The latest addition to

Bangkok's dynamic night market scene

Chang Chui Plane Night Market

Chang Chui Plane Night Market is the latest addition to Bangkok's dynamic night market scene. It's a thrilling mixed-functional innovative space with a huge out of the operation airplane in the middle. The Suan Lum Night Bazaar, famous in Bangkok in the night market golden days, to the ‘train markets’. After the alternations in the Talat Rot Fai empire in the last few years, Thailand’s night markets are the perfect spots to get cheap gems while wandering on the streets while enjoying the delicious foods and drinking inexpensive brewages and cocktails. Here, you'll find a detailed guide to Bangkok's latest addition to its night markets, Chang Chui Plane Night Market.

Why it's named so?

Plane market is located at the less-advanced Thonburi edge of Bangkok's magnificent Chaophraya River. It holds a much better reputation than "just another night market." It is built up as a multi-use "innovative park" that alters as per the different times of the day and your whims as a tourist. Therefore, the place's name is well-thought and appropriate- Chang Chui, which means "messy artisan," an association with all the creative people for whom this place was designed.

Chang Chui is separated into different areas and contains various attractions. But, on top of all is undoubtedly is the gigantic decommissioned airplane in the middle that has grabbed everyone's attention since the place was made public. Therefore, no matter the story behind the name Chang Chui, the area has quickly become popular in English as the plane night market. As it's not separated by many miles from the Talat Rot Fai night market's different branches, it quickly got the nickname of "train market."


Chang Chui Plane Night Market


Things to do at Chang Chui Plane Night Market

You can see and enjoy a lot of things at Chang Chui, much more than Bangkok's other night markets. It has more prestigious and enlightened than Bangkok's other markets. It's not the place where you will find vendors selling designer replica items or vintage and retro heirloom.

As a whole, this Thailand night market has a well-organized set-up. It's separated into different sections that collectively form two zones: the alcohol-free "green-zones" remain open for the visitors from mid-morning till dusk. After this, the "night-zone" begins that starts in the late afternoon and continues until late at night.

In the "green-zone," you can get exceptional coffee brewed by the famous local baristas. Moreover, you can eat the delicious Thai food staples in a modern and spacious good-court type eatery that is a place where Bangkok's renowned merchants gather. It has a contemporary setting decorated with retro seating, many plants, and vivid ornaments hanged to the ceiling. During the daytime, the choices available for retail therapy include books and plants.

At present, the "night-zone" is the only part of the Chang Chui Plane Night Market where you can get alcohol. It also includes a zone for live music, theatre shows, modern clothing stores, and a vintage-style hair salon similar to the kind located at the night market competitors such as Talat Rot Fai. Many bars are specialized in crafting beer when it comes to drinks, mainly that includes almost ten different varieties.


Green Zone in Chang Chui Plane Night Market


What about the plane?

The retired L-1011 TriStar Lockheed plane, a magnificent attraction, doesn't have even a minor thing missing in it. The aircraft located in the middle of the Chang Chui is a real-life original plane and is a great attraction for locals and tourists.

At first, the plane was supposed to be turned into a high-end restaurant, but it proceeded halfway towards this aim. At present, it is being used as a fascinating and weird combination of a museum stuffed and preserved animals and Thai food points. But, it's available only for some special events or for private bookings. But still, you can enjoy a drink while sitting under its wings or, more suitability known as the Runway bar.


The plane in Chang Chui Night Market


When should you visit Plane Market?

Plane Market doesn't follow any specific opening hours like the other Thailand night markets. This innovative park remains open every day except on Wednesdays. The "green-zone" remains available between 11 am to 9 pm, and the "night-zone" then remains open from 4 pm to 11 pm. Based upon the Chang Chui sections that you want to visit, any time is just perfect to plan a trip to Chang Chui plane night market.

How can you reach Chang Chui?

One shortcoming about the Chang Chui Plane Night Market is that you can't get there using public transport. However, it will be accessible by public transport once the new commuter rail line begins nearby. Until then, you can take the fascinating but less frequent mainline train to the Bang Bamru Station. Then, you'll have to walk for 10 minutes, and it's much better than visiting Chang Chui in a taxi from anywhere in Bangkok. Chang Chui is situated on Sirindhorn Road in Bangkok's remote Thonburi District.