The largest market in Thailand

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

One of the largest outdoor markets globally and the largest in Thailand, Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is a must-visit place. This market is enormous in size, covering almost 25 acres of land and massive when it comes to selling. From food to cloth to pets and more, there is anything and everything you can ask for.

Entertaining almost 200,000 visitors every week full day is a challenge that the vendors of this Bangkok market do effortlessly. If you are seeking to get a true essence of authentic Thailand, get in shape both physically and mentally and head over to Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok on the weekend. From exhaustion to hackling to more, fun and a remarkable experience is guaranteed here.


Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok


The establishment of Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

This Bangkok market goes back to 1942 when it was first set up at Sanam Luang because of the Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram’s policy which stated that every province was expected to have its own market. With many changes made to the market area throughout the years, from being a recreational spot to being used for military and more. Finally, by 1983, the market came to its final shape when the majority of the merchants moved to Chatuchak; at that time, the name of the market, Phahonyothin market, but it got changed to Chatuchak Market in 1987.

1987 was the same year when this Bangkok market’s distinct landmark was built, the clock tower. A collaborative effort of the Thai, Chinese Merchant association, and the market administration to honor King Bhumibol Adulyadej on his 60th birthday. Though the market doesn’t have a vibrant and intriguing history what is certain that whatever efforts that were made to make it happened helped Thailand to have a gem that is globally known as “Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.”

Things you need to know about this Bangkok Market

This weekend market in Bangkok is a delight for all the human senses, from mouthwatering food to music blasting through the market with herds and herds of people going through stalls of clothes, electronics, jewelry, home décor, plants, books, souvenir, and even pets. Since the market is huge in size, we decided to help you buy, providing a guide that will help you navigate through some of the things this Bangkok market has to offer.


Price won’t be something you must be expecting to come first, but you’ll be shocked that the Chatuchak weekend market, despite being the largest market in Bangkok and Thailand, has the most economical price, cheaper than the shopping malls. So if you buy an exquisite furniture or really fine jewelry or a new electronic, your wallet won’t hurt a bit. And though we might discourage it, bargaining here is very common; if you see the locals, you’ll be shocked to notice that they will get the prices even lower, but if you think that you can bargain easily because the vendor may be exhausted, you thought wrong. Bargaining is the culture of this place, a thrill that vendors get, so get you’re A-game on if you want even more amazing price on the items you choose.


Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market



We are not bluffing; if you are looking to get a new look and happen to be around in Bangkok on the weekend, be sure to head to this market. The place offers a wide variety of clothing options and accessories too. From branded new items to thrift options, anything you want is easily accessible here; so if you're eyeing to can some items for quite some time, this place is your best choice for that and a whole makeover.


Looking for authentic Thai cuisine and a wide variety, this Bangkok market is the best place to explore really Thai food in a very authentic Thai lifestyle. However though the savory food is great here, from Pad Thai’s to steaks, broths, salads, and more, the decadent desserts are the highlight of this weekend market in Bangkok. The chocolate-dipped bananas, crepes, and brownies melt in your mouth like butter and cannot be found anywhere else. The ice creams are in various flavors and served on coconuts, banana sleeves, and more, depending on the flavor, and don’t get us started on the topping. And the great thing is, despite having a standard food area, you can find delicious food, drinks, and desserts at every section, and there are always pushcarts roaming around the entire market, making it accessible for your taste palette to indulge in sweetness.


Coconut ice cream saled in Market



Unlike other Bangkok markets, this weekend market has pets and other wildlife animals on sale; though most are bought illegally and sold, many aren’t. From insects to Mariane creatures and more, you can find any animal you have seen on the national geographic channel. Though we would recommend staying away for an apparent reason but this another exciting section to visit just to see the exquisite exotic creatures the world has to offer.


You’ll be surprised to know that this market offers antique items from all around the world, from well praise art to Buddhist arts and statues. Traditional, contemporary, or fusion, various artifacts can be found here at a great price.


Artworks in Chatuchak Weekend Market


Tips for shopping at this Bangkok Market

When you go to a market as massive as Chatuchak Weekend Market, you need to have a strategy, and you’re a game on because, trust us, strolling through 15000+ stalls is not an easy task that can be daunting for many. Luckily for you, we have some tips to offer to get the see majority of the market if not the whole.

Unlike other weekend markets, this market in Bangkok operates all three weekend days for a full day, so it's better to go early in the market to get a full day of exploration. Plus, the earlier they go, the lesser the crowd and easy to navigate through the market.

Get a map the first thing you should be doing; it will help you to easily identify the sections of the market and help you find your way back if you get lost.

Wear comfortable clothes, a good pair of shoes because you will be walking a lot, and if you find yourself at this market on a hot day, an easy-breezy attire will allow you to get through the day with ease.

And it goes without saying, beware of the scams. Though Thailand is known to have fewer crimes, things can happen if you are going to a massive place. So be sure of the scams, thefts, and any other fraudulent activity.


Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market


How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thailand offers many options for transportation, from public commutes to private ones. This Bangkok market is located on the northern side of the city, not far from the Mo Chit BTS Station. So BTS Skytrain is an excellent option to choose for going to the market, it is convenient and cheap.

If you don’t mind traffics, Taxi and rent-a-cars can be taken too, it might take a little longer than usual to reach the place but at least its convenient, safer and offer privacy. Public busses are an excellent cost-friendly option to choose too.

However, the best and most common option would be to opt for MRT, taking the transit from Kampaengphet MRT Station and having a 10-minute walk to the Chatuchak weekend market sets you in the shopping and walking spirit and offers the most convenient and budget-friendly option.

No matter what commute system you opt for, no matter what you buy or have to eat, exploring this weekend market in Bangkok should be on the bucket list of everyone; it’s the most local, city low-cost adventure you will ever experience.