Wualai Saturday Walking Street

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Wualai Saturday Walking Street

Wualai Saturday walking street is a night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A lively, fun market organized every Saturday to accommodate a fun-filled atmosphere where businesses thrive, and locals and tourists enjoy.

This market's hustle-bustle starts late in the afternoon and continues till around 22:30; from plenty of exquisite, handcrafted products to delicious cooked meals, strolling through this market is not less than a pleasurable experience.


Wualai Walking Street Chiang Mai


What is Wualai Saturday walking street specialty?

This market is best known for its silverware; there is an abundance of silver shops that sell traditional standard silver products and contemporary and handmade items as well.

Not only that, Wualai Saturday walking street offers various local and hand made products as well, such as perfumes, tie dry shirts, home décor items and more. Tourists love it here because this market not only provides an insanely well planned out shopping and strolling experience but offers a wide variety of curated items in every category to choose from. There is not a single item you can't find at this amazing place, and best of all, everything here is at an exceptionally attractive price, so you don't have to worry about running out of cash.

The most important thing that this walking street is incomplete without is its food. From large to small stalls, from proper sitting arrangement to chugging food and drink while standing, Wualai Saturday walking street allows the visitors to savour the traditional street foods. The rarest menus will not be seen anywhere, which is what every local and returned tourist looks forward to the market. Wild Egg in Banana Leaf Plate and Deep Fried Banana Blossom are the must-have items to try!


Food at Wualai Saturday Walking Street


How to reach Wualai Saturday walking street?

This place's popularity is beyond compare, cherished by tourists and locals; this walking street elevates everyone's Saturdays. However, unlike other markets, Wualai Saturday walking street is set up just outside the town, almost 1.1 kilometres and is closed to vehicles during the operational hours to foster a more down-to-earth, humble yet enjoyable experience.

So, if you're travelling by your personal or rented vehicle, you need to be prepared to walk a lot to reach the place as parking is mostly full and the area is far. The other popular option is opting for public transport, especially the 'red two-line truck', which costs around 30-40 Baht or you can take a B2 bus for 15 Baht or an air-conditioned bus for 20 Baht, or opt for Arcade Transport Station, many options available to facilitate your trip to this incredible event/setup of the week where you let loose and enjoy every bit of it from shopping to food to strolls.


Wualai Walking Street Chiang Mai


So if you are in the town and have a weekend to spare, we highly recommend checking the Wualai Saturday walking street, the street market that will change your meaning of fun, your taste palette for the better and a shopping spree that your wallet won't mind.

Wualai Walking street every Saturday from 5.00 PM – 10.30 PM.