The leading Krabi night market in Thailand

Ao Nang Night Market

Thailand is a place of beauty, food, and remarkable market experiences, with numerous floating markets, on-ground market, day, night, week, weekend markets; Ao Nang Night Market stands out partly because of being the leading Krabi night market and partly because of the fun recreational time it provides.

This night market is the most exciting local market that adds life to the southern corner of the beach road at Ao Nang and turns the night sky into a bright space. Set up with numerous food stalls, fashions shops, electronic stalls, and souvenirs shops and kiosks, this possesses a challenge for its visitors to resist the exquisite collection in every category, which doesn't break your bank though it might break your back and feet because of the shoppers you'll carry once you start spending.

With proper places to sit, delicious food, welcoming ambiance, lovely walk, and more, this Krabi night market has an irresistible charm.


Ao Nang Night Market


What makes this Krabi night market special?

From shopping to strolling, from food to ambiance, everything and anything is available here; that is why locals call it the shopper's paradise. Buy as much as you want; your wallet won't shed a tear! Though we encourage exploring things on your own but can't resist telling you the wonders this Krabi night market has to offer;


If you are familiar with Thailand cuisine, you will know that their food is to die for; the seafood, red meat, salad, snacks, and coconut-infused dishes will make your taste buds and nostril crave for more. The dishes' aroma reaches every corner of the market, making it irresistible for customers not to head over the food stalls. The appearance of the food tempts the eyes, and the prices make it hard to resist. But all is justified for that one bite.

The most popular dish here is definitely the Pad Thai, followed by a wide variety of chicken, pork, and seafood barbeques. There are exquisite vegetarians options too. And to top it all off, their delicious Nutella banana pancakes, mango sticky rice, Thai milk tea, and coffee make the stop to the food aisle worth it.


Food stalls in Ao Nang Night Market



Ao Nang Night Market is the best Krabi night market that provides items that have the best value for money, from branded electronics to delicate jewelry, watches, stunning dress, souvenirs, and more. Each shop has a wide selection of goodies to choose from. Whether you buy a thousand things or one, what is guaranteed is that you'll find something for everyone.

This Krabi night market is also the home of many exquisite, handcrafted items, beautiful paintings, hand-made garments, keychains, and more. A whole area is dedicated to things hand-made where you can buy standard items in bulk or get them customized too with no worry of running out of cash. However one tip for shoppers is to hackle as much as you want, it will pay off surely and be sure to check the authenticity of the products especially the expensive one, because this market, despite considered as paradise, has its flaws too.


Colorful Thai souvenirs in Ao Nang Night Market



Ao Nang Night Market is an on-ground Krabi night market that facilitates and encourages the visitors to have long casual walks all over the market, under the beautiful night sky, fresh breeze, and live performances that make everything more surreal more special, and indeed memorable. Even if you don't buy anything or have something to eat, you need to visit this market at least once for a good walk and amazing ambiance.

This Krabi night market is one of the best markets to visit at night, and reach her is not that difficult; from Ao Nag, the market is roughly 15-20 minutes away with numerous public commutes such as taxis, tuk-tuks, and buses can take you there with ease. So if you find yourself bored at night, head over to Ao Nang Night market for a sweet recreational night. We assure you, you won't regret it!