Offers the most unique shopping experience like no other

Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok

Thailand is well known for having unique, exciting markets, from floating to walking to night markets and more. But one that stands out the most in terms of its structure and working are definitely Railway markets such as Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok.

Maeklong Railway Market is a very old established market along the railway tracks in Bangkok, getting numerous trains passing through from the middle of the market every day. This market is a very traditional Thai style market in Bangkok that offers fresh produce, fruits, fish, spices, and even fabrics and cloths too basically selling all the essential items.

Despite having a cluttered set up at the edge of the railway track and being old, this market offers a rich history and experience for the vendors and buyers, mostly because of the humbleness, swiftness, and the items served at an affordable Price point.

Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok offers perishable and non-perishable products and offers a unique shopping experience like no other.


Maeklong Railway Market


A brief history of Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok

This market in Bangkok has been around since the year 1905, founded in the province of Samut Songkhram; the market was built in two separate stages. The Maeklong Railway Company provided a go-head for the 34 kilometer Ban Laem Line, which used three steam locomotives at that time, to transport fresh produce and fishes from this area to other regions of Bangkok. However, after many years of the area being purchased and sols, World War II, and more, the market finally came into its now-seen stage. 

A locally operated market that is looked over by State Railway of Thailand, offering products to customers that visit and sell bulks of items to other vendors that sell them in other regions too. News trains were introduced, many tracks were built, cut, and continued, but what stayed constant throughout the years is the Traditional authentic feel of the market and freshness of the goods sold.

The frequent action sequence this market in Bangkok offers

Intrigued, we were too when we learned how fascinating this shopping experience is like. The emphasis on the fact that this market showcases the authentic traditional way of living of Thai people is in itself the purest and the most interesting reason to visit this place. From their humble, welcoming nature to their hackling but the swiftness amongst the vendors, especially the old ones, is a sight to be witnessed once at least.

Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok is located at the edges of the train track in Samut Songkhram province. Every day numerous trains pass through the market, which gives the market a different feel, the rush of adrenalin that the customers, especially the new ones, feel when the warning bells go off. You can sense the train rushing towards the market and the vendors, especially the old ones pulling some of their goods placed on the edge of the track towards them, and they close their umbrellas, making room for the train to pass through ease. The sighting of this hustle and bustle is extraordinary to witness; it feels no less than a well-practiced and exciting movie sequence. (That is why it is also known as Umbrella Pull Down Market). And the best part is some of the baskets that are left at the edge of the platform are so strategically placed that despite the metal train passing over it, the produce and other products stay unharmed. After the train has passed, this market in Bangkok literally in seconds goes back to its original states, making you wonder if something actually happened.

The great thing about this market is seeing the nature of the vendors and how they cope with this daily struggle, yet their attitude stays humble and welcoming.


Maeklong Railway Market


What items are sold at Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok

Just like any other Thai market, Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok offers fresh and good quality items, though most of the items are food, the majority of them being perishable goods such as fresh fish, other seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. The market also offers various spices, the life of most Thai food. The Thai sweets are delicious here, the taste, texture, and especially the price. Drinks are another items that interest visitors, especially after the train sighting. The beverages here are divine, from hot beverages such as coffee and tea to refreshing coconut-infused tropical drinks.

Other than the food, the market offers clothing, cuddly toys, and other plastic goods as well, but they are definitely the highlight of the market and definitely not something customers actively seek when they come to this market.


Fruits are sold at Maeklong Railway Market


How to Get this Bangkok Market

Situated 60 kilometers away from Bangkok, reaching this market takes roughly an hour or two, depending on the route and commute option selected. Since this Bangkok market is located at the outskirts of the market, there are numerous commute options available which make going to this market easy;


If you're a tourist and don't know your way around the city and especially its outskirts, don't worry! Many tour companies are dedicated to providing their customers the best and authentic Thai experience and take you to such places like this Bangkok market. Upon your vehicle choice, the companies pick you directly from your place of choice and provide you with a tour that guides you through it all.


If you are not comfortable riding with someone and require your own privacy, no worries at all. Bangkok offers numerous private vehicle options such as taxis, rent-a-cars, and more, which will similarly pick you from your required destination and take you wherever you want. They might even assist you through the sighting if you ask.


Public transport such as bus or train is the most convenient and cheaper option if you want to visit this Bangkok market or any other. For the bus, you need to go to Sai Tai Kao Pinklao Bus Station that takes you directly to the Maeklong Train Market. The train is scheduled to go to the market several times a day so booking a ticket is very easy and the price is 90 THB which very budget-friendly. 

A train ride to Maeklong Railway Market is an entirely different experience; the train directly drops you in the middle of the market and picks you from there too. Some trains such as trains departing from Wongwian Yai Station in Bangkok are a very popular choice amongst the local to reach the market, however for that, you are required to go to Mahachai Station and from there take a ferry to the Tha Chalom Pier, take another train at Ban Laem Staton, and that will take you to your destination. Exhausting but inexpensive.


Maeklong Railway Station


Making the most of the Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok

Whether you're heading to this Bangkok market for shopping, or for clicking pictures, taking videos, or just experiencing the hustle-bustle of locals, remember that this market is not like any other markets; hence you need to be very careful.

Since the market is very crowded and cluttered, you need to be cautious about your belongings and always keep a fan and water to drink because it can get very hot and very suffocating, especially when a train passes by.  Please arrive early so that you are able to scan through the market with ease without getting interrupted by the train and the hassle it brings.

And the most important thing, remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok offers a very unique experience, to say the least, so if you are one of those whole love thrill and adventure, this place is for you to visit.