The thriving entertainment district in Bangkok

Patpong Night Market

In Bangkok, owls take refuge at a place located in the Patpong district every night. Patpong Night Market is among the biggest outside gatherings in this area. In contrast to most of the markets in the area that opens at the daybreak and shut down before night, the Patpong Night Market charm begins when the sun is just disappearing. It remains open till 2 am, and some merchants keep selling even after this time. After visiting Patpong district and this huge market, you'll get to know why these merchants go for nighttime locals and tourists.

A Walkthrough notorious Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market, located in the largest city of Bangkok, is an infamous market and attracts the most visitors in the area. This market is well-known for dealing in inexpensive clothes, brand replicas, attention-grabbing attires, and amusing memorials. This is surely a great place to get cheap memorials that will lighten your friends and family's mood. Moreover, you can also shop for cosy clothes for everyday use at affordable prices. Since this market is particularly a tourist attraction, make sure to trade and bargain with merchants.

You can get any comical item that you want at this fun nightspot. From the pinkish backpacks having the "Hello Kitty" face to reasonable huge wristwatches, you can find many things on different vendor stalls. Need sunglasses with an extraordinary frame? Have you handcrafted pouches and bags with skilful and detailed stitching? Fortunately, you can get all the various things at this Thailand Night Market.


Patpong Night Market in Bangkok


The amusing surroundings of Patpong Night Market

The pleasure of the Patpong Night Market is perfect for many entertainment activities. You can choose from different bars, such as karaoke bars, gentleman's clubs, dance clubs, and much more. If you're searching for one of the fascinating nightclubs or bars in the area, then you must visit Lucifer Disko. This nightclub has an entertaining but dreadful atmosphere. When you enter the lounge, you'll see red-eyes demons at the doorway. You'll find out drinks being served behind the bar or alcoholic preparations on the dance floor. Even though it looks terrifying at first, you'll gradually attract to it as you'll dance to trance and techno music.


Bars at Patpong Night Market


Best time to plan a trip to Patpong Night Market

Fortunately, this Thailand night market remains open for locals and tourists from 6 pm to almost 2 am. The only time to plan a trip is when you are ready to move freely and enjoy one or two drinks at the different neighbouring bars and nightclubs. If you want to stay after a fun night at the Patpong Night Market and surroundings, you check-in at Centre Point Hostel Chidlom. We offer one of the finest accommodation services to the Patpong Night Market and different amusing attractions in the surroundings. Our Chidlom is located near Lumpini Park, a beautiful park with ponds and district native flower varieties. Besides, you can learn more about how we can help you to plan your trip to Bangkok.