A small night market with a reasonable price

Palladium Night Market

Although not very big, Palladium Night Market appears every night in front of The Palladium World Shopping Mall that is situated just opposite to Pratunam Market across the road. If you are interested in Bangkok night markets, you might have heard of it.

The Palladium

The Palladium World Shopping Mall in Bangkok is one of the largest business complexes in Pratunam district, where you can purchase clothes and accessories at very good wholesale prices. Located on the corner of Phetchaburi Road and Ratchaprarop, this five-storey building is within walking distance of Pratunam Market, Pantip Plaza and Platinum Mall.

The Palladium World Shopping Mall follows a bazaar-like layout, with long alleyways of compact stalls. You can find great value basics such as T-shirts, shoes, and beachwear at much lower prices than most shopping malls in Bangkok. Bargaining is well accepted, especially if you're buying more than 3 items at one time.


Palladium World Shopping Mall


Night Market

When the lights come on after sunset, the area in front of The Palladium World Shopping Mall turns into Palladium Night Market. By then, the stalls have already been prepared by vendors for a typical Bangkok night market.

The prices at Palladium Night Market are competitively low, which makes it really a good place to stroll around. The low prices are mainly because it is very close to Pratunam Market, an adequate source of nice goods. Compactness is the greatest advantage of this Bangkok's night market. If you don’t want to spend so much time discovering complex Pratunam Market, you can find the same great deals to a large extent at the Palladium Night Market. However, the variety of goods can’t be so wide. But if you just want to pick favorable souvenirs such as t-shirts or other small items for a reasonable price, Palladium Night Market is indeed a right place to go.


Palladium Night Market


What to Buy

As known to all, Pratunam area is ideal for clothes shopping. Palladium Night Market is no exception as the stalls selling different clothes dominate the night market. Many people’s first impression about this night market: it’s an unbelievable paradise for parents! Different kinds of affordable kids’clothing!  It seems it’s been literally transformed to a night market featuring kids’clothing, and of course abundant choices for grown-ups as well ! Stocking up on affordable kids’ clothes from a night market is truly a good idea. These superhero costumes for kids are just too cute to refuse, and we really think they will fulfill your little one’s dreams and wishes!  Our tips: do not forget to choose comfortable boxers for males at most affordable prices while females can treat themselves with versatile goods like cheap underwear, leggings for gym and yoga, earrings, necklaces and other shiny small items only for as much as 20 baht. Usually, the more you buy, the better the deals you can expect to get at the night market.

Different from other night markets, there are many creative DIY products available in the stalls of Palladium Night Market. Some creative souvenirs will definitely catch your eyes. You can personalize your own bags or T-shirts with unique letters and cute logos. The stalls also offer many accessories on top of fashion such as named wooden photo frames and key chains. DIY personalized products are really good for souvenirs and as usual the prices are very affordable.

You can also have your caricature drawn at Palladium Night Market in just a few minutes. By the way, the person drawing caricatures can be found migrating between Palladium Night Market and the Talad Neon Night Market nearby.


Fabric at Palladium Night Market


What to eat

There aren’t any Thai street food stalls at Palladium Night Market itself but you can find plenty of them on the pavement in the area around the night market. Typical Thai street food like a roasted coconut for about 20 baht is a tempting deal you can’t refuse!


Roasted Coconut


Opening Hours

Palladium Night Market is open from 6 pm to midnight around 11 pm daily while the Palladium shopping mall closes at 9 pm sharp.

How to get there

If you’re staying in Pratunam area, the most convenient way to arrive at Palladium Night Market is on foot as this night market is just within walking distance. Otherwise, a motorbike taxi or a tuk-tuk vehicle is recommended.

Palladium Night Market may be too small for you to pay a special visit from other parts of Bangkok but it’s worthy the visit if you’re already in the area of Pratunam.

By Airport Rail Link

Take Airport Rail Link train to Ratchaprarop Station and take a walk around 500 meters on Ratchaprarop Road (see below).


Take MRT Metro to Phetchaburi Station and transfer to Airport Rail Link Makkasan Station. Get on the Airport Rail Link train leaving for Phaya Thai and get off at Ratchaprarop station which is just one station from Makkasan.


Take BTS SkyTrain to Phaya Thai Station and transfer to Airport Rail Link Phaya Thai Station. Get on the Airport Rail Link train leaving for Suvarnabhumi Airport and drop off at Ratchaprarop station which is just one station from Phaya Thai.

By Boat

Take Khong Saen Saep Express Boat and get off at Pratunam Pier. From there you will only need to cross Phetchaburi Road as Palladium Night Market in the other side of the street.

By Bus

There are quite a lot public bus routes you can take such as No. 13, 14, 17, 54, 72, 73, 74, 77, 183, 204, 504, 514, 536, 547 and remember to get off at Pratunam Market bus stop.

By Taxi or Uber

Take a Taxi or uber and tell the driver (or input in the App) your destination is “Palladium Pratunam”. The driver may not first think of the night market but will certainly know the shopping mall and the area nearby.