The best Thai street market in Bangkok

Sampeng Market

A typical traditional open-air market, Sampeng Market is one of the biggest, cheapest and most popular Thai street markets to buy wholesale products, as well as some souvenirs of‘authentic Thailand’, which as a tourist you will definitely love. If you only knew where it was, what to buy and how to get there.

Prices at Sampeng Market are amazingly cheap. It is mainly a wholesale Thai street market where Bangkok’s hundreds of thousands of shops and stall owners go at least once a week to buy products for re-sale. What that means for you as a tourist is, if you are polite and willing to do a little bit of bargaining, you will get prices at Sampeng Market unheard of in the rest of Bangkok.


Sampeng Chinatown Market


The Thai Street Market that has it all

Sampeng Market is located right in Bangkok’s Chinatown on Soi Wanit, which is a long lane running about 400 meters. But Sampeng Market itself is wide spread and encompasses northeast of Yaowarat Road which is already within China town. In this area you’ll find clothing including women’s shoes, hand bags, cosmetics, accessories, flip flops, towels and etc..

There are even some electronics, audio components like headphones, portable blue tooth speakers, portable battery chargers, selfie sticks and memory cards. In a word, the more you buy the lower the cost is.

As a famous Thai street market, Sampeng has an obvious historical significance with many local owners with Chinese roots. Many of the business owners can speak Mandarin.

When walking around this Thai street market, you will see a lot of really old buildings that have Chinese characteristics. Many of the buildings have been renovated and look the same as when they were built back in the 1900s. Walking around the area for a while, you can’t help feeling as if you were travelling back in time.

Due to Thailand’s abundant natural resources which can be used to make handmade goods as well as relative cheap labor, you’ll be surprised to get  quality products with decent prices:

1. Keychains

From customization to standard design, the mood key chains here are of high quality and boast unique designs.


Cute keychain at Sampeng Market


2. Jewellery and Wrist-watches

The best product to buy from Sampeng, Thai street market is probably jewelry. You can find all sorts of inexpensive jewelry from real silver necklaces to rhodium or nickel-plated ear rings and bracelets. You will also find many wristwatch shops with tons of variety and styles of watches.


Jewelry stalls at Sampeng Market


3. Thai Fabric

Sampeng Market is also an ideal place to pick out one of Thailand’s locally-produced Thai and cotton fabrics. Look for something bright, colorful and Chinese-style, or floral, quaint and very British – they have it all here.


Cotton fabrics at Sampeng Market


4. Flip flops

No one can make mistakes on this project! This must-have footwear is among the most popular goods in this Thai street market, with excellent rubber quality, low price and abundant colors to choose from.

5. Stationery

However, among teenagers and young people in their early twenties, stationery is a popular item, also convenient for people of other ages. The variety of stationery provided is amazing; From laptops to calculators to pens and pencils, this Thai street market covers everything.


Stationery shop at Sampeng Market


6. Cosmetics

A series of high-quality staple products will greatly enhance everyone's vanity.

7. Electronics

Buying electronic products from the street market may be daunting, but many people will rest assured that these electronic products and their accessories are original, of good quality, and have a good inventory to choose from.

8. Food

Many people love Thai snacks, and Sampeng Market has lots of stalls selling them. Dried fruit, spicy dried fruit, nuts, raisins, cookies, dried fish, dried squid, potato chips, taro chips, and lots of things you won’t have any idea what they are. Keep in mind that Thai snacks make a wonderful, unique (and cheap!) gift for the folks back home.


Dried fruit at Sampeng Market


For cheap bargains, you cannot miss Sampeng Market and for a real Thai street market experience, shopping at Sampeng Market really is a must.