One of the newest night market in Bangkok

Talad Neon Night Market

As one of the newest night markets in Bangkok, Talad Neon has a more central location than most recent openings, close to the downtown shopping paradise of Pratunam area and convenient for visitors staying around Siam and Sukhumvit. The main targets of Talad Neon Night Market are tourists instead of local people.

At Talad Neon Night Market, you can find fleamarket-type fashion and home wares, in-trend clothes and accessories, and numerous stalls selling food and drinks. You can expect more than 1,000 stalls when it's open so there's plenty to see and certainly enough to spend the whole night there. However, Talad Neon is not so authentic and localized as larger-scale, longer-running Thai night markets like Talat Rot Fai, Siam Gypsy Junction and JJ Green.

Different from other well-known night markets that are open only on weekend nights, Talad Neon Night Market opens every night. And those visitors who are staying downtown and are in Bangkok only for a short time will find Talad Neon much more conveniently located than most, just a short walk from Siam and Pratunam’s shopping area and hotels.


Talad Neon Night Market


What to Buy

Many of the goods available at Talad Neon are similar to those available at other night markets in Bangkok like nearby Palladium Night Market. You can find affordable street fashion and accessories, home wares, and a few electronics as well. Most popular souvenirs among tourists like the kind of ‘Bangkok, Thailand’ t-shirts can be easily found there.

As Talad Neon claims itself as‘the greatest festival in Thailand’, this Thai night market is as much about the experience as it is for the shopping, with lots of neon lighting giving it a futuristic atmosphere, and live music performances almost every night.


Lovely gifts at Talad Neon Night Market


Street Food

Bangkok night markets are usually hotbeds for delicious Thai street food, with plenty of yummy food to satisfy your taste bud. Similarly, you’ll find a decent enough number of food and drink stalls at Talad Neon Night Market.

Besides common Thai street food like grilled fish, big shrimps and other sea food, you can even challenge something more thrilling if you are confident about your courage. There are different kinds of fried insects at Talad Neon such as fried grasshoppers, crickets, pupas, bamboo caterpillars and so on. Believe us, those fried insects will leave you a very deep impression as long as you dare to try.

There are also lots of famous Thai snacks available at the market. Mango Sticky Rice and other perfect dessert made of tropical fruits are the most popular ones. And iced tea of various flavors can be the ideal drink for the hot weather in Thailand.


Fried insects


Other things to do

There are a number of bars and restaurants at the back end of Talad Neon Night Market where you can relieve in a more relaxed vibe. Or you can get a new haircut at a barber shop in the market. In Bangkok, many people go to night markets to get haircuts, where there are many fashionable barber shops.

Here caricature drawing is another interesting thing you may try. It only takes a few minutes for the drawer to finish one for you. If the drawer is absent, go and check at the Palladium Night Market nearby as he often migrates between these two night markets.


Caricature at Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok


Outside Talad Neon

As Talad Neon Night Market mainly aims at tourists, street food there usually cost more than that on ordinary streets of Bangkok. If you want to try authentic Thai street food at reasonable prices, walk some steps to the side street dividing Talad Neon and The Palladium shopping mall – outside the night market are plenty of vendors’ stalls. Here you will enjoy grilled sea food for a much better price than at Talad Neon Night Market. Although the environment may be not fantastic, It’s the authentic way Thai street food in Bangkok should be like. And only there you can get the great deals such as fresh coconut for 30 baht or the whole large pineapple for only 20 baht.


Seafood at Bangkok Night Market


Opening Hours

Talad Neon Night Market opens every night, from 4 pm until midnight around 11 pm.

How to get there

Behind The Palladium shopping mall, Talad Neon Night Market can be easily found on Phetchaburi Road, between Sois 23 and 29,

If you choose Pratunam area to stay, Talad Neon Night Market is just within walking distance and walking must be the best way to get there. Otherwise, a ride by motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk can get you there, but it will cost quite a lot considering the short distance.

By Airport Rail Link

Take Airport Rail Link train to Ratchaprarop station and walk about 300 meters on Ratchaprarop Road to meet Centara Watergate Pavillon Hotel and walk another 200 meters to arrive at Talad Neon. Or you can just take a motorbike taxi waiting at the exit of Airport Rail Link station to reach the market.


Take BTS SkyTrain to Chit Lom Station and then take a walk towards north for about 800 meters on Chit Lom Road. Otherwise, take a motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk to the destination.

Alternative choice is to take BTS SkyTrain to Phaya Thai Station and take the connection of Airport Rail Link there. Ratchaprarop station is just one station from Phaya Thai and is nearer to the night market compared with Chit Lom BTS station.


Take MRT Metro to Phetchaburi Station and take the connection of Airport Rail Link Makkasan Station. Get on the Airport Rail Link train leaving for Phaya Thai and get off at Ratchaprarop station which is just one station away from Makkasan.

By Boat

Get on Khong Saen Saep Express Boat and get off at Chidlom Pier. Then the only thing you need to do is to walk for less than 100 meters to Phetchaburi Road and the night market will be across the road.

By Bus

There are quite a lot public bus routes you can take such as No. 2, 11, 23, 38, 58, 60, 62, 72, 76, 93, 99, 140, 511, 536 and remember to get off at the bus stop just in front of Talad Neon Night Market. The market sign is really obvious even from the distance.

By Taxi or Uber

Take a Taxi or uber and tell the driver (or input in the App) your destination is “Talad Neon”. The driver may not first think of the night market, then tell him “Palladium Pratunam” and the driver will certainly know the shopping area and Talad Neon Night Market is just nearby.