thai beer, and exotic cocktails.

While you enjoy food and take a sip of your desired drink, this walking street in Krabi makes your eatery experience even better with live music performances and comedy skits.


Food area of Krabi Walking Street



This area is right in front of the main seating area with a huge stage and remarkable artists that entertain you all night long. Live music is the best thing in this market, from tapping into different genres, the eatery experience, the shopping experience, and just the stroll in the market. Everything becomes ten times better with the music from a local artist. With speakers and amplifiers set all around the market, no matter which section you are at, you won't miss a beat. Other on-stage performances such as comedy skits and standoff also keep visitors hooked.


Recreational area of Krab Walking Street



This walking street in Krabi wouldn't be complete without a massive shopping section that offers all kinds of items that are mostly on sale. From jewelry to various gadgets, souvenirs, and very luscious premium quality fashion garments and accessories makes it one of the craziest and popular shopping markets all over Thailand. The selection of home décor items and hand-made items is worth your time, money, and love; getting their hand-made items not only makes a great gift but don't make your wallet go empty. Every stall you go to will have a great selection of products to help you get the best present for yourself and for others.


Shopping area of Krabi Night Market


Walking street in Krabi is a paradise for night owls; this market is one of the famous tourist and weekend spots in all of South Asia; from shopping to walking to eating, this market serves it all, and the best part is its very cost-friendly market. Tip; if you find something a bit costly, don't shy away from bargaining, you have no clue how handy this skill can be in this market. So if you want a good, fun-filled evening, be sure to hit Walking Street in Krabi!